Cousin Fucked Me At His House

So, this incident happened when I just had finished my 12th board( was 18 at the time ), and for further studies, I was moving to Bandra at my Aunty’s Home. My aunty treated me like her own daughter. I went to her house and as soon as I knocked on the door a guy opened the door. I must tell you he looked really cute and had a good physique. He stared at me for a while and then there was a small intro and I was invited inside. As I went inside I saw my aunt and uncle sitting on the sofa. Some greetings were exchanged and then my cousin showed me my room. I was delighted to see my room, it was well decorated. After a while, I changed to my shorts and crop top and went for the dinner. In just a few days, I and my cousin Abhay became best friends. We started going out together to movies, for coffee even shopping.

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