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August 19, 2018

Turn Of Events With My Sexy Maid

Turn Of Events With My Sexy Maid

However, it became a habit for me to seek thrills outside, and I have had sex often with willing friends, high-class prostitutes, massage parlor women, unknown strangers via dating sites as well as willing & unwilling maids (from our house or neighbors). While this sounds like a lot, it isn’t in reality. Most sexual affairs for me have lasted 2-3 months, and then there is a prolonged dry period.

Our old maid had quit and we hired a new maid. My wife and I have been married for a while now, and we have two kids who are grown and in college. I am 47, my wife is 44. we got married in our early twenties, and had a set of twins immediately. and both are now out of the house.

My wife had a difficult C-Section delivery and has since then lost all excitement towards sex, and my sex life has been extremely limited in the last many years. Being quite a career driven, she was not much affected and continued to live her life normally, and soon we were also sleeping in separate bedrooms as she had late night office calls as well. But we remained as happy as a normal couple could be, with no strains in our marriage.

However, it became a habit for me to seek thrills outside, and I have had sex often with willing friends, high-class prostitutes, massage parlor women, unknown strangers via dating sites as well as willing & unwilling maids (from our house or neighbors). While this sounds like a lot, it isn’t in reality. Most sexual affairs for me have lasted 2-3 months, and then there is a prolonged dry period.

This dry period is also by choice, since I like to keep my relationships discreet. lengthier relationships tend to add strings and expectations, which sexual flings do not. And yes, I am lucky to be well endowed. at 6ft2inches, my cock is a good 9.5 inches long and is at least 2 inches in diameter, my cock curves upwards and almost kisses my navel, I have normal sized balls and am quite hairless.

Shanti had joined us recently. She soon noticed that my wife and I mostly slept in different rooms, and there was little intimacy between my wife and me. Quick on the cue, Shanti began to flirt with me, harmlessly though as I thought. She was a vivacious 23 year old kid with large breasts, had gotten married early, no kids, and her husband was a truck driver who would be away for days at a stretch.

The watchmen and other help in our colony would try and always be with her, and she would giggle, flirt and tease them but she had her sudden stern cold stares if anyone crossed their limits. And crossing the limits meant Shanti would never talk to you or spend time even near you. If such a person were to walk to where she was, she would move away. If such a person joined a group where everyone was wooing Shanti, she would rudely stop and leave.

Thus no one had an incentive to cross limits, and Shanti would have men at her mercy and bidding, giving all the men hard-ons while intentionally indulging in double-meaning jokes and intentionally adjusting her attire be it her blouse or her sari in a mix of a slutty and sexy fashion.

My wife Namrata used to travel on work as I would too. We would often end up having work in the city where our kids were studying, and so would spend a day or two extra, sometimes even a week. And this would be together or separate, often together. but spending extra days separately was not uncommon. Namrata and I also are quite fashion conscious and dress well. Both at home and outside.

Namrata regularly visits a nearby beauty parlor, sometimes I drop her myself and pick her up. She also has a good share of sexy nighties. This true story happened two weeks ago, when Namrata went and spent 2 weeks with our kids during an extended travel plan of hers. The first two days of her travel went normally, normally that is, between Shanti and me. Shanti would come, finish her work and leave. On the third day, which was a weekend and also a state holiday, things changed.

I was “working” on my laptop in the master bedroom on my study table. Shanti brought out all of Namrata’s clothes which she had washed and put to dry, and began folding them. It so happened that she was facing a mirror and folding and putting the clothes inside the draw. And while folding, she would have them against her chest, hold the dress down with her neck, fold it . and so on. I was horny as always and had planned a fuck session this weekend and was online chatting with a woman who had just accepted my friend invite a few minutes ago.

But more about her later, suffice to say that I was getting hornier and harder. Which is when I saw Shanti. At the mirror. Her arse protruding back. She had Namrata’s flimsiest transparent nighty in her hand and was admiring herself in the mirror when she saw me looking at her. And she said “kya saheb, achchee dikhoongi issmein?”. The bloody flirt, but despite my normal caution, my dick ruled as I responded. “pata nahin, aise kapde pehenne ke pehle namrata parlor mein apne sar ke neeche poora shave karti hai”.

To which the teasing Shanti said “toh mujhe be le chaliye parlor, mein bhi shave kar loongi. Fir dekhenge kaise dikhtee hoon!” and she giggled and began to fold the dress. I however picked up my phone and walked towards her and called the parlor number I had on my phone and asked for a “brazilian waxing”. The parlor lady however told me that they were shut as it was a state holiday. Shanti stared at me teasingly and said “kya saheb, koi parlor bhi nahi khuli hai aaj. warna mein toh pucca aa jaati, aaj toh mera pati bhi nahi hai aur ghar jaane ki koi jaldi bhi nahi” and she giggled, still teasing me and not really being serious.

I immediately googled and started calling number after number. all were shut. Shanti then said “mere paas ek number hai, humaare ghar ke raaste mein padta hai, aap unko try karo Saheb, shayad khule hongi”. In desperation, I took the number and called, it was answered by a lady who was also shut, but I was desperate and lied saying that my wife and I had to go to an important party today, and I was willing to pay any amount if she could just open her shop for this one appointment. The lady on the other end relentd, and said she was a freelancer not having a shop. and asked me if that was ok. I said yes, and took her address. And I looked at Shanti and told her “Woh raazi ho gayi! Ab bolo”, challengingly

By now Shanti could not make out how serious I was, though my erection was starting to grow. She asked me “Saheb, aapne jhooth kyon bola. wahaan chalne pe pata toh lag ji jayega ki mein aapke yahaan kaam karti hoon”, and she smiled half nervously half seductively. I knelt down next to her, opened the lowest draw and gave her some saree of Namrata and said “ye pehnogi toh kisko pata lagega? Mein sambhaal loonga, ab ye bahaana mat banao”, and I smiled back mockingly.

By now my cock was clearly starting its first stages of real hardness and began to twitch, something which Shanti noticed clearly. just as I noticed her nipples starting to harden and show against her dress. It was a moment of silence where we both were uncertain as to how serious we were, Shanti resolved it by taking the saree and backing into the bathroom to change and said “theek hai, do minute dijiye”. As she went in, she did not shut the door but just closed it and began to change. I could see her hand as she removed her dress and throw her clothes, I was now rock solid wondering whether to push open the door when she said. “Saheb, woh brazilian waxing kya hota hai”. and I was caught off guard.

I was tempted to push the door open and strip and fuck her, but I knew her reputation and did not want to lose my chances if any. I explained that “brazilian wax matlab ekdum saaf, tum chalo, karke pata chalega”. She said “Saheb, poora mat saaf karwaana, ek hafte mein mera pati waapas aa raha hai, usko pata nahin chalna chahiye.”, her voice sounded urgent and worried. I promised her saying “theek hai, tum daro mat. kisee ko kuch pata nahin chalega” and as I said that.

She stepped out looking HOT. My wifes sleeveless blouse which Shanti selected, was small for Shanti. Namrata was a 34B, Shanti was a 36C. While her boobs seemed to slip out, she raised her hand showing me her very slightly hairy armpit and said. “yahaan toh mein khud hi shave kartee hoon”. Her body odor intoxicated me, had it not been for her presence of mind, I might have raped her right there. Knowing I was losing control, she asked me “chalein saheb?”. We live in an independent house, I walked towards our garage and entered the car.

Shanti sat next to me, and as I helped her fasten her belt, her pallu dropped and I began staring at her breasts with my mouth wide open, throwing caution to the winds. Shanti pulled my ear gently and said “mem saheb ke kapde hain, aankhon se hi faad denge kya? Ab chaliye na saheb”. I controlled every urge of mine to fuck this woman right there since i was not sure if she was just playing with me or asking me to fuck her.

With restraint, I drove to the address given by the lady on the phone. It turned out to be a bungalow about 10 minutes drive from home. I was not sure, and called the number again. the lady, Shikha, answered and asked me to come to the door and ring the bell. The roads were deserted, and both Shanti and I went up. Shikha answered the door.

Shikha was a fair lady in a t-shirt and a short pant. She seemed well off, and educated. Her house was tastefully decorated, and I saw pictures of her family on the wall. She invited us in, smiled at Shanti, and said “I run an exclusive waxing and massage therapy clinic for couples. You sounded like you were in a rush and desperate, so let’s start?”. She looked at Shanti, and smiled with amazing affection, and putting her at ease, pointed to a room and said “Please go to the bedroom there, you can take your clothes off and wear the towel and get comfortable, I will join you in a minute”.

Shanti acted puzzled as she did not understand, and I spoke up and said “jao, andar towel pehenna aur wait karo”. Shikha noticed this and while Shanti moved towards the bedroom, Shikha told me “looks like your wife is shy?”, and she laid emphasis on wife. and smiled and said “don’t worry, she is in good hands. Do you want to join us or wait here”, and she stood up. I pretended to take my phone and said “I have a call, please go ahead”, and Shikha went in and shut the door. I started getting excited thinking of fucking Shanti today, while the mysterious woman on my dating site sent me her pics which I stared at and started to get more aroused and harder. I lost track of time while seeing her pics, when I heard Shikha call me and say “Can you come in here please?”

I went in and was blown out of my mind. Both Shikha and Shanti were wearing next to nothing except a thin towel, Shanti was lying on her back and completely clean shaven, while Shikha was standing next to her. Shikha’s towel barely covering her own pussy.

I was open-mouthed. Shikha said “come here and touch the skin, is it soft enough?”, and she pulled my hand towards Shanti’s thighs. Shanti gasped and tightened her legs clamping my hand in between near knees, while Shikha said “Shanti, dar mat. Apne Saheb ko dekhne do ki kaisa kaam karti hoon mein”, and Shikha smiled at me said in a low voice “Its rather nice of you to get your maid here, none of my clients have done that”.

I started wriggling my arm and Shanti opened her legs a bit, allowing me to feel her thighs. Shikha reached forward towards me and said “Shanti, tum Saheb ka massage karna janti ho?”, and then looked at me and said “She needs to learn how to massage a man, can I show her on you?”. and without waiting for an answer from either of us, Shikha loosened my belt, and yanked off my T-shirt. I momentarily removed my hand from Shanti’s legs. and Shikha firmly held my now loose hand and said “Shanti, abhi seedha leto, Saheb ko dikhao ki shave kaisa hai”.

Even while Shanti was turning, Shikha pulled my pant down and I was now rock hard, nude and was unable to even come to terms with this! Shanti now turned and her towel fell to the floor. she was bare naked as I was, Shikha held my cock and pulled me towards Shanti and began to rub my cock on Shanti’s shaven pussy. and said “kaisa lag raha hai” to both of us. Shanti just moaned while I held Shikha’s bare shoulders. Shikha smiled and used her free hand to remove her towel as well, and we were all naked, Shikha was rubbing my hard cock against Shanti’s pussy on the outside shaven area.

Shikha then told me “Is it rough? Why dont you wet the skin a bit”, and she took my other hand with her other hand and pressed my fingers into Shanti’s pussy which was dripping wet. I rubbed Shanti’s pussy as Shikha now was rubbing her bare ass on my thighs, and then Shikha said “Shanti, mein Saheb ka massage karoon?”. Shanti was now moaning like mad, she had raised herself on her elbows and was staring at my cock and could not say anything.

Shikha pressed a lever near the bed and the upper half was straightening, Shanti was now mad with lust, Shikha and my fingers in her pussy, and Shikha was rubbing Shanti’s clit with my cock while stroking my cock, while I now began to use my free hand to squeeze Shikha’s ass crack and tried to reach her pussy from behind. Shanti noticed and pressed began squeezing her own breasts and pulling on her nipple while she started to touch my cock, while fingering her own clit.

Hearing no reply to her question, Shikha instead bent down and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me. I started thrusting my cock into her mouth while Shanti was now starting to orgasm on my fingers. Shikha pulled my cock out and said, “dhyaan se dekho aur seekho, mein ab moonh se massage karoongi tere saheb ka, tum fir ghar pe inke lund se practice karna, samjhi”. And Shikha continued to suck me off.

I continued to plunder Shanti’s pussy with my fingers, and could not control myself for long and soon held Shikha’s head and began to fuck her mouth. Shanti had meanwhile come to the edge of the bed for a closer look, and was clawing her pussy and was climaxing again noisily.

Shikha sensed I was about to cum as well and stopped expertly, preventing me from cumming. She then stood straight and said “Shanti, apne ghutno pe baith, mein saheb ko kuch poochna chahti hoon”. Shanti instantly adopted a doggy style and continued to finger fuck herself. My cock was twitching to fuck but Shikha had other plans

Shikha held apart Shanti’s ass cheeks and asked me “There is some hair on her anus, can you see”. I bent forward and inhaled the smell of sex. and could not stop as I buried my face into her arse and began to tongue fuck Shanti like mad, in her pussy and anus. Shanti began to buck and cry and had another orgasm – she was insatiable and continued to press her arse against me, while I felt a pair of lips encircle my cock and I was getting the hardest sucking I had ever had.

I took my face off Shanti’s ass to see Shikha sitting on the floor, sucking me off while ravaging her own pussy, and I shuddered and went back to Shanti’s inviting ass. All of us were now groaning and moaning, and I do not know how, but I held out a cum blast while both Shikha and Shanti had noisy orgasms of their own. Shanti crumpled on the bed, leaving my face drenched in her juices, as I helped a shaking Shikha to stand and noticed her hairy pussy. Shikha now pushed Shanti to the side and got up on the bed, and said, “Ab dekh, mein tere saheb ka lund ka massage apne chooth se karoongi.

tum ghar pe baad mein inke saath practice karna, samjhi”, and Shikha pressed my cock which went into her boiling pussy. I began fucking her like no tomorrow. Shanti had meanwhile turned and continued to fuck her self, she was sweating and her hair stuck to her face, her fingers were a blur over her clit and her nipples stood out

I was about to cum and speeded up when Shikha once again climaxed around my cock, but in the last minute, she withdrew and squeezed the base of my cock preventing me from cumming. Shanti meanwhile was drenched. Her body was drenched in sweat, her pussy was wet with her juices, which had run down her ass crack. Shikha then told Shanti “Achchaa ab tu ye bed pe let ja aur apna gaand khol, mein saheb ko sikhaati hoon ki gaand ka massage lund se kaise kiya jaata hai”. And within seconds, my steel hard cock was pressing into Shanti’s wet ass.

In my plunges, I had moved Shanti inside the bed and soon I climbed onto the bed as well and continued to fuck Shanti in the ass, while Shika was now lying beside her and masturbating. and then Shikha told me “Now you lie down on your back”, and pulled me out of Shanti who was in yet another of her countless orgasms.

I lay down, my cock pointing up, Shikha pulled Shanti and made Shanti sit on my cock with my cock in her anus, and then Shikha came and sat on my face and said “Shanti, ab tu saheb ke lund ka massage kar apni gaand se, jaise meine apne choot se kiya thaa, aur mein Saheb ko sikhaati hoon ki choot ka massage kaise karte hain moonh se, aur kaise saath hi dudhiyon ka bhi massage karna chahiye haath se.”.

And Shikha now sat on my face, her pussy on my face, my cock in Shanti’s ass, Shikha’s tongue on Shanti’s pussy, and my hands holding and squeezing Shikha’s tits, while she was squeezing Shanti’s. and with this began a true threesome, which culminated in loud screaming orgasms. Shanti squirting all over Shikha, Shikha almost literally drowning me in her cum, while I shot off stream after stream of cum into Shanti’s anus, not stopping even when Shikha pulled me out and both she and Shanti began to suck me hard.

After a few seconds of silence where we all just sat tired, Shanti said “Achcha parlor hai saheb, waise mein Shikha madam ke yahaan hi kaam karti thee pehle, aur inke liye aap jaise admiyon ko lekar aati thee”. And while I stared open jawed, they both laughed and began to kiss each other and shared my cum while kissing. I grew hard again and thus began my the hottest sex I have ever had, with two crazy sex hungry nymphomaniac wild-cats who wanted sex more than anything else!

This is a true story, if you liked it or have questions, please email me at sivamanisrinivas80[at]gmail[dot]com with your comments.


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