Omegle Sex Chat Leads To Sex – Part 2

I then pulled her closer to me without having any gap between us and we ended up kissing voluptuously for 3-5 min. Then I turned her facing her back to me and I held her navel from the back and put one of my fingers in her belly button and played with her belly button and kissing her neck at the same time. By then Deepika was in full mood to have sex but I had different plans in mind and I asked Deepika to control for some more time. I insisted Deepika to take a hot shower and dress up as we’re going to have our lunch. But before going out for lunch, I had gifted Deepika a Gucci perfume which is one of the best perfumes for females and any guy would fall for the smell of the perfume. Among all the dresses that she had bought for the Hyd visit, I insisted her to wear a light pink floral tank top and a black mini skirt which was not at all covering her thighs.

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