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August 20, 2018

Cougar Sex With Co-worker

Cougar Sex With Co-worker

We kind of became friends. I’d spend my afternoon breaks with her in our little office cafeteria. She really was an interesting person. Some time on, I learned from somewhere that she was married :/ Strange that she never mentioned that to me. When I asked her about it, she ignored me.


This is the story of the first experience I had with my co-worker. I had just started working as an engineering trainee at an MNC. I was really lucky to have gotten placed in such a nice company, good co-workers, amazing atmosphere. I had a mentor named Mitali. She worked at the executive position, and had been there for some time. She was 32, but I really doubt that..she seemed so beautiful! I was, by the way, 21 at the time. I kind of loved the way she seemed, her cute smile. She always wore a tight shirt and a skirt. Always professional.

We kind of became friends. I’d spend my afternoon breaks with her in our little office cafeteria. She really was an interesting person. Some time on, I learned from somewhere that she was married :/ Strange that she never mentioned that to me. When I asked her about it, she ignored me.

One Saturday, as I was sitting on my couch wearing boxers, the doorbell of my apartment rang. It was saturday, so I expected it’d be some of my guy friends since I play FIFA on holidays. Unexpectedly, it was Mitali ! I was surprised “what are you doing here?” I asked. Her eyes were red and she seemed angry. I let her in.

She sat on my couch. I sat beside her. ” Mitali what’s up? You show up at my doorstep with teary eyes .. what’s going on ?” She burst into tears. I tried to comfort her and hugged her. She hugged me back. She stood and said ” you were curious about my husband, right? Wonder why I never mention him? Because he is a cheating bastard ! ” I was shook. She continued” Today, as I entered my room, he was ass fucking my best friend” She again burst into tears.

I didn’t know what to do so I stood up and hugged her tightly. (Advice to my fellow readers: never trust boxers to hide your dick). As Her boobs pressed my chest, my dark Knight rose. It was hard, and it poked right near her genitals. So I tried to get away, but she pulled me closer. She could feel my 6″ long hard dick now. She stopped crying and got normal after sometime. As I retracted, my dick was almost visible to her. She giggled. I blushed.

We just sat there, like we always would. She asked me if I had something comfortable to wear. I had a gown my cousin had forgotten in my apartment, but I was unsure to offer my mentor that. Hesitatingly, I said “a gown, yes” she smiled as I handed it to her. She changed into my bedroom.

She came out. Wow! She had such a body! 32 year old? My foot! She sure wasn’t wearing her bra. The gown was silky and it traced the outline of her nipple. I was awestruck. “What? I look fat or what?” She said as I realized I’d been staring at her with mouth open. “You look like a model” I said. She blushed

She sat beside me. As usual, we started having a conversation, only this time, close to each other. Habitually, she put her hand on me, this time on my leg. But it wasn’t actually my leg :p she put her hand on top of my dick, and it instantly hot hard and rose. I felt a bit ashamed. She looked at it and started laughing. It was all chill. As the time passed and we were watching tv, I peeped at her from time to time, only to see her staring at my dick. I didn’t shy away. I tried to give her what she wanted.

I wanted more. So I stood up and acted as if I had to grab something from above her head. My dick directly pointed to her head. She couldn’t take it longer and pulled down my boxer in one swoop. My thick black dick hit her face. She, in no time, started to suck it. I saw it coming. I didn’t stop her. Instead, I swooped her hi back and kissed her forehead. She gave me the best blowjob ever.

I could see her cleavage. I have wanted it for a long time. So I made her stand up and tried to pull down the gown. BAM! She slapped me hard in the face. As my cheeks got red, she slid her gown a little and nipple popped out. About 26 sized boobs with light pink nipples :* She took my mouth to it and ordered me to suck. It was a bittersweet situation. I started sucking. Lemme tell you, I love sucking boobs, and am good at it. She almost felt orgasm while I suck her nipples. I bit it around. When it got red, I’d lick it a bit and make it wet. Then I’d suck it like a kid. As I only sucked her right boob, she took my head away from it and placed my lips on her left one. I sucked it good. For about 20-25 minutes.

I had gotten horny now. I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bed. She tried to resist since she wanted to be in control. But the beast was awake. I threw her on the bed and straight went to her vagina. I licked her , with my tongue, in and out. She moaned in orgasm. When I found it was wet enough, I tried to pull up the gown. She resisted since she wanted some foreplay. She wanted me to be the slave. But i wasn’t. I tore the gown in one swoop and slid my dick in her vagina. She moaned in pain

I started to fuck her . slowly at first , then with full speed ! She moaned with pleasure.She locked me with her legs. This turned me on more. I fucked her like a mad dog. Since I had no condom on , I took out at right time . But she…;)…she started to suck my dick back and forth until i came in her mouth. She drank all of it ..every last drop of it. She sucked my dick clean , and kissed it. We lay in bed, smiling.

Mitali then wore her bra and underwear and wore my loose shirt. She was still looking too hot. I smiled at her. She came and sat on my lap. She raised her shirt and slid the bra. Her big boobs popped out and she guided my lips towards her big breasts “here !” she said pointing exactly to one of her pink nipples. I sucked them for about 20 minutes. She kept smiling and swaying my hair throughout. She kept telling me how happy she was, with me.

Since that day, I’ve been fucking Mitali a lot, almost every week. We have tried almost every position:p When our hands are full, she’d still give me a quick blowjob to relieve my stress:) We book rooms during breaks and start fucking right away 😉 best mentor ever !

Readers could contact me for anything on [email protected] . Appreciate your feedback too 🙂


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