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August 20, 2018

Adventure With My Tenants-1

Adventure With My Tenants-1

Ok coming to the sex story which happens when I was 18. Yes, after 2 years of puberty time that is.I started watching porn and read some sex stories. My house bathroom has 3doors.2faces both the rooms and one is a back door which goes to the back side where tenant stays. (the place where I peep our tenant’s bathroom).

Hi, guys, this is Raja again. Hope you like my previous stories.Yes, I had some adventures and I would like to share with you all. That’s why I’m again here and since I need to save this sex story, Indian Sex Stories is a good safe diary for me to save my memories.

Please put your comments to [email protected] I got more good comments and got some good friends too with girls and aunties which is going safe and good now. Liking to get more so email me if you need to share your friendship with me in 100% safe way.

Ok coming to the sex story which happens when I was 18. Yes, after 2 years of puberty time that is.I started watching porn and read some sex stories. My house bathroom has 3doors.2faces both the rooms and one is a back door which goes to the back side where tenant stays. (the place where I peep our tenant’s bathroom).

We have given rent to so many people in our house and this aunty was very close to all. She lived with her husband and 2 daughters.She is a dancer but became little fat now due to not dancing for some years.She had very good and attractive physic guys. Her size is 38c-36-40. And very whitish like a Marwadi.If she wears saree, always she will keep it as a low hip. Her 5cm sized deep navel can visible and takes everyone’s heart.

One day, I went to her house to give something. I called her and she told me to get in. I was holding the thing and was standing in the entrance and she was sweeping the floor.Omg, what a cleavage show guys. That time, I didn’t even know her size.She was wearing nighty with zips open ( it is not working, so she pinned and that too not properly).Wow, my virgin baby cock rises after seeing that.I hide it by that thing and went inside.

She told me to sit on the bed. And bends in front of me to sweep the bed lower.What the fuck man. It’s very close to my eyes. My precum starts oozing. My poor time, I didn’t wear inners in the house so the wet patch and tent are visible. Suddenly, she noted it and I covered it with my hands. She didn’t tell anything and stood. Asked what have you bought and I gave the thing. She smiles and told, “wow, it’s my favorite dish, thank you so much dear” by telling this she hugged me.

Wowwww, I’m sitting in bed and she is standing & hugging me. Think about it guys her boobs on my face. What a feeling. I hugged her but my hands hugged her butt instead of her hip since I’m sitting. She got shivered. I got hard. For 5secs, we hugged and she came to sense then thanked me with a smile.Later, I left her house and masturbated thrice that day. Wow man.

And one fine evening, after my school I got some porn CDs from my friend. I played in the portable DVD player and took it to the bathroom.I came nude and sat then poured some oil on my cock. Slowly started massaging it.Wow, what a feeling man.The movie was great and in 15mins I came hard.Suddenly, I heard my name.My tenant aunty was seeing from the other door.What the fuck? I got caught by her. She said, “wow, you are jerking, uh?” And had hard cum it seems, ok enjoy. By saying this she left.But I noticed a wet patch on her nighty.

Next day, same timing, I went to jerk with my player and porn CD.This time I was seeing that door but she wasn’t there.But after 5mins, I saw her slowly coming to peep me.My heart started beating fast.I saw her hands going inside her nighty and other one cares her 38c boobs.Omg, she is masturbating by seeing my masturbation.With no words, I came soon after that scene.This time she didn’t speak and I acted like didn’t see that side and left.

On the next day, instead of masturbating, I went to her house.Played with her kids.She called me inside and sent her kids to tuition.She said why you didn’t do today. I know what she means but acted like nothing.And asked what? She said, “nothing, come, let me teach you something.”

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She asked whether you’re loving someone? I said I have a crush but I didn’t.Slowly she asked everything and came to sex. Have you done with anyone?? I said no aunty.And I also added some points that I haven’t seen any of the girl’s boobs and vagina. She laughed and said it’s ok dear I’ll teach you.I asked her what you will teach me. She said come sit down on the floor.

I did. She rises her nighty. Man her things are shining. And she lowered her panty. Wow. She trimmed her pussy and kept some straight line hairs for the style.She is sitting on the bed and spreads her legs. Wow man, she was one sex bomb.She taught me the parts of pussy. And she also told that if you eat it then any women will come behind you.I have seen in porn but now only see it in real.

Then, she spreads her vaginal flesh and told me to kiss it. Slowly I kissed inside. She shivered and pressed my head from behind.I acted like I don’t know anything and just rubbed my lip over it. She has gone mad and moaned louder.Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.Hmmmmmmm.Then I licked slowly from the clit till hole.I went to left side flesh and took inside my mouth. And sucked it slowly.

She screamed ahhhhhhh Nalla sappu da en chellam ( suck well my dear).Hmmmmmmm. By sucking itself I went to the right side and took it inside. Sucked both the sides continuously. What a feeling I got. She was squeezing her boobs overnight.And biting her lip. That scene made me so mad.

I spit my saliva over pussy and started licking it. Slowly I circled with my tongue tip.Hmmmmmmm. By licking itself I went upside till navel. Wowwwww.My dream it is.First I kissed it. She rose her head and saw me with a full eye open. By seeing her face I licked the circle corner and did round movement. She was in lust and her eyeball was gone up.I poured saliva inside and licked it deeper.

Hmmmmmmm what a feel.I started sucking the navel hard and tummy as well.Then, by licking itself, I went down to the pussy. And sucked it madly.Hmmmmmmmm superrr. I kept my tongue inside and fucked with it. Increased the speed. And started sucking now madly. She was holding my head and pressing hard. I was sucking like a madman.

She rose her hip and pulled my head very tight and close. Hmmmmmmm uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. One loud moan came and her pussy released with loads of cum. That was new to me but she told me to take it. I licked it and drank all. From that moment I became a fan to eat pussy.Wowwwwww. What a feeling.

When she got up and sat on the bed. She pulled my shorts and removed it. She saw my circumcised cock and shocked. She said, so your done the operation to satisfy women (yeah this type of cock can play hard and easy to use.Moreover it is hygienic since we removed the foreskin, the dust won’t stay there and which will not cause uterus problems for girls) and winked.

As soon as she kissed my cock tight.Then she holds my cock and spits her saliva. Started jerking me slowly. And she said by this only your doing everyday eve in your bathroom right ?? I know you, dear. Today I’ll do instead of using your hands.By saying this she took my balls into her mouth.Ahhhhhhhj.First, it was paining but later I’m started enjoying it.Hmmmm, nice aunty.Blow me more.I moaned slowly. She took both my balls inside and licked.

And from balls, she licked & traveled till cock tip. And kissed there.Slowly she chewed it.Ahhhhhhhh. That was love bit painful for me.And she sucked my cock head alone.Wowwwww. She was an expert. Sucked it like a lollipop.Hmmmmmm. And slowly she took the whole cock inside. Wow, aunty comes on.Hmmmmm. She is chewing and doing.She took my cock in and out and sucked.

I was seeing her cleavage which tempts me a lot. I asked her can I see your boobs.?? As soon as she removed her night. Wow her boobs.I touched it gently.Her nipples are 2-3cm erect. I pinched it. She moaned ahhhhh and sucked my cock deep. Hmm her boobs feel took me to heaven.I was squeezing it madly. And she was sucking my cock madly.

I pushed her to bed and squeezed her hard. Kissed and sucked full boobs. But I dint goto nipples. She was going mad. Asked me to bit her nipple. But I circled my tongue tip across nipples. Hmmmmm it was larger than her navel.It will be 6cm large. And suddenly I came to nipple then sucked it madly. She was moaning ahhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmm. She was holding my cock in one hand and another hand she was fingering her pussy.

By seeing her move I was in great mood. I licked and sucked her nipple like a baby. Bitten and pulled the nipple then sucked it. She screamed in pain but she didn’t stop her fingering and my jerking. Then she got up and took my cock into her mouth.She sucked it really well. Her blowjob was great.Hmmmmm she did too and fro movement and sucked faster.

I can’t control it anymore. I told her I’m gonna cum. She didn’t speak but increased her speed.Hmmmmmmm uhhhhh aunty in coming. Ohhh. I released all my juice inside her mouth and she didn’t even waste the single drop. She drank everything. And sucked even after I cum.Oh, that was so tickling.Hmmmmm. I said thanks aunty for the experience. And shall we continue it and take it to fuck?

She said sorry dear my children will be back from tuition in sometimes. That’s why I stopped from sucking my nipple and blow you. Surely, soon we can do it. Wait till that.By saying this she kissed my cock and sucked it once.

Later, we had some foreplay in that bathroom back door.One fine day I fucked her thrice since I was home alone which made her pregnant. While pregnancy she vacated my house and moved somewhere. Still, I don’t know where she is.We had more tenants in my house. I have experience with everyone.Some just did foreplay and two people went till fucking.Will share all my stories here for sure.

Please put your comments ‘[email protected]’ or Facebook message to this same id. Thanks for reading my sex story guys. See you, people, soon.



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