Dilip’s CFNM On A Village Roof

As I got off the jeep, a woman came out and started talking in some Gujarati dialect I couldn’t understand. What I did get was that she recognized me from when I was very young and I realized that she is the wife of the caretaker of the house. She explained that her husband had been taken ill since the past few days, in her broken Hindi, and that she had called my father to send some assistance with the piping changes because the farm gets flooded due to the broken pipes. I followed her into the drawing room where I was made to sit nicely and she shouted to someone to get tea. I see a young girl, about 18-19, walking in with a tray and kettle. The caretaker’s wife (who I now realized I used to call ‘moti kaki’ meaning uncle’s wife) introduced the young girl as her daughter, who apparently I used to play with when I came as a child. Her name was Jigna and she was trying to clear her tenth board exams now, with a pretty fair face and a petite body hidden behind a loose salwar kameez. I inquired about the plumbing troubles and she informed me that Jigna will take me to the contractor’s house where I can discuss these details.

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