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August 22, 2018

Sex Tuition And Fun

Sex Tuition And Fun

I used to visit her on weekends for this class. Since we got connected through ISS, we had that romance, love, sex interest and we started making love, sometimes dating outside etc. She was also from an engineering background. But since she didn’t get an industry job, she started taking classes. So our romantic life was going well. A couple of months went like this.

Feeling young is always a good thing. This is a story which happened earlier but I am narrating now for your benefits. I had a friend who was a school teacher and she used to take tuitions after her school time. I used to help her with one computer subject. Mostly I used to take computer class during weekends. The teacher was unmarried and used to stay alone in the apartment and used to take tuitions at her apartment only.

Tanya (teacher) became my friend through ISS only. Initially, we exchanged emails and then started chatting. Later she asked me for my help in taking computer class for her tuition class and she took the responsibility of getting the computer class students for tuition. We got five students, two boys, and three girls. All were 18 years old.

I used to visit her on weekends for this class. Since we got connected through ISS, we had that romance, love, sex interest and we started making love, sometimes dating outside etc. She was also from an engineering background. But since she didn’t get an industry job, she started taking classes. So our romantic life was going well. A couple of months went like this.

We told our students that we are friends. We also told them to call us by our names than sir or madam. Slowly we started romancing in another room while students were doing their exercises in the living room. One gal caught us kissing and pressing once. Then we explicitly told the students not to mind because we are lovers and allow us to enjoy our life, you focus on your studies, we will help you to get good marks. Actually, we suspected that the students might feel bad and may stop coming for the classes, but nothing happened, they continued coming as usual.

Then we started talking with them also more friendly. Students started liking our friendliness. Then Tanya and I got an idea to celebrate Sunday as more casual and friendly day, at least for the tuition batch. We told students about this idea and they sounded good. We said, in Sunday’s class, you can wear any kind of dress, you can talk anything, you can share any type of jokes, and feel free to express yourself so that you feel like a complete freedom at teenage. One gal said, if our parents come to know then they will not allow us to come here again. One boy also echoed that view. We said this will be a top secret among us, no one else will come to know about it. Let’s try out. Everyone cheered for it.

Next Sunday, we planned to wear minimum dresses and the theme of study will be through drawings. Students can make drawings about the content of the chapter or general topics also, and explain that to everyone. Next Sunday I was wearing half pant and t-shirt and Tanya was wearing a mini skirt and mini top. Girls came in normal dresses to the class and got different dresses in their bags and then they changed there. Boys came in half pant and t-shirt.

Finally everyone was on their mini and revealing dresses. Then the drawing exercise started. Girls mostly focused on making drawings related to their class work. One boy made gal’s picture and another boy made one movie poster. Tanya and I were observing them. Then we told each one of them to explain the theme of the picture. Girls were more serious and started explaining the concept as given in the book through their pictures. Boys explained their minds about a gal’s body and a movie story etc. Girls felt little awkward when a boy explained his mind about a gal’s body. I said this is true and we all should accept it, nothing to feel bad.

Tanya also said Sunday is a free class and you can express anything. This class is to provide you a full freedom of expression and feelings. Then we had one more exercise of describing another person as a friend of the team. In this exercise, girls were talking about caring, respect, helping, etc. about the other person (boy or gal). The boys were explaining gal as romance, love, fun, partner, etc.

Then I asked, ok, if you have to choose one person here as a friend, who that person will be. One boy selected Tanya, another boy selected one gal and remaining two girls selected me. Then we said, today onwards, we will start a culture of friendly greeting by giving a lip kiss. I first gave a lip kiss to Tanya and then we both encouraged everyone. Idea was to have greeting lip kiss when we meet first time on that day and this is to be done only in the class, not outside. Students were feeling little awkward initially but later it became a practice.

After 3-4 Sundays, the response from students started increasing. They started spending more time on Sundays with us. One day, one gal said, can we plan for an outing sometime, I am bored of studies all of the time. We liked the idea. We asked them the suitable time. Then they said that we can only go on school days by bunking the school, other days parents won’t allow.

Then we decided to go for an outing on one Friday to one nearby hill station. There we booked two rooms for a day, one for girls and other for boys, and those two rooms were connected from inside. As usual, we had a lip kiss for everyone. That day I intentionally pressed gal’s boobs also. Then Tanya and I started using some dirty sexual language also to motivate the kids.

I ordered some drinks and snacks in the room and we had it together. That means we made those students also to have some drinks with us. It was their first time. Then I told both boys and Tanya to go to another room and talk some dirty sexy and have some fun and those three girls remained with me. I told girls, baby assume I am your boyfriend now, what kind of fun you would like to have with me.

One of the girls asked me, generally what kind of fun you have with Tanya, she being your girl friend. I said we do everything, we get full nude, touch and kiss each other everywhere, do different types of foreplays and finally do sex also. Other gal asked Tanya, is unmarried na, how come you do sex with her. I said sex can be done by anyone, even you can do it. They looked at each other and smiled. Then I called all of them on the bed beside me and told them to lie down and hug me while sleeping. They did that. I started touching them everywhere. They tried to keep quiet.

Then I asked them, have you seen a real penis? They said no. Then I unzipped and took out my huge hard cock. They were really surprised to see such a big cock. I told them to touch it and get a feel, they did that. Then I told them to kiss it also. They were hesitating to kiss. I said even Tanya also kisses it. Then they started kissing and sucking it in rounds. While they were sucking my hard dick, I started touching and caressing their pussy area.

They started liking that juicy feeling. Then I asked them, do you want to have a quick experience of sex? Then they smiled and said, no, can we first see how you do it? Then we went to other room to call Tanya. Then Tanya and I decided to show them the real demo of how sex happens. Then Tanya and I got fully nude and did a real sex in front of all of all of them. All of them were watching us carefully. Then we had a lunch break. We again had some drinks during lunch.

Post lunch, two boys went with Tanya to one room and three girls were with me. Then we all got fully nude and I told them to sleep with me. I started touching and kissing them everywhere. One gal asked, Sanjay, have you anytime done with small girls like us before? I said, yes. I have done with my own younger sis when we were teenagers and also with few other school students. Then I asked, who wants to enjoy first. Two of them said me. Then I said ok I will do with each one of you and I will select in alphabetical order of your first name. We all agreed to this. I also guided them that it will pain initially and later you will start feeling good etc. I told them to cooperate accordingly. I also told them that I will do directly with them and later I will give them pills to prevent pregnancy. They said fine.

Finally, I broke their virginity one by one and they also showed a lot of patience during that time. Later I wanted to have one more round with them but they said, not today, it’s paining a lot, so do it next time. Then for next couple of hours, we did a lot of fun by exposing each one in some naughty and vulgar positions and talking very dirty and sexually. I also made a small video clip of their vulgar poses, we saw those videos and later deleted.

Later for the next six months, we used to have such fun once a week either at Tanya’s place or sometimes outside also. It was an awesome experience.

If any young girls or females like this story, you can write to me on [email protected]

Love you and be happy in life!


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