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August 21, 2018

My World Of Lesbian Sex

My World Of Lesbian Sex

Suddenly the front doorbell rang. “Hi Ayesha”, it was Renu didi. She was working in some company and was staying on the same floor as ours with her colleague. “Hi, didi. Please come in”, I invited her in. I settled on the couch while she sat near me. “Is auntie at home?”, she asked. “No didi. She is out of town for some work”. “Oh ok. My roomie too left for her hometown for the weekend. I was feeling bored and I thought I will chit chat with your mom for some time”. “It’s ok didi. I am also bored. Its good that you came here now”, I said, smiling at her. “So, your exams are over?”, she enquired. “Today was the last day”, I said, opening my arms wide in victory. “Cool”, she said laughing loudly.

I was sitting on the couch browsing through the tv channels one by one. I was completely bored. It was just the start of my 2 months summer holidays after the 10th board exams ( 18 years old at the time) and my mom was out of town with some work. It was not unusual for her as she was travelling most of the time. Seema, our maid had left for the day, after finishing her daily chores. She would be back only the next day morning. Even my best friend Renu too had gone to her native town for a week and I was completely bored here in my flat, all alone and miserable. I tried to concentrate on the tv.

I was lying stretched out on the couch, watching tv. My hair was neatly tied in a ponytail at the back. A pair of studs were on my ears. I had used eyeliner on my eyes, other than that, my face was void of any makeup. I was wearing a sleeveless round necked top. The light pink colored top was a little loose for me. I was wearing tight-fitting blue colored cotton shorts. The top had a big picture of mickey mouse, my favorite cartoon character. I was barefoot as I lay on the couch playing with the remote.

Suddenly the front doorbell rang. “Hi Ayesha”, it was Renu didi. She was working in some company and was staying on the same floor as ours with her colleague. “Hi, didi. Please come in”, I invited her in. I settled on the couch while she sat near me. “Is auntie at home?”, she asked. “No didi. She is out of town for some work”. “Oh ok. My roomie too left for her hometown for the weekend. I was feeling bored and I thought I will chit chat with your mom for some time”. “It’s ok didi. I am also bored. Its good that you came here now”, I said, smiling at her. “So, your exams are over?”, she enquired. “Today was the last day”, I said, opening my arms wide in victory. “Cool”, she said laughing loudly.

“Do you know how to play cards?”, didi asked me. “A little didi”, I said. “I am getting bored of the tv. Shall we play cards then?”, she asked. “Sure didi. But I don’t have cards with me”. “Oh ok. Let’s go into my flat. I have some playing cards lying around”, she invited and I accepted without any fuss. I wore my favorite pink slippers, locked the door and followed her into the apartment. “Please forgive the mess”, she apologized as she opened the door and let me in. Her place was a mess with stuff lying around here and there, clothes on the couch, undergarments on the table, socks lying around the hall, the place was untidy. “Our maid has not come for a couple of days”, Rima said almost reading my mind. As I sat on a chair, she went inside her flat and came back with a pack of playing cards.

Rima placed the cards on the table and explained the concept to me. “The pack will be in the middle. Each of us have to take on card each from the pack. The player with the higher value card wins the round. The values are from 1, 2,..J,Q and A. Got it?”. I nodded my head. “By the way, the loser in each round has to remove one cloth from her”, she said smiling. “Didi..I..”, I sat bolt upright, searching for words. She came up to me and held my face in her hands. “Are you scared dear?”, she asked softly. I nodded. “Why dear? You are so beautiful. Very very beautiful like a barbie doll. Why should you be scared?”. I did not say anything as she continued on. “Your skin is so soft and smooth. You are very fair, so fair that you should be in fair and lovely ad”. I laughed at this. She said, “You should not be ashamed to exhibit such beauty. By the way, only we both are here and if you win, I too have to remove my clothes, right?”. I nodded half-heartedly. “Common. Be a sport. It would be fun. We play this all the time”, she said, cheering me up. I smiled at her and nodded my agreement.

Rime lost the first round. She removed her t-shirt. She sat in her bra and jeans quite comfortably. I looked shyly at her body. She looked quite confident displaying her body. She was wearing a pink colored bra. Her upper body looked athletic. She lost the round again. She removed her jeans and threw it on the floor. She sat in her lingerie. Both pink and matching. She was a little dark, long-haired, tall and she had a perfect sturdy athletic body. She was quite comfortable in sitting in her undergarments in front of me. I wished I had her confidence. Then I lost the round. I sat there doubtfully looking at my card. “You have to remove one cloth dear”, didi reminded me. “But didi, I am not wearing any bra”. “It’s ok dear. Only we two are here. See how I removed my clothes and I am sitting in my undergarments in front of you”, she said, consoling me. Slowly I pulled my top over my head and threw it over the floor. “Wow!”, didi exclaimed. I looked at her in wonder. “You have such a beautiful body. Your skin is so spotless. Look at your breasts, so small and round. So young. And I have not seen pink nipples before. Are you a fairy or something?”, she asked so innocently that I burst out laughing. She too joined in.

The next round too I lost. This time I was feeling much more confident. I removed my shorts without much fuss and put it on the floor. Now I was sitting in front of her in just my panties. “You are a fan of mickey mouse”, she said, looking at a small picture of mickey mouse at the front part of my pink panties. I smiled at her, “Yes didi”. “Lucky Mickey”, she said and took her next hand. I too took my hand. I lost that round too. Now the only cloth on my body was my panties. I looked at her shyly. “Common dear. I am waiting”, she said. I slowly got up and removed my panties. Placing it on the floor I sat on the chair stark naked in front of her. She took one more hand. “But didi, I don’t have any more clothes to remove”, I asked doubtfully. “Pick your hand, if you lose you have to do what I ask you to do, ok?”. I nodded and picked my hand. I lost that round too.

I sat there with my head down. “Come here dear”, she said. Slowly, I got up. Barefoot and completely naked with not even a thread on my body to cover me, I went near her. I was covering my pubis with one hand and my breasts with the other hand. She pulled me closer to her and placed me on her lap. She was really strong. “You are very beautiful. You should not be ashamed of such a beautiful body”, she said, kissing me on my cheek. I sat there with my head down, trying hard to cover my private parts. “Ayesha baby, I always felt like kissing you whenever I saw you. But someone would be always around you”. I looked at her shyly. Her voice was soft, almost to a whisper, “But today, nobody is around. So, can I see your beautiful body please”, she was almost begging me. I slowly moved my hands away. “Thanks, dear”, she said, kissing me again on my cheek.

She made me stand against the table. Still sitting on the chair, she looked at me from top to bottom. I was not covering my body with my hands this time. “You have the right curves and bulges my dear. The body everybody prays for. Anybody will fall in love with you”, she went on praising my beauty. She then made me to turn around. “Wow! What a beautiful ass. So soft and well-shaped. Small and round. Perfect”, she said placing her hand on my ass. I felt her hand on my ass and almost fainted in shock. Nobody has ever touched my naked body before, forget seeing me naked. She turned me again and pulled me closer to her. She pulled my head and kissed me softly on the lips. Something triggered inside me as I felt her warm lips on my lips. Slowly she started sucking my lips as her hands pressed my hips. I was feeling a new sensation running throughout my body. I was loving it but at the same time scared. There were like butterflies inside my stomach as her hands squeezed my thighs. Suddenly I cried out aloud, almost in shock as her hands touched my naked breasts, releasing our lip lock.

“Don’t be scared dear. Just relax and enjoy. I am not going to hurt you. Close your eyes and enjoy”, she said, as she brought her lips closer to my breasts. I closed my eyes in fear. My hands were clenched at my sides and I let out a gasp as her warm lips pressed against my soft nipple. My breathing became hard as she slowly sucked my nipples one by one. I was going through a strange sensation. There was a stirring at the bottom of my stomach. She was sucking continuously. I began to make some weird noises as she sucked my small nipples. My body was sweating profusely now. My inner thighs were wet with my sweat. Suddenly, I felt a wetness on my pussy and my whole body shuddered. Sensing something was wrong didi stopped teasing my nipples and looked at me. “Sorry, didi. I felt some wetness between my legs. I think I unknowingly peed or something”, I said, almost too ashamed to talk. She laughed, “It’s not pee dear. Your body is getting turned on. It’s quite natural for your pussy to become wet when you are turned on”. She slowly took her hands and touched me between my legs. I felt my body shudder again as her fingers touch my most intimate private parts. She showed me her fingers and it was completely wet. I closed my eyes as she licked my wetness from her fingers.

She made me sit on the table with my legs dangling in the air. She pulled her chair closer to me and placed my feet on her either shoulders. I leaned back on my hands, as she took a good look at my pussy. My legs were wide open and my intimate private parts wide open for the entire world to see. Somehow, I was not scared anymore. I was kind of excited. Sitting completely naked on a table with my legs wide open in front this lady was kind of exciting for me now. I saw her eyes lit up as she examined my pubis area. I gave out a shriek as she bent forward and kissed my pussy. “Shh… control dear”, she said. She bent forward again. I closed my eyes and closed my mouth shut as her lips touched the most sensitive parts of my body. She was slowly licking my pussy from top to bottom. My pussy was small and lips tightly shut. Her tongue was running over my pussy lips trying to part them and get inside. She holding my legs apart with her hands as my body shivered with the movement of her tongue on my vagina.

I was no longer in control of my body as my body shivered with each passing sensation. I lay down on the table, letting her tongue play with my pussy. I was moaning uncontrollably now. My whole body was tensed. I wanted to stop her but could not, as sensation after sensation sent electric shocks throughout my body, ripping it apart. I felt some pressure at the bottom part of my stomach. I did not know what it was. There was a strong desire to pee. My pussy was giving me all sort of warning signals as she continued on tormenting me without even stopping for a second. The pressure had almost reached to the edge of my pussy. I was not able to control it any longer. I was wet with my own sweat. Suddenly, my whole body felt weak as the pressure inside my lower stomach released. I felt a huge gush of liquid flow out of my pussy. My whole body arched and tightened for a minute as liquids flowed out my pussy. I lay back for a moment, gasping for breath, thinking what had happened. I was too tired to even move. I felt like I was completely dehydrated. But I was so happy and was smiling. I slowly got up as didi too had stopped licking.

Thick white fluids were sticking on to my pussy and inner thighs. Some were still dripping from my pussy lips. My liquid was on the floor in a small puddle. I looked at didi. She had thick white liquid on her face too. “Wow!”, she said, “I had not seen anything like this before”. I touched the inside of my thighs. The thick white liquid was sticky and slippery. “Feeling good?”, she asked. I smiled shyly and hugged her in response. She lifted me off the table and placed me on her lap. She bent lower and started kissing me on my lips. She sucked my lips and her tongue pushed between the parting of my lips. Her tongue pushed inside and I responded by parting my lips. Her tongue roamed the inside of my mouth for some time. She started sucking my lips and I began moaning softly thoroughly in the mood now.

Rima was still kissing me, while her one hand began to cup up to my breasts and squeeze them one by one. For every squeeze, I let out a moan, unable to contain myself any longer. I was fully horny now. I wanted this lady to lick each and every part of my body. I wanted to her show my completely naked body and submit myself to her. I let my body go freely as I completely surrendered myself to her. I wanted her to enjoy each curve and bulge of my naked body, each nook, and corner of my completely nude body. I was sitting facing her on her lap, with my feet dangling on her either sides. Still, in a lip lock, her hands had started to squeeze my naked ass. Her hands squeezed my soft butt and tried to pull them apart. I moaned with pleasure as I felt the blood rush inside my body. I was in heaven.

Her hand moved to the front and touched my pussy. I cried out loud and almost fell backward as my sensitive pussy began to sent intrusion alert to my brain. She held me in place by holding her left hand around my hips while her right hand was slowly massaging my pussy. I already broke the lip lock and moaned with pleasure, arching my body forward. I had spread my legs further apart, inviting her completely into my pussy. She slowly began to increase her hand speed. Her fingers rubbed my pussy faster and faster. There was no stopping my body as waves of sensations rocked my body one after the other. I screamed with pleasure as my pussy began dripping wet. She continued on tormenting my pussy and I felt the now familiar sensations building up inside my lower stomach. I held my breath and closed my eyes as the pressure mounted and mounted. I shrieked out aloud again, as my fluids once again gushed out my pussy, drenching her in the process and settled on the floor. I felt my body go numb with all the action. I collapsed on her unable to breathe.

She held me in a close hug, as my whole body trembled with the effects of all the action. I was slowly catching my breath. I felt as if there was not a drop of water inside my body. I clung on to her trying to catch my breath. Finally, I looked at her. She smiled at me and kissed my lips. I smiled back at her. She rubbed my face with her hands trying to wipe the sweat away from my face but managed only to put my sticky fluids on my face. I laughed at this and she too joined in. I was never this happy in my life before. I slowly got up, still panting a little. She too got up. “I think enough action for today. You look too tired. You can freshen up in my room while I clean the mess you have created”, she said, kissing me on the forehead. I slowly moved into her room to freshen up.

I had a nice long bath under the shower. I dried myself with a towel which was inside the bathroom. My clothes were still in the hall. I wrapped the towel around my body and walked out into the room. She had finished cleaning as I walked out into the hall. “Oh! My princess is still shy?”, she teased me, as I walked in wrapped out in a towel. I looked at her and she was standing facing, with a huge smile on her face. I liked this tall powerful girl. I unwrapped myself from the towel. I stood completely naked in front of her once again, as the towel hit the floor. I went closer and hugged her. I felt her strong arms around me again. I took her hands from around me and placed them on my naked ass. She gave a small squeeze and pulled me closer. She bent low and placed a long kiss on my forehead.

“You get dressed baby. I need to take a bath too”, she said. I nodded. I began to get into my clothes. She brought me a glass of juice which I drank happily. “Take rest dear. We will see later ok? “. I nodded as she kissed me on my cheek. “Bye bye honey”, she said. “Bye didi”, I said and moved towards the door. I wore my slippers and let myself out of the flat, slowly closing the door behind me. My flat keys were in my pocket. I slowly opened the door, went in and collapsed on the couch. I was still smiling happily as I dozed off into a deep sleep.


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