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August 20, 2018

Trial Run

Trial Run

I shifted to my new flat in July 2016. The building was new so there were less families. In Mumbai, the Ganpati festival is celebrated very much. So, the families in our building decided to celebrate it. So, all of us gathered during the Ganesh pooja. There I saw Neha for the first time. She was a typical teenager. Dusky face, average height.

Hi! This is Siddharth from Mumbai. I’m 24 years old and mariner my profession. I’m huge fan of ISS. Reading stories before on this site gives me a good night’s sleep. I’m going to post my first incident which happened to me a 2 years ago.

The story 100% real and it’s about a girl next door, Neha. She is 3 years younger to me. I was 22 and she was 19 at that time. She’s a typical Indian girl, with perfect figure, curves and assets to die for. This is a bit long story as I’m narrating it right from the start. Please bear with me

I shifted to my new flat in July 2016. The building was new so there were less families. In Mumbai, the Ganpati festival is celebrated very much. So, the families in our building decided to celebrate it. So, all of us gathered during the Ganesh pooja. There I saw Neha for the first time. She was a typical teenager. Dusky face, average height.

Initially I didn’t notice her much. I was hanging out with new friends when suddenly she came to us. One of the guy knew her since she and him used to stay in same wing. She introduced herself. Then we had formal greetings and then we left.

After few days, I went on the terrace after dinner. While roaming, I heard some noise as if someone was quarreling. So, I went to look around and saw Neha sobbing near the water tank. As soon as she saw me, she disconnected the call and wiped her tears. The conversation was as follows

Me: Hey, everything alright?

She: Yes, I’m fine.

Me: Either you are lying or your eyes are lying. C’mon you can tell me.
Then she started telling me how her boyfriend was dominating her and all. I asked what kind of domination. She hesitated a bit but after I assured her she opened up.

She: He always forces me for physical relationship. I was ok with kissing and fondling, but he demands more.

Me: Then what’s wrong? If you love him, there’s no harm in going ahead.

She: It’s not like that. I don’t love him. He once cheated on me. I wanted to break up but he said he’ll commit suicide if I broke up with him.

Me: That’s not fair. You should talk with your parents.

She: I can’t. My dad is very strict. If he comes to know about all these, he will send me to my uncle’s place.

I assured her that everything will be fine and not to worry. We exchanged our numbers and then went home.

After that, we used to chat regularly. Her flat was opposite to mine. So, our bedrooms were visible. Only hers was one floor down, So I could see her room more clearly. One night, I saw the lights in her bedroom were off. I texted her to ask where she is. She said she is at some function at and will come late around 2 am. I told her that I’m sleeping.

I woke up at around 1.30 to pee. After I came from washroom I went near the window. At the same moment, Neha entered her bedroom and switched on the light. She came near her window to see if anyone’s awake. After confirming that everything was clear, she started removing her clothes. I was excited. I grabbed my binoculars and was watching the erotic scene. I immediately had a massive hard-on.

She was having the perfect pair of boobs like a typical teenager. Might be B cup. Extremely firm with slight brownish medium size areolas and puffy nipples. She didn’t remove her panty so I couldn’t see her pussy. But whatever I saw, it changed my thoughts about her. I masturbated twice that night.

Next morning, I texted her casually. And then everything went normally for few weeks.

One day she said she wants to try alcohol. I was surprised by her move. I asked whether she had tried before and can she handle herself after that? She said no. I said ok we will try.

After few weeks, my parents went to the native place for some work so I decided to call Neha for a drink. I thought I might get a chance to fuck this beauty. I texted her to come to my flat at 11 am. I went out, bought Absolut Vodka, some cold drinks and cigarettes.

At 11.50, she called me and asked whether she can come or not. I said you can come.

There she came. She wore a yellow crop top and black leggings. Her flat navel was visible which gave me instant hard on. Her panty line was visible through the tight leggings. I complimented her that she was looking stunning. She thanked me. I got the bottle and glasses and started drinking. She liked the taste of vodka.

She insisted to make the second peg. While opening the bottle, the cap rolled under sofa. So, she bent down to pick that up. Her top was loosened and her cleavage was visible to me. My dick started getting erect. She saw my hard on and me staring at her boobs and gave me a naughty smile. I guess the alcohol was doing its work. We had our second peg and then I lighted the cigarette. She asked for one drag. I gave it to her. Cigarette after 2 pegs makes you go higher. So, she was high as fuck. Suddenly she came near me and hugged me from side. Her boobs were touching my elbows. I said what happened.

She: I want to try sex. But I’m afraid my boyfriend will be too harsh with me.

Me: So, what can you do about it?

She: You’re my best friend, I’ll try it with you. I know you won’t be harsh with me.

I was happy from inside but I said its wrong and you are high. She started crying. I consoled her and wiped her tears. As soon as I removed my hand from her eyes, she held it and came near my face and smooched me. I, too, got lost in the kiss and we continued to smooch for next 10 mins. While kissing, I felt something touching my dick over my track pant. I broke the kiss and saw that she was touching my dick over my pants.

I continued kissing and my hand went inside her top. I snapped her hooks open and her bra got loosened. I kept my hand on her left boob. OMG, it was the softest thing I’ve ever touched. My girlfriend’s boobs were not so firm and soft as hers. I started fondling her boobs under the bra. She broke the kiss and moved back, I was afraid but she removed her top and bra and came near me. I started sucking those melons. Guys, one must try to grab a fully-grown teenager’s boobs, it’s one of the wonderful experience to suck those emerging boobs.

She was on cloud 9 while I was sucking her boobs. My hand went in her leggings and I noticed the wetness on her panty. I picked her up and took her to my bedroom. I gently placed her on bed and removed her leggings along with panty. There show was, a sexy nude, hot girl. To my surprise, her pussy was clean shaved. I asked her whether she had planned this. She said yes. I jumped on her and started kissing he neck. Neck and earlobes are the weakest point.

Any girl can get turned on by slightest kiss on her neck. Neha was shuddering while I kissed her on neck and bit her earlobes. My one hand was fondling her boobs while other went down and I was caressing her slit. I got up and moved from her neck to boobs. I was kissing her continuously and she was giving soft moans. I sucked her boobs and gave a small bite on her nipple. She moaned harder. I went down and licked her naval and parted her legs. The sight of her pussy made me go crazy. The outer folds were firm and inner folds were smooth and reddish pink. I put my finger on her pussy and dragged it upward till her clit. Hear moans increased. I parted her pussy lips and licked the edge of her pussy.

It was salty. She pushed my head further deep in her pussy. I was continuously licking her and after few mins she came. And she came a lot. Her juices were literally flowing down on the bed. I kept licking for some more time. She was constantly moaning. And her moans were getting louder and louder. I got up, removed my pant and kept my dick in her hand and asked her to suck it. She denied saying she had never tried it before. Even I didn’t force her because I didn’t want to spoil the mood. I went and bought some honey from the kitchen and applied it on my already hard dick.

I placed a pillow below her ass and was about to insert in her when she said that she was virgin and told me to be gentle. I said don’t worry and I started to rub my dick on her pussy. She was enjoying to the core. I kept on teasing her till she begged to fuck her. Her wetness and honey have already made things slippery between us. So, with one stroke, I tore off her hymen and my whole dick was inside her. She screamed in pain and pleasure. I started kissing her on the neck and squeezed her boobs while giving slow strokes. Her pain subsided and she started enjoying.

I kept on increasing my pace and finally after 5 mins she came. This time her cum was more than before. All my dick was smeared with her cum and blood. She was feeling the pleasure from core as if she has found the nirvana. This was her first fuck and she had already came many times. I was still stroking her rapidly. After sometimes I pulled out my dick and asked her to come in doggy style. She readily agreed and as my dick was soaked in her cum, it was easy for me to insert it once again. I kept on stroking faster and faster.

She was holding her boobs and squeezing them. Her moans were louder than before. Finally, I felt the pressure build up within me. I kept stroking and with a huge blast, I came. I came heavily inside her pussy. I kept stroking slowly while my cum kept on filling her hole. I too was lost in the nirvana. The feeling when you keep on giving small strokes even after Cuming is priceless. Everyone must experience it.

Finally, when my cock became soft, I removed it and I fell on the bed beside her. She came near me and we cuddled for some time. I placed my hand on her pussy and felt all our cum mixed together smudging the bedsheet. I gently kissed her on her forehead and then we slept for few hours. We woke in the evening and had some snacks. After that, we had another session in the bathroom. Then she went home at night.

I bought I-pill for her the next day. After that day, we took forward our friendship from best friends to best friends with benefits. We used to have regular sex whenever we used to get chance. We had sex in her house, on terrace, in rain. She indeed gave me her virginity and lots of memories. Now she has moved to different city. We are still in touch and do meet whenever we are free and enjoy each other to the core.

Thank you for reading the story. I apologize for any grammar or typing mistakes. Feedbacks welcomed at [email protected]


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