Making love for the first time

The theatre was pretty much empty except for a few couples here and there. We just took one corner seat and sat in the dark. The movie had just started and the fight had resumed again. I tried to console her but she just wouldn’t listen. Then she started crying all of a sudden. I asked her, “what’s the matter with you?” to which she replied, “I hate that other girls are stealing you away from me!” I didn’t know what to say. So I just put my hand over her shoulder and pulled her close. I just wished that we had a couple seat there. It was pretty awkward to hug someone in those single seats. So I took my hand and held her palms. I clasped my fingers over hers. She just smiled and leaned on my shoulder. We just sat there and enjoyed the whole movie. And we knew we never going to see each other the same way again.

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