A Seductive Massage

Julie is now 19, tender and sleek, a sexy teenage girl who happened to be in the college. That is when she get to explore her sexuality and got opportunities to experience what she desires, a romantic sex with a woman. Julie was not satisfied with the pocket money her parents send to her. Being away from home, in the city of Bengaluru, she wanted some extra money. One of her friends was working as a masseuse, she taught her how to do certain kinds of massage. She also arranged for part-time job for Julie, and she began working. The spa was an all women spa managed by a retired lady. Julie felt as in heaven. She liked to massage the bodies of beautiful women, and was to do it with her full attention. All her customers were satisfied, and she was in good demand, because she used to do her massage so carefully and so pleasingly, that her customers wanted her. Meanwhile she had her rewards, more than money 😉

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