The Roommate

There are some surprises that you might not be wanting at first but when you come face to face with them, it becomes unbelievable. And that surprise was sakshi. As soon as I entered my flat I saw a girl who appeared to be in the early twenties, walking in workout shorts and short sleeve crop top listening to music holding a bowl of noodles walking across the alley. Talking of her figure she was a total sex bomb. She wore spectacles, had her hair tied in a ponytail. Her curves were like that of an adult industry pornstar. Her luscious boobs were of the perfect size and there wasn’t a trace of extra fat around the stomach and those hips were the result of some hard exercising. She must be working hard to maintain that seductive figure. It’s not a story about how we met at first exchanged horny glances and fucked like there is no tomorrow. This story is about scuffle, torture, war and at last the victory with a fuck.

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