Wild Sweaty Passionate Sex With My 53 Year Old Maid

Wild Sweaty Passionate Sex With My 53 Year Old Maid

After joining my new job I had to move to a new location. It took me 10 days to get a rented house. After a week my mother came and arranged everything in the house. My mother arranged a maid who works in the neighboring house. She used to come in the morning and do all the chores before I left for the office. Initially, I didn’t observe her clearly as my mother was still there with me. But I had a short glance once and I guessed her age would be around 45 years and she has a strong physique. After a week my mother left to my hometown and I got the opportunity to observe every inch of my maid’s body.

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I am 29 years old, working in a small town. I am unmarried and always enjoyed living alone. Since my growing up days I have been attracted to older women. I believe that they have more sexual energy than the younger ones. The story I am narrating was my encounter with my maid.

After joining my new job I had to move to a new location. It took me 10 days to get a rented house. After a week my mother came and arranged everything in the house. My mother arranged a maid who works in the neighboring house. She used to come in the morning and do all the chores before I left for the office. Initially, I didn’t observe her clearly as my mother was still there with me. But I had a short glance once and I guessed her age would be around 45 years and she has a strong physique. After a week my mother left to my hometown and I got the opportunity to observe every inch of my maid’s body.

The next day after my mom left, she came to my house and rang the doorbell. I went and opened the door. She gave me a normal smile and entered the house to do her work. She looked very clean and wore a decent silky sari. She is dark in color and about 5ft5inches height. She has healthy hair which was neatly combed and tied into a bun. Her eyes are very sharp and confident. She has a long nose with a stud on it and shiny fleshy lips which were waiting for a bloody bite. Her ears are pierced with studs all over the ear lobe which makes her face sexy. She has a long neck which aroused me to give her a hickey. But I had to wait for my time.

She wore tight blouse which couldn’t handle her big melons. I could see the big dark cleavage behind her semi-transparent sari. Her shoulders and hands are very strong. She has a smooth tight thick dark skin which is naturally glowing. She doesn’t require waxing on her body. She has a big navel. Though her thighs are not nakedly visible but one can assume that she has thick thighs by her natural built. Her ass is perfect for the rough doggy style. The whole body of her absolutely fits for a rough wild fuck.

After observing her whole body my sexual arousal hit the sky. I was craving to have sex with her and wanted to feel every inch of her. I wanted to give her rough and passionate fuck with her full cooperation. Initially, I behaved normally with her and she did the same. I started talking to her slowly and she was very confident and comfortable talking to me. She started talking about her family and said that she is living alone as her husband is no more and two sons are working at construction sites in another state. They come once in a while to see her. She has two grandkids also. While telling about her family, I asked her age and she said, she was 53 years old. Though she was not maintaining her body consciously, she has the naturally gifted physique. After hearing her age my sexual arousal hit the new high. I always had a fantasy of having wild sex with 50 plus older women. Days are passing by and my sexual arousal hitting new peaks every day.

As we were comfortable with each other I started moving in the house freely. Earlier I used to wear pants whenever she was in the house. But then I started wearing boxers. I wanted to make her attracted to me and enter into my sexual fantasy. I started moving in the house without a shirt.

I could do it confidently since I have an athletic body. She didn’t bother about the change in me and very confident while speaking to me. I like confident women. They are more reciprocative in sex. Her confidence aroused me to fuck her very badly. I am slowly getting close to her. I used to help her in the kitchen and while washing clothes. I used to move around her while she was working so that I could see her in sweat. I started talking to her while washing clothes. The sweat from her face rolled down to her neck and then to her cleavage. The sweat from her boobs made her blouse wet and I could see her dark nipple from the lateral side. At one moment I thought of going towards her and rip her blouse into pieces and squeeze those sweaty boobs mercilessly. But I curtailed my wild instincts and told myself that it had to be mutual. Her body is sexier in sweat and I used to masturbate imagining that we were having sweaty rough fuck in hot summer.

After a few weeks, she understood that I am looking at her in a sexual way. But she didn’t change a bit. She was confident as usual. This made me to up my game. One day she was making chicken and the entire house was filled with its good smell. I went into the kitchen to compliment her and I saw her back which was completely sweaty. That day she wore a blouse which was almost backless. Her back was shining in the sweat under the kitchen lights. I almost went towards her to hug from back tightly and bite that shiny sweaty back. But I controlled myself again. I went slowly towards her and complimented by patting her back. This was the first time I touched her and the shiny sweaty touch of her made my dick rise in boxers. I started complimenting her frequently, not only about her work in the house but about her physique.

She was never uncomfortable with my words and behavior. She started spending more time in my house during weekends as she was alone. We started eating together sometimes. We used to watch TV together. We became too close and discuss on various things. She asked about my personal relationships and my marriage. I understood that she was also very interested in me but not showing any expressive signs since she was an orthodox lady and too older to me.

But after some days she also started giving seductive signals. She started wearing sarees in more seductive manner. Her blouses became tighter and shorter. She asked me to help her drying my clothes. When I was helping her she used to lift her hands for drying clothes which showed slight stubble sweaty armpits clearly because of her short blouse sleeves. My dick rose quickly and she observed that and smiled seductively. I thought to fuck her brains out right at that moment. But I was getting late to office and it was a very important day in my office. We both left the house. But I decided to fuck her that weekend.

The weekend came and she came as usual. She completed her regular chores and started making chicken. It was hot summer and there was a power cut due to some electricity repair in our street. I was completely drenched in sweat and took off my shirt. I went to kitchen to drink water. I saw her and she was also completely drenched in sweat. She completed making chicken and turned off the stove. She turned towards me and I was shirtless with my boxers. Our both bodies were sweaty. We both looked each other for a moment and her eyes told me to make my move.

My wild instincts broke the shackles to fuck my 53year old dark thick skinned sweaty maid. I threw my water bottle aside and rushed towards her and hold her sweaty waist with my both hands and dragged her roughly towards me. I held her face into my hand and saw her eyes and they gave me a free will. I started kissing her fleshy lips and she responded very well. She opened her mouth completely and our tongues twisting and touching deep into each other mouths. We kissed like that for 5 minutes. We drank each other saliva and stopped for few seconds and both saw each other at once. We again started kissing each other like wild animals and sweat from our faces mixing with our saliva.

I bit her lower lip and pulled it a bit away from her face. She moaned in a way that she wanted more. This time I started biting her both lips. She was moaning in pleasurable pain and she too bit my lip but harder than me and a drop of blood came out of my lip. She gave me a seductive smile after doing that. She was like a wild 53 year old woman ready for a rough fuck session.

After that bloody bite, I placed my hand on the back of her head, untied her hair bun. I held hair with my right fist and pulled harder and started licking the sweat on her neck. I held her throat bone with my teeth with her hair still in my fist. She was not resisting a bit. I started biting all over her neck. She was enjoying each and every bite of mine and pleasure tears rolled down from her eyes. Her hair released from my fist. I looked at her for a second and took her mouth into my mouth and kissed wildly again for a minute.
I removed her saree top. Her dark breasts drenched in her sweaty blouse. Her big cleavage was shining due to sweat. I placed my hands on her blouse, took hold of it and ripped with full force. Her sweaty wet blouse tore apart and I started squeezing her sweaty boobs harder. I took her nipples and started pinching them. She was enjoying the pain and I took advantage of it and pulled her nipples roughly. She screamed loudly and she asked me to do it again.

I pulled them again roughly and started slapping those boobs hard. Initially, she enjoyed my act but after few slaps, she felt the pain and started screaming loudly. She pushed me away and held her boobs in her hands due to pain. She looked at me and requested me to do it slowly. Her face was filled with sweat and tears of pleasurable pain and she looked like a sultry milf. I reached her swiftly and took her boobs in my mouth and started sucking them roughly. She tried to push me away again but my wild strength couldn’t allow her. While sucking I took her right nipple in between my teeth and bit it harder. She gave me a tight slap on my face but I was not in a mood to leave her. I took both her wrists and put them back of her with my hands and started sucking and biting her nipples like a wild animal. My house was filled with her loud screams. Tears rolled down from her eyes. I stopped biting her nipples and relieved her wrists from my hands and kissed her boobs smoothly to make her relax a bit. After 2 mins she was relaxed and moaning in a low voice.

I reached her face kissed her lips once and removed her torn blouse completely. I lifted her hands up and started licking her sweaty arms. Though her arms were with stubble she maintained them very clean and I was enjoying the salty taste. After few licks, I gave a bite on her armpit and she moaned happily. I did the same to her other armpit. Her skin was very thick and healthy for her age. She was a very strong lady which allowed me to do rough act with her. It was almost 20 mins by then. Our bodies were simmering like a hot iron in mid-summer. Since all the windows and doors were closed we were suffocating in sweat like hell. But I was enjoying the sweaty sex with my 53-year-old maid. We walked out from the kitchen room and entered my bedroom. While walking I gave a spank on her ass and she laughed naughtily by my act. She lied on the bed with her sweaty dark body. I put my whole body on her and started kissing her. Our bodies were skidding due to sweat.

I kissed each and every inch of her face. Slowly I came down to her thick thighs which were very healthy for her age. I started kissing and biting her thighs. After a minute I reached her pussy and it was completely lubricated. At first, I blew air from my mouth and teased her a little bit. She trembled a bit. Slowly I started licking her pussy lips. She was absolutely enjoying my licks as she might not have been undergone to this for many years. She has a very big clitoris. I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked it with full pressure. She started moaning like hell and after few seconds she was uncontrollable and closed my head in between her thick thighs tightly. I started sucking it with more pressure and she got up from the bed and tried to pull away from my face.

But I held her hands with mine and continued with my act. She was shivering, trembling and moaning like hell. After sucking it for 3mins I pushed her to the bed and put my two fingers in her fully lubricated pussy. Initially she gave a sudden shocking jerk due to my swift act from pussy licking to pussy fingering. I inserted my two fingers as deep as I could and started fingering roughly. After 1 min I started doing fingering with my three fingers and she started enjoying it fully. After rough fingering, I started slapping her pussy and rubbing it roughly. As her orgasms reached unattainable peaks she dragged me towards her and started kissing and biting my face, lips, ears, neck, and chest like a wild animal. As she couldn’t control anymore she asked me to fuck her. I pushed her to the bed and licked and bit her pussy for few seconds and inserted my dick into her pussy. Since she was 53years old and fully lubricated, my dick entered her pussy without any difficulty.

Slowly I started fucking her in missionary position and she was enjoying my every push. She crosslegged around my back which made her pussy tighter and it made me fuck her rough. I increased my thrusts and squeezed her boobs simultaneously. My bedroom was filled with loud screams and splashy sounds because of her sweaty bodies. I was fucking her badly and she begged me to slow down. Her old pussy couldn’t bear my young thrusts. But I was not in a mood to slow down and increased my pace. I held her both hands up of her head and started fucking roughly, tonnes of sweat dripping on to her from my body. I fucked her like this for 3mins continuously and she started crying due to pain.

Since she hadn’t been involved in sex for many years she couldn’t handle my thrusts. After 3mins I ejaculated my load into her deep bottom and fell on her body. She held me tightly due to pain and pleasure for few minutes. We lied on the bed for sometime and slept nakedly for an hour. We woke up later and our faces were swollen due to our rough kisses and bites. She stayed in my house for that night. I fucked her that night like never before in various positions. She allowed me to ass fuck and spank her. I will narrate that story in another part.

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