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August 20, 2018

Saran’s CFNM With Maid’s Daughter Part – 1

Saran’s CFNM With Maid’s Daughter Part – 1

She came inside and I asked her name – she shyly responded “Sidhi”. She was 18 years old. I sat at the dining table near the kitchen door to resume my breakfast while she went into the kitchen and started cleaning the utensils. After a few minutes as I was about to finish my breakfast, she came around the table and asked nicely if I needed anything. Without paying much attention, I shook my head, got up and proceeded towards the kitchen to keep my utensils in the sink, passing her closely on the way.

Dear Readers, I’m Saran, a 24 y/o graduate in physics, unfortunately still living with my parents in Bombay. After graduating, it was difficult to find a job, so I do part-time consulting for a few labs and otherwise I’m usually home, which gave me a chance to really work on my body and fitness. I have a handsome fair face with wavy hair and a slim beard. Over the past 4 years, I’ve had massive gains with strong arms, toned abs and waist and firm hairy chest pecs. I do some freelance fitness modelling as well and recently my gym instructor had suggested I participate in some bodybuilding competitions too.

Last week, my parents had already gone off to work when I woke up around 11 AM after a night of drinking. I made myself some orange juice and eggs for breakfast when I heard the bell ring. I was roaming around the house in my shorts only, so I picked up this loose vest and went to check on the door. I found a young teenage looking girl wearing a salwar kameez – she introduced herself as the daughter of our regular maid Shakuntala. She explained that her mother had gone off to get her aadhar card made so she has come to clean up today and that this arrangement was discussed with my mother.

She came inside and I asked her name – she shyly responded “Sidhi”. She was 18 years old. I sat at the dining table near the kitchen door to resume my breakfast while she went into the kitchen and started cleaning the utensils. After a few minutes as I was about to finish my breakfast, she came around the table and asked nicely if I needed anything. Without paying much attention, I shook my head, got up and proceeded towards the kitchen to keep my utensils in the sink, passing her closely on the way.

She had proceeded to the kitchen again and I decided to go into my room for some morning exercise. I charged inside my room and swished the door when I was entering – I didn’t bother if it was totally shut and there was a tiny edge by which the door was open. I took out the dumbbells from my cupboard and started practising alternative biceps and tricep curls. After three sets of each and a good pump in my arms, I kept the dumbbells down and stretched my back, followed by a flex of the arms.

I was looking into a half-length mirror on my dressing table and suddenly saw the open and narrow creek of the door and how Sidhi was mopping the floor but her eyes were gazing inside – suddenly she started looking elsewhere in shock, and I just assumed that it was nothing. I proceeded to do stomach crunches (4 reps) and was going to move on for another after a short breather. I was sweating profusely and my vest was clinging to my body tightly and my hard nipples were popping out – I decided to take off the vest and dab it around my chest to clear the sweat.

I was admiring my upper body in the mirror when I heard a knock on my door and before I could respond, Sidhi barged in with a pile of folded clothes she assumed go to my room. She looked at me and shyly said, “Sorry bhaiya, Mujhe nahi pata tha ki ab kapde badal rahe ho, mujhe sirf yeh kapda rakhna tha aapka yahan pe” (I didn’t know you were changing. I had to drop off these clothes). I smiled to comfort her and replied, “Arrey kuch nahi hota, aap apna kaam karlo. Main bas exercise kar raha tha” (Oh, it’s no problem, you go about your work, I was just logging in some exercise).

She smiled and asked, “Bhaiya, main yahan pe jhaadi laga dun?” (May I mop this room?). I nodded and got back to cupping my chest pecs to check the muscle growth. After she was done mopping one side of the room and moved to another, I reached the mopped side and laid down in order to do some sets of push-ups.

I was getting very excited by the pump my arms and chest were getting. I decided to look at my pump but since the mirror in my room was smaller, I decided to proceed to the lobby area with a full-length mirror. I started flexing my upper body and posing in front of the mirror when a few moments later Sidhi came out of my room and started dusting a shelf right behind me.

She turned around a couple of times to take a peek at me which I didn’t mind. I wanted to check out my legs and hamstrings in the mirror and would probably have to take off my shorts for it, but since there was a visitor at home, I decided to ask first to not make her uncomfortable. I turned around and asked, “Main yeh (pointing to my shorts) utaar lun?” (May I take these off?). She shyly smiled and said “Ji, Bhaiya” (Okay). I whipped off my shorts and took in my black v-cut briefs in front of the mirror. I flexed my thighs and arms and admired myself in the mirror.

Soon I noticed that Sidhi had left dusting and was solely looking at my body. I felt a bit awkward but I just chose to smile at her – I realized that probably a young girl like her wouldn’t have seen a lot of men in this stage of undress and it’s fine if she is looking. My smile just startled her as she now knows I had realized that she was looking and she suddenly became extremely flustered and visibly uncomfortable.

She just murmured “sorry” and put her eyes down and started fidgeting with the dusting cloth. I felt extremely bad and possibly guilty over my insensitive behaviour, so I said, “Arrey, kuch nahi hota, Sidhi. Aap kaam se break le rahe the aur main aapke saamne tha, aap chinta mat karo” (Nothing happened, Sidhi. You were just taking a break from work and I was just infront of you. Don’t worry at all). I smiled at her again and she felt more at ease now. She smiled back in a comforting way. She sheepishly asked, “Bhaiya, yeh saara gym jaake hua?” (Brother, this all happened at the gym).

I was confused, and replied, “Kya hua?” (What happened exactly?). She was uncomfortable again but she got over it and said, “Woh aapki body bhaiya. Gym mein kaafi kasrat karte hoge aap haina?” (Oh, that body. You must be excercising at the gym all the time). I laughed a little and said, “Haan kaafi time. Achi lag rahi hai meri body?” (Yeah, long hours. My body’s looking good?), I asked innocently while looking at my abs in the mirror.

Sidhi got embarrassed and I soon realised that maybe that question was crossing the line and making her awkward, so I quickly retracted – “Maine aise hi puch liya, chodo” (I just asked randomly, chuck it). She smiled and answered shyly, “Nahi bhaiya, aapka body bahut hi acha hai. Humne aaj tak kabhi itna acha body nahi dekha” (No brother, your body is extremely good. I haven’t seen such a good body ever). I bowed down to accept the compliment and also felt a little bad for her.

After a second of awkward silence with her looking down my body, I had to make some random conversation to break the silence and I said, “Mera gym instructor chahta hai ki main bodybuilding competition mein jaaun, par mujhe nahi pata, tabhi apni body check kar raha hun” (My gym instructor wants me to enter a bodybuilding competition, but I’m unsure, so I’m just checking out my body to see). She got visibly excited as if it struck a chord with her and she immediately muttered,

“Woh humare mauhale mein bhi hota hai ek chotta sa competition, humari ma hume wahan jaane nahi deti kyunki wahan nange ladke hote hain” (Yes, there’s a small such competition in my colony too, but mother doesn’t allow me to go see because there are almost naked men there). Hearing this, I couldn’t control but laugh and she laughed along with me. She continued while laughing, “Humari ma thodi gharelun hai par uska bhaar hume uthana padhta hai” (My mom is very conservative, and I have to bear the brunt).

Her honesty was refreshing and rather cute and I was compelled to say “Kuch nahi hota, ab toh tum dekh hi chuki ho mujhe” (Doesn’t matter, now you’ve seen me like this) as a joke. Feeling bad for her, I flexed my arms for her and struck a pose, and we both continued to laugh. Now she was way more chill in how she spoke and informed me that she had almost finished her chores.

I got back to looking at myself in the mirror and trying on different poses, when she very hesitantly asked, “Bhaiya main aapke muscles chu sakti hun ek baar” (Brother, can I touch your arms once?). She was looking down to the floor in nervousness and I walked up to her and flexed my arms for her to touch. She was really scared and just poked around with two fingers into my biceps awkwardly. I giggled looking at her awkwardness and then held her wrist and placed her flat hand on my chest and then holding her wrist, made her feel up my entire chest and took her hands across my hardened abs. I wanted her first feel of a man’s body to be a good one. Soon she gained confident to run her hands to my flexed back and soon she went down to my calves and thighs. She felt my body so softly and awkwardly that I got hard and my briefs had a visible tent in them. She finally felt my obliques, utterly fascinated by the muscle, saying, “maine aise hadi kabhi nahi dekhi” (I’ve never seen a bone like this), to which I chuckled and responded, “Yeh muscle hai jo kaafi exercise ke baad aata hai” (It’s a muscle that develops after a lot of work out). She felt around my obliques up the to elastic band of my briefs with two fingers softly.

“Bhaiya yeh muscle kahan tak jaata hai” (Brother, how far does this muscle go?), she asked sheepishly, and I responded saying that it goes further down and becomes more solid with weight training. I tugged the elastic band down along the two obliques slightly to illustrate, revealing a hint of some trimmed pubes. She felt along the muscles and the pubes and pressed her fingers hard against the muscles above my crotch.

She took two fingers from both hands and started tracing down the obliques again and as she approached the lower elastic band I tugged further down to allow her to trace the end of the muscle. I had tugged my underwear as low so as to be at the tip of my cock. She felt around my slightly hairy crotch with popping veins and moved her hand around that area.

Sidhi moved her soft hands around my crotch for a few minutes. I worked on my core body strength a lot so I had a bunch of veins popping up from my hard body down there. Suddenly I sneezed and body jerked and so did the elastic I was tugging with my hands, which made my almost hard cock suddenly spring up from the already low-hanging briefs.

The cock slapped against Sidhi’s hand and she jumped in mortification. I tugged my cock back inside and apologised profusely – “Sorry, yeh galti se hogaya, underwear waise hi itna neeche tha” (This happened by mistake, the underwear was hanging so low anyway). She smiled but didn’t say anything, and was constantly trying to look the other way.

I couldn’t bear this uncomfortable silence, “Kya hua? Theek ho tum?” (What happened? Are you okay?), I asked. She responded shyly saying that she had never been so close to or touched a cock before and hence she was taken aback. I laughed. “Tumne kabhi nahi dekha?”, (You’ve never seen one) I inquired. She moved her head around furiously indicating no. “Dekhogi?” (Wanna see?), I asked in a seemingly nonchalant way.

She blushed, “Bhaiya kaisi baat karte ho” (Brother, what are you saying), finally looking at me again and giggling. I knew that she wanted to – I tugged my elastic band and took off my briefs, saying “dekhna hai toh dekhlo” (see if you want to), and I continued excercising and posing. Her eyes were plastered on my ass and my now fully erect cock as it swung up and down with my exercise.

To be continued.


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