Lost Virginity To My Curvy Girlfriend In A Fancy Bungalow

I had no idea who she was and when I sent the request, so I took my hand away from my dick and checked her photos. She is what we call a ‘Curvy woman’. She didn’t have the body of a model, but she was hot in her own way. And her protruding curves were something worthy of masturbation. But, then came a message ‘hi’. I was blushing, and there was no end to it. I didn’t care if she texted for wanting my notes or if she wants someone else’s contact number, I was so happy that a girl texted me. I put my dick back into my trousers and went back to my room thinking if I should text her back or just ignore. I chose to reply. I sent a ‘hi’ back. And then I received, ‘How are you?’

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