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August 20, 2018

Bestie Isha Took My Virginity

Bestie Isha Took My Virginity

Once we all friends went to a party, she was dancing with me the whole time. I seized this moment to have more fun with her. While dancing I made sure that once in a while my hands touch her boobs. I tried this couple of times and it went perfectly fine. But what happened next surprised me. She slowly hugged me then she looked up into my eye and started rubbing her body on mine. I could feel her large breasts rubbing up and down on my chest. I had an erection immediately.

Hi ISS readers, this is Pk4sex and this is my first story here. There was this girl in our class, her name was Isha. She was slightly dark but had a perfect figure. She was a sportsperson too and hence her physique always remained in perfect shape. We two used to be close friends right from the day 1.

As days passed by our friendship grew stronger. She used to daily come to my room for projects and studies. We used to watch movies regularly in my room.She used to share everything with me. There were times I used to fantasize about her. She used to wear tight and short clothes exposing her thighs. It used to make me go mad. Every time she hugged me I used to hug her back tightly trying to feel her breasts on my chest.

Once we all friends went to a party, she was dancing with me the whole time. I seized this moment to have more fun with her. While dancing I made sure that once in a while my hands touch her boobs. I tried this couple of times and it went perfectly fine. But what happened next surprised me. She slowly hugged me then she looked up into my eye and started rubbing her body on mine. I could feel her large breasts rubbing up and down on my chest. I had an erection immediately.

While continuing that dance her hand touched my penis. It could be by mistake or she did it deliberately I don’t know but she slowly turned around and started grinding her ass on mine erected dick. It felt damn good. She teased me during the entire party. Nothing much happened for next few months apart from hugging and calculated accidental touching’s.

One day we went out to the pub to chill out. While we were dancing I suddenly asked her can I kiss you. She looked into my eye and said no. But I didn’t give up. I was persistent. In the end, she gave me permission to kiss on her cheeks. I was initially disappointed. But then I thought let’s make this moment into something special. I grabbed her navel with both my hands and pulled her close. I kissed on her right cheek gently and then slowly I went down kissing on her neck. She was mad with lust. I could sense her body shivering.

She pushed me away naughtily but I could clearly see the lust on her face. I couldn’t let go of this opportunity. I said, “hey I still have one more cheek to kiss”. She did say anything just laughed. I went closer this time instead on kissing her cheek I directly kissed on the left side of her neck and went up, to kiss her cheek and then her forehead. She pushed me away and said “enough, there are people around us”. I said, “So what, it’s dark on the dance floor and there is loud music and most of the people are drunk any ways”. She didn’t budge and asked me to take her back to the hostel to which I obliged.

This went on for days, whenever she used to come to my room daily I used to kiss her on her cheeks and necks before she left. She didn’t yet allow me to kiss her on her lips. I didn’t force her too as I was afraid I might lose her. Then we had our semester end exams and this routine was not possible. Those two weeks were the dullest of my life. Fast forward two weeks our exams were done she came to my room.

She wore a tight sleeveless shirt and shorts that were completely exposing her sexy thighs. We decided to watch a movie but we ended up watching you random videos on Youtube. While watching them I found a hot video on the suggestion list. I played that video. It was the sex scene from the second installation of 300. The temperature in our room suddenly went up.

I slowly took my left hand and placed it on her left shoulder and gently pulled her closer. Once she was totally leaning onto me I kissed her cheeks and slowly went down her neck kissing her all the way down. She feebly resisted, but I know I had her. I didn’t let her go but now I leant forward and tried to kiss her on the other side of her neck .In meantime I put my right hand in between her thighs and started massaging it slowly.

Both my hand and lips were moving upwards. By the time my hand were near her pussy, my lips were near hers. I applied little more force on to her and pulled her into a kiss. Though she resisted for couple of seconds she gave in and started kissing me passionately. My hand on the other hand reached her pussy area over her pant and I started pinching it with my fingers. A shudder ran through her spine. She shrugged and moaned. We continued this for few more minutes and then I slowly moved my left hand down from her shoulder to a Man’s most favourite balls, her breasts.

I gently rubbed my hand on it. I circled my index finger on her nipple area. It has grown thick and erect. I could feel her tension while we are kissing. Without a warning I pinched her nipples over her shirt. She moaned again. I continued applying force and tried to kiss her deep to prevent her moans from going out of our room. After playing with her nipple I gave her boob a nice squeeze. This time she struggled against me. Her body was shaking and out of control. I broke our kiss looked into her eyes. It was filled with lust.I bent down and slowly bit her left breast.

Our room was filled with her moans. I didn’t waste another moment, I immediately removed her T-shirt and then her bra. I was a sight to behold. She has firm and round breasts. They are of a shape every man would go mad for. It was like an animal in me was turned on. I forcibly pushed her on the bed and squeezed her breasts. I pinched them and squeezed them. Once I was done with her breasts, I slowly started inserting my hands into her shorts to reach for her pussy. She tried to struggle but my long fingers reached it pretty quickly.

Once my fingers touched her already wet pussy, a sensation ran down her spine. She was shaking uncontrollably. Her moans and screams filled our room. To shut her mouth I kissed her. She caught hold of my hair and started giving me a deep kiss. Slowly I massaged her pussy with my fingers. Within no time she came.

My hand and ger shorts were drenched in her cum. I pointed to her wet shorts and said “ now u cant go out like that”. She looked at me without saying anything. I then undid her shorts and then removed her wet panty. Now she was stark naked in front of me. I undressed myself too and went onto her. I kissed her gently, then I went down kissing on her neck and slowly I reached her breasts. I massaged them nicely and took turns to suck each breasts well.

The sensation of their touch and the feeling of those lovely boobs in my mouth drove me mad. Then I straightened her hand and kissed her sexy armpits. She moaned and laughed saying that it tickles a bit. Then I went down to her pussy, spread her legs and smelled her pussy. It was already wet with her juices. Oh man, that smell drove me mad. I immediately bent down and kissed her there. She moaned. “Oh fuck!, Yes lick it harder please, yes harder!. This encouraged me further and I inserted my tongue deep into her pussy. She caught hold of my head and pushed it further into her pussy and shouted “Yes, go deeper, push your tongue deeper”.

She spread her legs wide and tried to further open her pussy lips with the help of her fingers so that my tongue can reach further inside. I suddenly got up and said “Hey this is not fair, why is it that only you are getting satisfied and not me “ she laughed and said “So what do you want me to do “ I thought for a moment and said lets do the 69 .

She agreed. I laid down in the bed and she sat on my face. Her pussy was exactly on my mouth. It was amazing. She stayed in that position for few minutes moving her ass on my face while I was licking her pussy. Then she bent forward and took my cock in her hand and massaged it for minute and then took it in her mouth. It was a moment of bliss for me. My cock in her wet mouth. That feeling was exhilarating.

I was lifting my buttock and pumping my cock into her mouth and she is applying her pressure on my face by pushing her pussy down. We both came in each other’s mouth in few minutes. I recovered first, went to washroom to wash my face. After she was done washing, she came sat next to me silently. I slowly took her into my arms and started kissing her again.

This time her response was weak. I realized that maybe she was losing interest or it could be that her conscience was kicking in and felt it would be better to fuck her now. While kissing her I placed her hand on my limp cock. She grabbed it started squeezing it. I placed my hand on her pussy and started inserting my index finger in it. Her pussy was really tight. She started moaning but I didn’t let her break our kiss.

Then started fingering her vigorously. She was once again losing her senses and was getting lost in pleasure. In meantime my cock became erect thanks to her handjob and was ready for another drill. I stood up on my knees, placed myself in between, her legs and placed my penis on her pussy lips. Without inserting I was massaging the door of her pussy with my cock head. She was going mad. She looked at me and said “Stop! Stop doing that. You are driving me mad”. I knew this was the cue.

Without a warning I pushed my cock hard with full force into her pussy. She screamed out loud and tried to push me away. I locked her hands above head with my hands and kissed her. I continued kissing her with my cock inside her. Trust me guys it was an amazing feeling. My cock in her warm and wet pussy, I could feel the stickiness of her juices on my cock. In addition the pressure pf her vaginal wall on my cock . Ah! It was amazing. That feeling still drives me mad. Once her pain subsidised she calmed down and started responding to my kisses. She hugged me and started kissing me passionately. I slowly started moving. I slowly started removing and inserting my cock in her. Her screams slowly turned into pleasurable moans and the room was filled with the sounds of our clashing thighs.

After continuing in missionary positions for some time i lifted her carried her in my arms pinned her to the wall and started pounding her. Btw I forgot to tell you guys about myself, Im 6 feet 3 inches tall and heavy built. So carrying her wasn’t an issue for me. I pounded her there for nearly 10 mins. Then she shouted “Stop! Stop!”. I asked her what happened and she said I fuck me in doggy style. She climbed on the bed and went all fours.

Her naked ass was facing me was inviting me to drill her. Without wasting another sec I started fucking her. She started moaning again, “AH! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”. Then another idea struck me. I lifted her and placed her in front of a mirror and continued fucking her in the doggy style. Every time I was ramming her I could see her boobs bouncing in the mirror it drove me mad. I immediately grabbed them from behind and squeezed them and started fucking her vigorously.

She moaned loudly and after a few more pumps she screamed “Ah ah im cumming” . I could feel her pussy walls tightening around my cock. Few seconds later she cummed on my cock inside her. Those fresh warm juices on my cock was a total bliss. I understood why men go mad for sex. It was totally amazing feeling. I cummed in her too and we both collapsed on the bed. I looked at her. Her body was completely wet.

She looked hot in that avatar. After sometime we continued another round of session. I fucked her the whole night. That’s all for today folks. This is my first story. Please leave your thoughts and comments. Anyone interested to share their experience with me can reach out to me at [email protected]


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