The Great Gay Uncle Lenny

I felt my dick beginning to get hard and it felt very good when I fondled my stiffy. Just instinctively, I reached down and began squeezing my bulge and kept watching my bro pumping his cock, gradually going faster and faster. Now he was sweating and his face was red as a beet as he was now truly ravaging his cock. Suddenly, he exclaimed “Fuck!” and gasping, he leaned a little closer to the rag on the table, and then some white looking thick liquid squirted out of his penis, splattering all over the rag on the table. Mike groaned a lot a he squirted again and again, before finishing it all and eventually stopped, as a dribble of the white slush oozed out, running over his fingers and dripping onto the cloth. Vicky stroked himself a few more times, then with a big smile, he folded the rag and wiped his dick and hand with it. I ducked quickly under the work bench, as he pulled up his pants, and walked past me out of the garage whistling to himself.

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