Lesbian Seduction In A Public

I was sitting in the back row and it was almost empty. Suddenly someone sat on the seat beside me. “Hi Ayesha”, Jaya auntie said. “Hi, aunty. How are you?”. We exchanged pleasantries. Jaya was one of the society ladies I was talking about. Dressed in a long velvet gown and some expensive jewelry, she looked, I don’t know, annoying probably. She was the secretary of the association and looked perfect for the job today. “So, how do you like the show?”, she asked. “It’s good. I particularly enjoyed the kids dance numbers. It was super cute”, I said, smiling at her. “It’s your summer holidays, right?”. “Yes, auntie. Just started”. “So, into the 11th class in two months. You are a big girl now”. I smiled at her.

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