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August 20, 2018

Crazy And Unbelievable Naked Party

Crazy And Unbelievable Naked Party

She told me in the car that we are getting a Brazilian wax and I was perplexed why we need to go to the parlor to shave that hair. I told her it might be very expensive and I would just do the normal waxing and that part I will do it at home. For which she told me the discount is for Brazilian waxing and she will gift for me as well. I was like cool let’s do it. We reached that place in no time and they welcomed us with a fruity soda drink which was refreshing in that heat.

Hi All, I am back again with another incident which took place recently. As many of you know, I am Ramya 18 years of age and 32 24 33 are my stats and 5feet 6inches in height. By now most of you know my friends and our fun activities. Today I am going to describe another party incident which we arranged as our holidays are going to end and we all are going to join some college.

It was a bright sunny day on a Thursday afternoon when I received a call from my friend Radhika. She wanted to call me to the parlor to get waxing done as she got some discount vouchers from a new parlor which started a couple of streets away. I agreed and she came home in 20 mins and we headed towards the parlor in her car.

She told me in the car that we are getting a Brazilian wax and I was perplexed why we need to go to the parlor to shave that hair. I told her it might be very expensive and I would just do the normal waxing and that part I will do it at home. For which she told me the discount is for Brazilian waxing and she will gift for me as well. I was like cool let’s do it. We reached that place in no time and they welcomed us with a fruity soda drink which was refreshing in that heat.

Then they gave us the menu card for a Brazilian wax. So here are the following options in the menu for pubic hair, landing strip, postage stamp, diamond, sweetheart, martini, mohawk and full 100%. There were little cute pictures depicting all these options. I was thinking in my mind, I can understand Radhika wants to do this since she is having regular sex with her boyfriend Varun and it can be really cute and impressive. But why should I care since no one would see me other than myself? Anyways I thought harder and then decided I will do it for the fun of it and I selected a heart while Radhika selected a martini.

It took nearly 3 hours for us to complete legs, hands and pubic hair. We were so relieved when done. We went to an ice parlor and ordered two big ice creams. When we settled in our seat, she asked me if I could join her to meet her grandmother across the town and spend the day at her home. I was happy to meet as I love meeting grannies and grandpa and get cozy with them. I agreed and she told she will come in the morning around 8 am and asked me to be ready. We finished our ice cream and she dropped me home. She came inside and met my mom and they both started talking when I got a call from my friend Karthik. I went to my room to talk and they both were talking in the living room downstairs.

I got to know later that she was telling my mom that we were going to a party at the farmhouse and planning to stay over that night and she wanted to know if my mom was ok with it. My mom was fine and then she told her that I do not know the plan and its a surprise party and she told me about going and meeting granny.

As I came down Radhika said that my mom was fine with the plan to meet granny and she will come in the morning to pick me up. I said ok and bid goodbye to her and sat down to watch tv with mom. I couldn’t help notice how nice I was feeling down there since it was trimmed and the soothing cream which they applied afterward. I was feeling so relaxed and nice. The day got over as usual and I woke up at 6 am the next day. while taking bath I noticed little roughness and thought Ill try to keep it smooth for one more day and took my razor and was trying to smoothen the skin near my pubic area. I was feeling good again and completed my bath.

Since I was about to meet granny I decided to wear a chudidhar and chose a nice white one with a red bottom and pallu. I looked into the mirror and felt good wearing Indian clothes sometimes. I went down to have breakfast and my mom was surprised to see me in chudidhar when I was going out with a friend. She was suggesting maybe i should wear a gown or a skirt and go and I was surprised why she was telling me all this. I told her granny will be too happy to see in this clothes and I am comfortable in it. She gave me a smirk and kept quiet and I found it weird but I ignored. I was completing the breakfast when Radhika honked from her car and I quickly finished my milk and ran. As I got in the car I noticed Karthik and his girlfriend Chaya at the back seat and they were all dressed.

Even Radhika was in her dress. Not in party clothes or something but they were all dressed like they would for an evening coffee or something. I greeted everyone hi and we started driving. I was telling Radhika that I didn’t expect these two to join us to the grannies. They all burst into laughter and Radhika told that we are going to the farmhouse and not to grannies. I was like what the… why couldn’t they tell me and stuff. Karthik spoke and said just to keep things as a surprise and it’s nice that way sometimes.

I was mad but I was also excited about farmhouse party after what happened last time. I asked them who all are going to join and what is the plan. Radhika told nothing is sure but it is all planned by Varun and I ‘ll come to know after we reach there. It surprisingly took us only about an hour in the crazy weekday traffic. It was 9 am and we were approaching the entrance and Radhika started muttering me to keep an open mind. I was kinda lost why she needs to do that.

So we parked and go to the entrance door only to find a note which said use the passcode and enter the house and please lock your mobile phones while entering. Sounded weird to me but everyone else was normal. Radhika just entered the passcode and we went inside. I was thinking how come Varun was not at the entrance to receive us as usual. As the thoughts were running through my head, I saw Varun standing Naked in front of us.

I squeaked a little and saw many others behind him were also naked. I took a step back and behind Chaya and Karthik. Varun spoke up telling welcome guys and girls this is a Naked Party. I gulped and words weren’t coming out of my mouth. All I could mutter is a faint ok while Radhika, Varun, and Chaya yelled in excitement. Varun started explaining the rules as follows

1. All mobile must be deposited in that room to your right and it will be locked always. And usage of mobile is only allowed in that room. If a phone rings, it will be heard on all speakers in the house so you will not miss a call.

2. everyone must be fully Naked at all times and feel free to interact with others in any possible way as long as the other person is comfortable. Respect the feelings. Anyone who misbehaves will be punished strongly.

3. All toilets and bathrooms are open to all and feel free to share.

4. All bedrooms will be closed and mattresses and blankets will be arranged in the living room at night.

5. Feel free to cook anything you would like and share with others

6. There are yoga and massage sessions by our experienced participants and anyone willing can join the sessions.

7. You can use the swimming pool but be careful not to go closer to the walls and be seen by others outside.

8. The last and final rule, keep this as a secret event and do not share anything about this party to anyone.

that’s all with the rules and you 4 are the last and final participants and we need to undress you. He also mentioned that all of them are couples here and have an open mind and don’t get too jealous. He looked at me and introduced me to other telling she is Ramya and she is not single with a wink and said Radhika, Ramya and myself are together. I smiled and said thank you. He also told couples will not be undressing, He was quick to point out at a girl to his right and said she will undress Karthik, and a guy from his left will undress Chaya, Karthik will undress Radhika and then I will undress the gorgeous Ramya. I was happy with the arrangement but was wondering why Karthik to undress Radhika, is there a hidden agenda to it as he had a crush on her and only I knew it.

Anyways the girl and the guy came forward and held on to Karthik’s and Chaya’s hand respectively and pulled them to the middle. The girl introduced herself as Rekha and the guy as Samir. Chaya was wearing a pink dress which came to her knee level. Samir gave a hug and smiled and turned her around to pull the zipper. Her zipper came down till her hip and exposed her purple bra hooks. Very gently he put both his hands on her shoulder blades underneath her dress and spread his hands smoothly to let the dress fall off her shoulders. He was very sensuous to hold her feet one by one to pull the dress out of her legs and kept it on a hanger and hung it around the corner. Chaya’s wonderful figure came into light and her purple bra and panty just can accentuate her sexy figure.

Samir came back and admired her body for a second before he ran his finger along the lines of her bra from front to back to her hook and unhooked the boobs in a dramatic way. He did the same thing to her panty and ran his finger a full circle before he pulls it down all the way down from her legs. He put both of the cloths next to her dress and came back to the naked hug. His hands squeezed those sexy bums and she laughed and it was all a good feeling all around. Meanwhile, Rekha pulled out the yellow tee shirt out of Karthik and gave his nipples a nice pull in a funny way. Varun helped her and gave a hanger to put the tee shirt on. She went on to unhook the cotton pant and pulled down the pant to show everyone the black underwear. Everyone could notice the huge bulge in his underwear.

She kept the pant aside and came back hurriedly and gave a nice message to the bulge to make it only bigger. She pulled the undies in a quick fashion and his dick just spanked out almost like saying hi to everyone around. it almost slapped her face thou. She pulled the underwear out of his leg and kept it along with other clothes. She came back for the naked hug and his dick was poking her so much but managed to hug while he squeezed her bums and gave a gentle kiss on her neck. Next Varun asked Karthik to help Radhika undress while he takes care of me.

So Karthik walked up to Radhika and held her by the waist and pulled her to the middle. Meanwhile, parallel Varun walked up to me and held me by bums and walked me to the middle. Karthik dick was still flying high while Varun’s was erected but relaxed. Radhika greeted Karthik by holding his dick and giving a peck and hug. While I gave a gentle hug and caressed Varun’s back while he gave me a peck on my lips and another hand on my bums. Radhika was wearing a green gown and I was in my white chudidhar. Karthik ran his both hands from the feet upwards and lifted her skirt along the way sensually and feeling her body.

And Varun turned me around and unzipped my top and gave a gentle kiss on my back. Karthik exposed Radhika leaving her in her matching green lacy bra and panty. And Varun pulled out my top gently with both his hands and there I was standing with my white bra exposed and my tits poking out upright in excitement. Karthik ran his hand into her panty feeling her pussy and bum crack before he let it down out of her leg. And Varun pulled my elastic pant down and felt my smooth legs on the way. I was feeling really wet and excited about his acts.

Karthik went on to expose her bra and free the boobs and gave a nice squeeze and playful kiss to them before he ended up with a tight hug. Meanwhile, Varun unhooked my bra and playfully ran his fingers over my tits and making me go crazy. I noticed his dick is so hard now and I immediately grabbed it so hard that he gave out a scream and said, easy girl. I said sorry and went down to give a gentle kiss on his dick and everyone were shouting wow. I don’t know why I did that but felt like doing it. He put his hand inside my panty and actually ran his middle finger inside my wet hole and pulled out my panty before others become suspicious.

His fingers were wet and I noticed he smelling it. He kept the clothes aside and came back to give a hug and squeezing my bums gently and licking my earlobe. I too put my hand on his bum and felt a strong muscle to squeeze. Anyways it all ended in a jiffy and i was left all high. Everyone around clapped and welcomed us.

I went ahead to the kitchen to drink some water after all this drama. I drank the water and met another friend Steven from the other party in the farmhouse earlier this year. He is a tall guy and big dick. He came and gave me a tight hug and I could feel his dick tickling my stomach. He praised me for my body and pinched my left tit in appreciation. I shook his dick like a shaking hand and said thanks. One by one we met everyone and I touched almost everyone’s dick and every time I hug a guy, my stomach or abdomen got wet with all the semen. I took a paper towel and cleaned up every time. I did say hi to all the girls and had our boobs squeeze like a game.

I noticed everyone has shaven their pubic hair and maintained good hygiene. Most were well built and others had the little tummy. They were all busy with some of the other activity. Some of them eating some food here and there and someones talking and everyone seemed so nice and fun. Radhika came by and asked me how I am feeling and I said I’m feeling excited. She liked the heart pattern of my pubic hair and ran thru her finger to feel it. And she did gently trigger my clitoris and I left a moan.

She started laughing and telling today you are dead and you will lose your virginity. I defended myself by saying no I ‘ll behave myself and be a virgin. She challenged me and we laughed together. Karthik was watching it all and came by and supported Radhika that I will end up having sex with someone today. I slapped his dick and said noways. Radhika praised Karthik for his clean-shaven body and appreciated the grith of the penis. He too appreciated her boobs by running his finger on them and said her pussy was so hot when he touched it.

She laughed and said, careful it might burn your dick if you get closer to it. and we all laughed together. Varun came by and straightaway smooched Radhika in a romantic way and gave her the bowl he was holding which had cut apple pieces. She said thanks dear and caressed his dick. He turned towards me and asked me to enjoy my day and left. It was almost 11 am and didn’t realize how two hours flew by. Suddenly the room looks all normal. It’s not weird anymore that we are all naked. All dicks were relaxed, all tits were back to normal and climate in the room calmed down. Just then Varun called out and introduced us to Shrawan who is a yoga instructor and he said Shrawan has a 30 mins schedule to do Naked yoga and whoever is interested can join.

Almost everyone joined in and he guided us to pick the yoga mats from the corner and place it across the hall.

He started teaching us Surya namaskar first and he was slowly performing every asana. Once he finished one set, he asked us to follow. We all started with the exercise and after 2 rounds. He said he will check everyone’s postures. we started our third round slowly and he came by checking and correcting the postures. Suddenly all of them started enjoying this and feeling good. Shrawan came to me and appreciated my postures but little did he know that I am already experienced in Yoga. From Surya Namaskar, he switched on to pranayama and that lasted another 30mins. so by 11 45, it all ended and we were all feeling so refreshed.

Radhika suggested we should all cook and prepare lunch. Some of them volunteered and I escaped since I wasn’t good at it. I came down to the swimming pool area and met Shrawan there, he is the married guy and his wife Sejal was also in the group. Shrawan again appreciated me for my postures and asked if I had any experience in Yoga, for which I said yes and he winked at me in acceptance.

He appreciated me for maintaining my body and gave me few tips to enhance my curves. I asked him if he thinks my curves aren’t good enough. Then he said no he did not mean like that but explained many guys love bigger boobs and bums. I said I am happy with my curves and not worried about it now. He was embarrassed a little but he appreciated me and said you look great as you are. I also appreciated his body and told you to maintain it well and he was thankful for my comments and explained yoga and sex keep him fit.

And he showed his wife, I said I met her, she looks sexy. He said yes and very horny girl. We had a good laugh. We hugged and went apart. I was just sunbathing for some time by the pool on a pool bed. Closed my eyes and I felt someone blowing air on my body. I opened my eyes and it was a guy named Ravi also familiar with the last party we had. He said hi and sat by me. His dick was all high and I asked him whats on his mind.

He is like if he looks at me his dick is rising. I laughed and said what a line to tease. I took his dick in hand and moved in and out to help him jerk off. He is like, hey just chill, don’t do that as I need to show off to more girls and gave a wink. I pulled out my hand and he hugged me awkwardly trying to find the pussy hole. I didn’t make a fuss but gave a small jerk and that helped his finger run inside. I went mad as his broad finger went inside. Suddenly he removed his finger and went to greet his girlfriend Divya.

I was perplexed and sat there. I noticed he and his GF were having some talk and then finally kissed each other and moved along. Varun came by meanwhile gave a drink and sat by my side and asked me if everything was ok. I noticed his dick was relaxed but still long enough.

I was tempted to touch after what Ravi made me high. He sensed or something, he told me he will show something to me and asked me to come to the terrace. But I told him ppl might notice. He said let’s take a chance and I followed him. Some guys did notice but they all ignored and didn’t follow us. As soon as we went to a small terrace, I could see beautiful green fields and calm atmosphere. But it was scorching hot. There was a small clothes hut and we ducked inside where there were 3 cute little puppies. He said they were abandoned and he brought them home.

I loved them. I was petting them and it felt good. He asked me to take them home if I like them. I was so so happy and gave him a huge hug. Since it was the cramped place, I lost balance and fell on sideways and he moved to keep me safe. Now I was on him and feeling his strong chest with my hands. I playfully bit his nipple and gently caressed my bums with both of his hands. I moved to give him kiss and we ended up smooching. He started exploring my asshole and that made me weirdly horny since he was not moving to my pussy. He lifted by my bum with his strong hands and placed me on the ground and got up. I got out of the tent and was flexing while he kept water for puppies and moved out.

I could notice his hard dick and ask if I made him home. He smiled and slapped me on my bum and lead me downstairs. As we went down I noticed some girls were cooking while some were still chit chatting. I went up to use the washroom and noticed that a couple were having sex in the tub and that got me excited again. I didn’t go away but went closer. they saw and called me to join. I went there and kissed both of them and said thanks but I need to go. I went to another washroom in the bedroom and on the bed Karthik chaya and Shrawan the yoga instructor were intimate.

Karthik had his dick inside Chaya, Shrawan was caressing her boobs and Chaya was holding Shrawan’s dick. I was shocked and shouted what the hell is happening. Karthik looked back and told me, babe! Shrawan is teaching new sex yoga techniques and it is awesome. Chaya was nodding her head and Shrawan asked me to join. I said I need to go to the washroom and went inside to pee. I peed and came outside and noticed Karthik and chaya changed positions but still doing it. Still, Chaya is holding Shrawan’s dick and he holding her boobs. I didn’t know what to do. But felt I shud tease chaya for this and went and started smooching Karthik.

Now Shrawan got excited with this and pulled out his dick and came to insert in mine while I was busy smooching. Chaya noticed it and shouted and I realized what is going on. I told Shrawan I am virgin and not ready to fuck yet. He smiled and apologized. Then we all laughed out to lighten the mood and Karthik started telling just missed, or else she wud have been fucked by now. Chaya playfully caressed my pussy and said poor cat, will have to wait for its food for longer. we laughed again. And Shrawan told them to take a break and went out.

Me too said I ‘ll give them privacy and followed Shrawan. Then I heard Radhika shouting to everyone that food is ready. We all gathered down and had food together while watching friends series on the big tv. Once the lunch was over. I offered help to clean the vessels and it took like an hour to clean and wipe things. And others were just sitting or lying on the ground and relaxing. Soon, Varun announced the next activity of dumb charades. We all played for next 2 hrs.

Just then Varun told now its time for the massage session and told Shrawan and his wife Madhuri will teach the massages. They asked for volunteers and everyone shouted my name unanimously, I really really wonder why. Am I Bakri kya? Anyways I agreed and Shrawan asked me to go to the washroom and empty my bladder and drink some water. As I did that he arranged some mat and oil. He asked me to sleep on my tummy and he would do my back massage first. He started doing back massage by explaining to all other how it is done, like long strokes and then backbone knuckling etc.

Then he showed everyone pressure points on the back to release energy blockages. It was all time feeling so good. Then he moved on to bums. I was skeptical how it will be. He started by pressing on pressure points and then doing long strokes on the bum. It felt very good. Then he put oil on the anus and started caressing it and I started moaning little. Slowly he caressed my pussy also which made me so wet., He was very professional and never felt he is doing it out of horniness.

I was in the 9th cloud as he was massaging that area. He was explaining everyone about the techniques while massaging me., Next he moved onto legs and he was too good to be true. I was so relaxed and felt the best massage. I was thinking no wonder Karthik and Chaya were so happy with him. Next, he asked me to turn over and started with my boobs. He was so gentle and nice and made my tits go wild. He was mesmerizing me and my hand was searching for his dick to feel but the attempt in vain as he moved onto my legs. He finished legs and came to my pussy.

he gently took my pussy lips in hand and massaged slowly. He completed one full circle and then he started stroking my clit and I went mad. I was moaning loudly now and didn’t bother the crowd. I closed my eyes in enjoyment and held onto the mat with my hands. He slowly inserted one finger and started rubbing my walls. His finger was so hot and felt it was his dick or something. Just then he put another finger and started in out stoke and I was too high and finally, I cummed and felt so embarrassed.

Firstly I was happy I didn’t cum for so long and secondly, I was sad it will end. He asked his wife Madhuri to demo on a guy and that guy Ravi was the volunteer. Ravi was lying on stomach and she explained the same things but little different points for guys. And the same on the front side. And finally, it came to the dick which everyone including me was waiting. She told she will start with flower vase technique and everyone was curious and she pulled the dick and balls a little and placed her hand on the skin underneath. She held the penis and balls in one hand like a flower vase and she pulled towards her and some guys gave a shriek seeing this.

I was shocked how much it could stretch. It was scary but Ravi seems to like it. Next, she explained the balls massage. she took each ball on her palm and massaged with another hand. It was so nice to see 😛 but it was not pleasuring Ravi. She told guys penis massage should not be pleasureful else the guy will ejaculate and massage will be ended soon. After saying this she went to massage the spot between her anus and balls and she said this is the sacred spot of a man. Pressing here will stop the guy from ejaculation. She also told massaging here will give him a lot of pleasure and it was indeed making him moan.

Then she started massaging the top of the penis. This excited him a lot and he cummed within no time and she went and licked a little. And this act of hers made everyone go ooooh., Then everyone was asked to set up their mats with partners and have a massage practice. Everyone did as instructed and everyone seems to have enjoyed. All this took nearly 3 hrs. And now its 9 pm and Varun suggested we all eat salads and fruits. So some of us went and cut fruits and veggies. And put on the bowl. We all ate again watching tv. And then it was time to bed.

Beds were arranged on the ground in various directions and all were able to fit comfortably. Radhika was at the corner and Varun was next to her and I was sandwiched between Varun and Karthik. chaya was next to Karthik. There was a blanket and I had my own while couples shared a blanket. I was trying to sleep while others were moaning and doing things. I was feeling weird. I could feel both Varun’s and Karthik’s bums on my legs as I was adjusting my blanket. I was praying to myself I sleep else I ‘ll go mad. While I was thinking all this for an hour.

I noticed Karthik turned towards me and chaaya put her arm around him. And put his hand inside my blanket and started massaging my pussy. I was shocked at the same time felt good. And then Varun turned and started massaging my boobs. I held both their dicks using both my hands now and moaning. they continued for 10 mins till I cummed again and gave a loud moan. They both turned flat on their back and both Chaya and Radhika gave them a blow job and cummed them, And slowly everything went silent and I fell asleep.

We all woke up morning 7 am and wore our clothes and headed home. Such a dreamy day ended. Radhika came home and we spoke for a couple of hours before things became normal.


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