Continuing The Journey In USA

So, I thought of searching for a male companion. I installed Tinder app to start the dating. I swiped right to most of the handsome American guys. I matched with few guys. I have started chatting with 3 guys. Among them, I liked James who is studying in the same college. On one weekend, James invited me to Pub. I don’t want to tell that I have started dating an American because I was worried that my roommates would judge me. I told my roommates that I’m visiting my relatives place and I would take Uber to reach their place. As the weekend is approaching, I got thrilled as this is my first date experience with a white guy. At the same time, I was worried too. As usual, I waxed my hands and legs and trimmed my pubic hair. I wore new knee length one piece. He said that he will come to my apartment and pick me. No will doubt me because everyone will think that James would be an Uber driver. Everything went according to plan, I got into this car and wished him.

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