Anal Sex With My Cousin

She came after 20 mins, we got in bed and started kissing, tearing each other’s clothes off soon we became nude and started to play with each other body parts. Swapna was getting horny in a sixty-nine position. I enjoyed licking her wet pussy that I had been fucking now for over two months. Her sucking made my dick hard, and she knew I was going to fuck her ass hole that day with my cock. I told her to stand on her four and I opened her ass cheeks further apart with my hands. I took a bottle of oil to apply a lubricant and I applied it to her tight little ass hole and to my cock. It was a little uncomfortable to her, and my fingernail poked her once which made her moan. But in no time my two fingers were inside her ass hole, finger fucking her tight ass. I looked at her, and she looked at me as she realized its time for her ass to get fucked by me. Go for it, she said and I slowly slid it into her hot ass hole as she was standing on her four.

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