Wild Sex With My Friend Rithi

We decided to meet for the first time after 2 months of chatting online. Her parents are working and were quite conservative and didn’t let her out too often. Her parents had gone out of station for a couple of days and she invited me to her home one wednesday afternoon. Describing rithi, she was epitome of beauty and hotness. She was an early raiser and spent an hour in the gym and practiced yoga everyday which reflected in her perfectly chiseled figure. When I visited her home she was wearing a black full length skirt and a white top. She had a hourglass figure with firm ass and breasts. Her skirt was tight around her waist and her buttocks looked firm yet juicy and soft. Her white top was tight and it tightly fit her breasts and her breasts where pretty huge for her figure. They were firm and her cleavage was clearly visible. She had worn red bra and it was clearly visible from her transparent top. Being born to a north indian mother she was pretty tall around 5’10”. She had long hair and was tied into a long plait. Her face had the innocence of a lover and at the same time the hunger of a horny girlfriend. To be honest I got an erection as soon as I saw her.

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