Amazing Foreplay With Bestfriend

Coming to the story, it was the vacations after our 12th boards, we were all preparing for entrance exams but weren’t interested at all. We used to keep texting all day and kept talking about random stuff. One day I finally asked her for her number, and we started talking on whatsapp. She used to send such amazing pics of herself (non-nude), and I kept complimenting her more and more. We slowly started talking more and more about our sexual life, if we had ever had sex or watched porn, or had masturbated. I opened up pretty quickly, never had sex, to hell with that, never even had a gf before, so I opened up and said that I have only enjoyed with my hand till now. She was quite hesitant to open up and it took her a few more days to tell me that she fingers herself very less. All this got me quite heated up, I liked her, I actually fell in love with her. She used to trust me and I felt good helping her out at times. We both were virgins, she had never seen a dick in real life and I had never seen a vagina in real.

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