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August 20, 2018



I looked at her face and she was smiling a lingering kiss and moved my hand down to her pussy she parted her legs and i was above her now my rod hard and touching her pussy she held my rod and placed it in her hole i pushed slowly she held my hands tightly as if something is tearing her and her pussy was tight my rod hurt too but i slowly slowly pushed it in all the way and lay on her for some time kissing her then i started to move in out in out slowly and steadily she held on to me tighter and wriggled in pain but was saying ,slowly slowly umuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhh,moaning in pleasure and parted her legs more i was moving steadily now she was wet and fucking was feeling smoother i was now fucking her moving the entire length of my rod in out in out after some time she smiled and said ,its ok now don’t stop ,and kissed me again and now i started to move in her faster ,faster faster she was raising her hips to my thrusts i held her legs and was fucking her hard now and she was crying yes yes go on go on yeaaaassssss, ahhhhhh hhhhhha yes yes, she put her legs on my shoulders and i was fucking her all along going in out in out in out moaning yes yes yes sexy , then she cried yes i am cumming cummmming go on go on don’t stop,don’t stop even i could feel my rod about to explode i wanted to cum and take it out as i told her and she said noooooo put it all in me i want it all don’t stop now,i said ok and was fucking her faster holding her hips and moving in her faster,faster then i exploded in her she hugged me tightly as i came in her and pressed her hips to my rod hard wanting to take all of my cum in her i also hugged her tightly as i came and kissed her as her screams were getting louder and we lay like that for some time and when my rod became silent i pulled it off her and asked her how was it ,she said wonderful after ssoooooooo long ,i told her it was my first time i went to bed with a lady/girl,she kissed me and took my head on her chest and told i wanted to do it with u when i saw u come here the first time ,and i told her i always wanted u to be the first girl in my life with whom i will be sleeping. As it was already 3 am by the time we finished our lovemaking she dressed up and hugged me again and kissed me and went home. Since then whenever we found time we used to fuck or she would at least kiss me once a week.

Love, Lust and Passion

I would like to explain how I became prey to a woman who is her wife’s best friend. She has a killer sex appeal that could cause a man to orgasm without even touching her. At our initial meeting during the first hour following her arrival our eyes met each others at least a dozen times and I just had this feeling that she intended to seduce me. We were at a party in the home of a common friend of both the families. I kept noticing her looking at me and I would catch her out of the corner of her eye watching me while I was talking or laughing with other women. After some time her wife finally introduced us, I had heard a great deal about her from Janaki, I just hadn’t met her yet.


Usualyy bhaiya ghar se dur rehte the business related karan.as time passed away me n her used to talk a lot about differnt things.bohot assa friend baan suke the humlog.wo muje ek din pusa kya meri girl friend he,me vi pusa usko kya sadi se pehle uski koi tha…she said yes.so like this we become more close.she told me everything about her past life,why she leave her bf and all.

Love, Sex And Neelam – Saga Continues – Part II

She came on the bed and lied on my chest. I was caressing her hers and she was playing with my chest hairs and were discussion some personal matters. Suddenly she opened the strap of my bathrobe and my cock came up. She started feeling it in her hand and was pulling the foreskin down. As soon as the foreskin came down few drops of pre cum came out which she immediately licked it. I said oooooohhhhhh. She said that you have got the right size of cock and I love to lick it like ice cream. I understood that tonight I will get the most of the wonderful things which I have been missing since months. She was playing with my cock and I was playing with her hairs. Then she came up and kissed me on my lips and I immediately kissed back and took her lower lips into mine and started sucking. She was responding and pulling out her tongue. I took her tongue and sucked it, she was moaning. We started sucking and licking each others lips and tongue for more than 30 min and I saw that all her lipstick was spread over her face as I was licking her full face. She also told me that the entire lipstick was also spread on my face. I asked her to bring that lipstick once again and now I will apply to your lips. She obeyed and brought the lipstick. I applied on her lips. Now once again we were smooching and I was literally eating her lips. Now my hands moved to her boobs which were still hard. She also took hold of my cock and was rubbing it. We were in seventh heaven and we were not realizing what is going on but madly loved each other. Then I opened her blouse and saw a mehroon lacy bra. She was looking extremely sexy n hot. I took one of her boobs in my mouth and started sucking over her bra.

Love, Faith, Sex And Money

We greeted each other and she welcomed me in the car and after entering. I figured out that on back seat her daughter Raagini and I was sitting and equally staring at me with even more questions on her face than I had.

Love, Lust And Neighbor – Part I

One day, opportunity presented itself. A couple moved in to the house adjacent to ours with their daughter Riya. 25 years of age, dusky, 5’7” height and figure 34B-28-34. I fell for her the minute I saw her. She was so fucking sexy. My eyes were roaming on her body sculptures and gestures, her beautiful doll like face, straightened hair, black eyes, lips like a baby’s lips and a sexy neck that can create a desire in u to kiss on it.

Love, Sex And Video Tapes With Mother In Law – Part II

But one fine day I sat next to her made her folded in my arms. Started to lick her neck and then her lips. All of a sudden she pulled back and asked whether I will be able to share her with other women. I told her let’s try, if not liked we will drop it. See told that she cannot share me with her wife on the same bed. So who will be our 3rd partner? I told her that it would be of her choice. She said that there are no women in her idea with whom she can get comfortable. I asked whether can I call a call girl, she laughed and said where would I get her. I told her that I have made a call girl convinced for it on the net.

Romance, Love, Sex With Spoorti In Her Yoga Pants – Part 3

While we kept on doing this, spoorti went back on sofa and relaxed her body allowing me more access to her. She still kept on playing with my hairs back of my head and pulled me closer towards her boobs. I went onto floor again and then leaned on her holding her waist. Kissed her neck while inhaling her body’s every bit of aroma. It was such a distinct smell. Her neck smelled of a perfume mixed with sweat where as her armpit had a very strong feminine odor making my little master down go crazy again. He was hard, very hard and dying to cum.

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