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August 19, 2018

Helping My Best Friend Lose Her Virginity

Helping My Best Friend Lose Her Virginity

Disclaimer- this is going to be a bit long story but worth reading. So be patient.

Hi friends, I am Tarun goyal from Delhi. I have been a reader of iss for very long. So I thought to pen down one of my experiences too. This is my first story so forgive me for any mistakes and your suggestions are always welcome.

Any woman/girl/couple around Delhi / NCR looking for some spiced up yet discreet relationship without any strings attached can mail me at [email protected]

Disclaimer- this is going to be a bit long story but worth reading. So be patient.

Introduction- first and foremost let me introduce myself. I am Tarun goyal.I am currently residing in Delhi for my studies. 5’8” tall with fair color, average built and adorable looks. My tool is 6” long and 2.5” thick (enough to satisfy your wet cunts).

The main lead of this story is my best friend. Let’s call her “Myra” (for privacy reasons of course). She is of the same age as I am, with a good body shape of 32c-30-34. She is fair in color and about 2’’ shorter than me.

Beginning- now without wasting any further time let’s jump to the story. So this story is of about a week ago. I and Myra decided to hang out together and to have a night out roaming and exploring Delhi. I did not have had any bad intentions for her as we both are just good friends. We decided to meet at the nearest metro station at 6 pm sharp. I got ready with my blue rugged denim and black shirt and a complimenting black leather jacket. I took my bike and reached the metro station at the decided time. She was late (girls will be girls for being on time). She came there by 6:25 pm.

But believe me, guys the wait was worth. She was wearing a black crop top and blue denim shorts, complimenting with a shrug and of course black leather boots with heels. She was looking like a sex bomb and every single person nearby (be it girl or guy) was just staring at her beauty. We shook hands, hugged each other casually and then she hopped on my on my bike. I asked her where to head, to which she replied let us go on a long ride. We decided to go to murthal (a place on the outskirts of Delhi). In the half of the way she was feeling cold, so she just hugged me tightly. I too took it on the lighter note and went on riding. In about an hour, we reached are a destination, parked our bike in the parking and went to a restaurant and had our dinner. She was shivering in cold so; I gave her my jacket to comfort her a bit.

Then, our conversation went on as under:
M: tarun, this jacket isn’t enough I need some heat to let go this cold.
T: I am not getting your point.

M: take some booze let’s book a hotel room and have drinks and get wasted there.

It seemed to be a good deal to me too. So we took some beer cans and a quarter bottle of vodka. Thanks to Oyo couple rooms we got a room with no questions up front.

As soon as we entered the room she just got on the bed and stuffed herself into the blanket. I took out the beer cans and we were having nice fun together with slow music playing on television. Suddenly she got up and asked,”Tarun let’s dance. I know you have got some awesome moves. Teach some of them to me too”(I am not bragging but I am a good dancer).

I couldn’t refuse her so I responded positively and we started dancing. Now the beers too were doing their part. At the heat of the moment, we went damn too close to each other. I couldn’t resist myself appreciating her beauty and I left a small peck on her cheeks. She turned her head downwards and we both parted. We went back to bed and none of us spoke. I was damn too nervous regarding how did she took it.

After some time: she broke the ice, held my hand and asked me let’s pour vodka, pretending as if nothing happened. We were taking shots of vodka when she said let’s play truth and dare with this bottle to which I readily agreed. We were high a bit. She had a nice capacity for drinking I must say. I rolled on a joint. We were playing and either of us was opting out just truth and revealing our life secrets to each other.

We were smoking grass, having shots. We were damn too high. We were on the cloud 9.

Then I was bored playing the game and I opted for dare to keep the spice of the game up. She asked me something which I could have never imagined as if she was waiting for me to opt for a dare. She asked me to kiss her and this time on lips.

Then I got my green signal. I got near her, held her waist, pulled her closer, looked straight into her eyes and started with a small peck on her lips. Within no time we were eating each other’s lips. We parted after a very long time with our tongues met each other and our hands explored every inch of each other’s body in the meantime. We were damn too high to note any time. Everything was going at a really slow pace. I removed her shrug and her top in one go. She was in her black laced bra and shorts in front of me.

I pinned her against the wall with her back facing me and started kissing her neck, her earlobes from behind and then her upper back, mid back with bra strap and my hands were busy grabbing her ass and boobs. I unhooked her bra and let those milky melons enjoy the moment freely and turned her around, facing towards me. As soon as she turned she pushed me over the bed, took off my shirt and my jeans in one go. She was really very horny at that point in time I must say. She got over me and started kissing all over my chest neck and navel. Afterward ,she lay on her back and I went on top of her. Now, it was my turn to return the favor. I started kissing and licking her lips once again. We had an intense smooch for a very long time indeed. Then I came down to her neck then her earlobes and then her cleavage. She was going mad. She was moaning hmmmmm ahhhhhhh uffff.

Then it was turn of the best part (one should always save best for the last). I pressed her boobs, started by licking the right one and pressing the other. Gradually my other hand went down in her shorts. She was all wet down there! I was sucking, licking, kissing and scratching her boobs and was massaging her cunt with my fingers over her panties, she was going all mad. ”oh! Tarun I can’t take it anymore. Hmmmmm. Ohhhhh. Fuuuuuccckkkk meee. Put that monster inside my burning pussy. Fuck me whole night baby. I am all your’s just fuck the shit out of me. I was turned on by her talks but I didn’t want to rush it. I decided to take it slow so; I then went to her navel, licked it and kissed it.

By the time she had already removed her jeans and was rubbing her love hole over her wet dripping panties. I removed her panties, parted her legs and started tongue fucking her. She closed her eyes, widened her legs even more to give me full excess, held my hairs and just digged my head inside her love hole. I successfully managed to reach her g-spot and was hitting her there with my tongue. She went mad. Hmmmm aaahhhhhh fuck me Tarun please fuck me. Ohhhhhhhhh!! Taa…..Then she squirted all over my face within no time. I went on top of her again. We smooched each other and then I asked her for returning the favor through a blowjob to which she refused. Me too didn’t forced her at all. I took out my tool, kept it on the wall of her pussy and started teasing her. She was shivering in pleasure. She was moving her hips up and down begging me to fuck her. I just loved that scene.

After a while of teasing session, I entered my whole length inside her in one go. She screamed. There was also some blood flowing. Then I realized that she was a virgin. I kept it inside her for a while and kept kissing her and consoling her and then restarted the session. She too started enjoying after a while. Her pain got converted into pleasure and she was making loud noises. Ohhh, fuck me Tarun you are damn too good.. Aaaahhh uff….. Faster baby, go deeper, increase your pace sweetheart. Tear my pussy apart. It’s too much satisfying. Ahhhhh ahh ahhh ahh ahh. And then after a good time of fucking, we reached our climax together. We had 4 sessions that night and slept all naked next morning when we woke up, we had one more session then.

Thank you for reading friends

Hope you enjoyed this story. Any suggestions/ feedbacks are welcome at [email protected] Your suggestions will help me to decide whether to write further or not.

Any requests of guys asking for personal details of the girl or any other woman shall not be entertained.

Any lady/woman/girl/couple around Delhi/NCR looking for some spice in their lives may feel free to contact me at above e-mail address. Both your privacy and satisfaction are guaranteed.
Hope to see you all soon.
Love you guys


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