My World Of Lesbian Sex

Suddenly the front doorbell rang. “Hi Ayesha”, it was Renu didi. She was working in some company and was staying on the same floor as ours with her colleague. “Hi, didi. Please come in”, I invited her in. I settled on the couch while she sat near me. “Is auntie at home?”, she asked. “No didi. She is out of town for some work”. “Oh ok. My roomie too left for her hometown for the weekend. I was feeling bored and I thought I will chit chat with your mom for some time”. “It’s ok didi. I am also bored. Its good that you came here now”, I said, smiling at her. “So, your exams are over?”, she enquired. “Today was the last day”, I said, opening my arms wide in victory. “Cool”, she said laughing loudly.

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