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August 21, 2018

The Dominant Construction Worker Girls

The Dominant Construction Worker Girls

As I told you the last time, the first time this happened, the girls were called before they could have more fun. They talked about coming back tomorrow.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the response on the previous story. This is the follow-up to the first one where a couple of construction worker girls came to my house and I managed to shed my clothes and let them handle my stuff without their ever getting a doubt about my intentions.

As I told you the last time, the first time this happened, the girls were called before they could have more fun. They talked about coming back tomorrow.

So the tomorrow happened! And I was so glad it did because I couldn’t hold on to all my excitement. I kept seeing out through the window near the front door (which gives a view of the gate through which people come in to the house). I waited and waited for what seemed like eternity. And then they came! the same two girls.

I quickly removed my undies. My cock is throbbing at this moment with excitement, wet and messy. I wipe it all clean and am ready. But this time, my dhoti is intact and I don’t do the same trick – they expected I would repeat but I didn’t. They were confused when I approached them with the dhoti intact. They must have thought I really had an accident the previous day.

I could see the excitement in their faces as I approached them with water in hand. But it quickly turned to disappointment as the dhoti doesn’t fall off. The two girls see each other and don’t know what to do. I hand the first one some water. In my own mind, I am just killing myself now for not having repeated the act, because while I want them to think it is genuine, I don’t want to loose this opportunity at any cost.

Their eyes are fixated on my crotch region. The first girl finishes up the water reluctantly and hands over the glass slowly. I now have to somehow communicate to them that they should get bolder. I do what I now consider to be a masterly manoeuvre. I used the glass in my hand and pretend to scratch my thighs. One fold of the dhoti opens up slightly to reveal my thigh which was enough to arouse the animal spirits in the girls. Let’s be clear, today they didn’t come for the water, they came to see me. It was obvious in the giggles when I opened the door and in the excitement in their eyes as I brought the water out.

So taking the cue, the first girl now musters courage and reaches out to my dhoti. She tugs it lightly to check my reaction. I pretend to be busy with pouring the water although she knew I watched her do it. The girls are now thinking there is a ray of hope and in their minds, they know that I don’t wear underwear – get rid of the dhoti and there is the fun for the day! I mean poor girls just think about it they don’t get too much entertainment. So if they get some here then why not 🙂

Now emboldened, the first girl gives a bigger tug to the dhoti and to my great relief, it does come off. I pretend to be shocked but helpless as my hands are full. The girls now can’t hold back their giggles. They laugh away to glory for a full 2 minutes. I admit , this is a huge weakness for me – these giggling girls just drive me crazy.

They come closer after they have regained composure. One of them kneels down to get a closer look! My cock is now pointing at her nose. She first grabs my balls as I take a deep breath enjoying that moment. She slowly touches my cock and feels it – it is warm, a bit soft still and quite big. She reaches the tip as she feels it from the base. She holds it with her thumb and the index finger and slightly opens out the cut. She finds it very funny and repeats the act a few times.

She bursts out laughing, with the cock in her hand. For a moment, she sees the other girl while laughing hysterically. But the best part is that the cock is now firmly in her hand and she doesn’t seem to care about it. Unknowingly she squeezes the cock as she tries to gain control of herself while laughing. My goodness, that moment alone would have been enough to take me to heaven!!

I hold back. Now the other girl too kneels down to attend to what they had come here for in the first place. I watch incredibly as this second one turns out to be naughty and as she takes over from the first girl, the first thing she does is to give one tight slap to my cock. I am shocked and in slight pain, but it is lovely. My God I tell you, girls dominating over my cock is just thing I have been waiting for all these years. This is phenomenal. She then grabs hold of my balls and twists it till I cringe with pain. She then unleashes five or six shots to the cock – left right and centre.

The first one who is watching all the fun now comes up with a brilliant idea. You see, they now want to do more with my cock and that too different things. I surely am not complaining. She takes out one of her bangles and pulls out my cock and balls through it. I must give it to her – she was creative with that idea. My package now looks absolutely funny to them with the bangle now holding my cock and balls together at the base. They laugh their hearts out. The second one now thinks this looks like a bell and starts tolling it.

They take turns between themselves and between laughing and playing with my package. It must have been a good half an hour of total fun.

If I could, I would definitely have killed those people who now start calling for these girls. The girls are startled and plan to leave. In the hurry, the girl tries to pull out her bangle. But guess what – with all this handling, I am now quite hard and that makes the task of removing the bangle too quite hard. She has no patience and just holds the bangle in one hand and the cock in another and pulls it out. I wince in pain as the bangle finally comes out. Ohhh my God, what fun!

There is enough time for the girls to turn to my face now and ask if they can bring a friend of theirs tomorrow! Now you tell me how do I pretend not to be excited?

I mumble something. They say, tomorrow is a holiday and they can spend more time. I just say OK trying to continue the pretense. They ask if I could get them some food from the hotel for tomorrow and I agree.

I just thank my stars for all the fun that I had this day!!

Hope you had fun reading too. Let me know what you thought.


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