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August 19, 2018

Lesbian Seduction In A Public

Lesbian Seduction In A Public

I was sitting in the back row and it was almost empty. Suddenly someone sat on the seat beside me. “Hi Ayesha”, Jaya auntie said. “Hi, aunty. How are you?”. We exchanged pleasantries. Jaya was one of the society ladies I was talking about. Dressed in a long velvet gown and some expensive jewelry, she looked, I don’t know, annoying probably. She was the secretary of the association and looked perfect for the job today. “So, how do you like the show?”, she asked. “It’s good. I particularly enjoyed the kids dance numbers. It was super cute”, I said, smiling at her. “It’s your summer holidays, right?”. “Yes, auntie. Just started”. “So, into the 11th class in two months. You are a big girl now”. I smiled at her.

I was sitting in the auditorium of our apartment complex. It was our apartment associations anniversary show. Some kids were performing a dance show on stage. The auditorium lights were dimmed out, as the lights on the stage were in full show. My mom was not in town and so she had asked me to be there for sure. I met all the aunties, the society ladies, to make sure that they will remember that I had come for their show. It was a boring show and I was planning to leave after some time. But the kids were giving out a cute performance on the stage. I just thought that I will check the next performance too and then get myself out of there.

My hair was open and untied at the back. I was wearing a small necklace with a heart shaped pendant on it. As I was not a big fan of bangles, I was wearing a bracelet on each of my wrists. I was wearing a casual half sleeved collarless shirt buttoned up at the front. It was light cream in color and had dark blue vertical stripes on them. Below, I was wearing a dark blue denim skirt buttoned at my side. I also had a pair of white running shoes on my feet. I had my mobile phone and apartment keys inside my skirt pocket. I had one leg over the other, dangling my feet in the air, as I watched the kids do their cute moves for a Bollywood song.

I was sitting in the back row and it was almost empty. Suddenly someone sat on the seat beside me. “Hi Ayesha”, Jaya auntie said. “Hi, aunty. How are you?”. We exchanged pleasantries. Jaya was one of the society ladies I was talking about. Dressed in a long velvet gown and some expensive jewelry, she looked, I don’t know, annoying probably. She was the secretary of the association and looked perfect for the job today. “So, how do you like the show?”, she asked. “It’s good. I particularly enjoyed the kids dance numbers. It was super cute”, I said, smiling at her. “It’s your summer holidays, right?”. “Yes, auntie. Just started”. “So, into the 11th class in two months. You are a big girl now”. I smiled at her.

We were both watching the show, as she slowly placed her left hand on my right knee. Her hand was just below my skirt and I felt her plump hand on the bare skin of my knee. I looked at her in wonder. She was not even looking at me. She looked as if she was watching the show. I turned back to watching the show. ‘She must have kept it unknowingly’, I thought as Jaya continued on watching the show without even blinking. Just then, I realized that it was not a mistake as her hand moved a little upwards on to my thighs under the skirt. I sat bolt upright as my body tensed. I understood what she was doing here. Even though the auditorium was mostly dark, I felt my heart pump heavily in tension. I looked around to check if anybody was watching. Not one soul.

Her hand began to crawl upwards. It reached my thighs and stayed there for some time. I was clenching the arm rests of my seat in tension, as her hand began moving up again, slowly and steadily. I wanted to ask her to stop. I was so worried that someone might take notice. But I also wanted to see how it was going to proceed. It was kind of exciting to feel her hand under my skirt in a public auditorium. I waited in anticipation as her hand reached my pubic area. It was not much away from my pussy. I let out a sigh, which I hope was not heard because of the song, as her hand touched my private area. I felt a sudden shudder of excitement in my body as she slowly pressed between my legs. Even over my panties, I felt her touch on my pussy. She was not able to maneuver between my legs because of my tight skirt. I felt her hand come out from under my skirt. I was a little relieved and disappointed at the same time as she removed her hand.

Her left hand came around my body and caught me at my hips. I sat bolt upright as I was not expecting such a move. “Oh! Shit”, I said, a little loud, as her hand smoothly unbuttoned my skirt at the side. Her right hand then went right into the action. Her right moved inside my skirt from the top. As the skirt was now unfastened, her hand went gliding inside. She slowly placed her hand on top of my pussy and pressed. I let out a small moaning sound as I felt her hand on my pussy over my panties. Her hand began to massage my pussy over my panties and I began to move my body as it shivered with excitement. My sounds were getting louder. I felt the sensations running through my body as her hand continued on massaging my pussy. I felt a trickle of wetness from my pussy sticking to the front of my panties. My nipples were hard and I was short of breath. I let out a small moan and she immediately closed my mouth with her left hand. “Shhh…”, she hushed me down. “Sorry”, I apologized.

She stopped her activities and I was a little disappointed. I knew that it was due to my inability to control the moaning that she had stopped. “Do you know the garden behind the buildings?”, she asked me. I nodded to her as I buttoned and adjusted my skirt. “Be there in 10 minutes”, she said, as she got up and left. I was a little worried. That garden was a little away from the auditorium close to the compound wall. As everybody is inside the auditorium, it would be lonely and dark there. I was also wondering why she did not invite me to her apartment or we could have gone into mine. Anyways, a little bewildered, I got up and walked out of the auditorium.

I walking on the path towards the garden at the back. The pavement was made of well-cut and placed rocks. There were lights on the path, but it looked darker near the garden. Well, I was little afraid of darkness. The excitement of what was about to happen over came my fear as I walked slowly towards the garden. I looked around and found nobody around. The distance noise from the auditorium speakers was audible but other than that, complete silence. I could even hear the light wind that was blowing at this time of the night. It was already late in the evening and sun had completely set. I reached the garden and looked around. Jaya auntie was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly two hands pulled me inside the garden. I shrieked in pure terror. It was Jaya auntie. She laughed. “Got scared?”, she asked, laughing softly. “Of course, auntie”, I said, panting hard, but smiling at her. She bent low and kissed me full on the lips. I responded with my lips and closed my eyes. Even though she was bending down. I had to push on my toes to reach her properly. She held my hips with her hands as her lips slowly sucked my lips tenderly. I was moaning softly. It was such a good kiss that it instantly turned me on. Suddenly, I remembered that we were out in the open. I broke away from her and looked around, a little bit scared. She immediately understood, as she came close and pulled me towards her. “There is no nobody here baby”, she said. “Somebody might come”. “Everybody is at the show”. “But why here? Let’s go to my flat”. “Oh no, dear. The fun is to do it in the open”, she smiled at me and planted a kiss on my forehead.

She made lie down on the lawn as she climbed on top of me. A faint light was coming from two small garden lamps. It was enough for us to see each other. She pinned hands on top of my head and started kissing on my neck. I closed my eyes and moaned softly. I felt her warm lips on my neck. I could feel her warm breath run up and down my neck. I pushed my head back, exposing the entire portion of my neck, as she rained kisses on it. Her lips moved closer to ear. She slowly started to suck at my earlobe. I moaned a little louder as her antics were driving me crazy. I could feel my body totally responding to her. My breath began to come in short bursts and I began to find myself sweating a little. Slowly she sat beside me and I opened my eyes.

She made sit up on the grass and started unbuttoning the shirt. I was not wearing any bra inside. “Wow! Superb!”, she said, staring at my bare breasts. She removed my shirt and kept it aside. Slowly, she unbuttoned my skirt. I lifted my hips, as she pulled it down and whisked it off my legs. Now I was in my panties and shoes, sitting on the lawn of our garden at night. I was kind of excited that it was happening out in the open. She was staring hungrily at my body. I was little short but had a beautiful figure. I was very fair and had smooth spotless soft skin. I was not very thin and had the right curves and bulges on my body. My breasts were small, but round and well-shaped. My ass too was small, but tight and round enough to make anyone crazy. I lay there on the lawn as Jaya auntie fucked me over and over again with her eyes.

As I lay on the grass, Jaya auntie bent over me and started kissing my breasts. I moaned softly and arched my back, pushing my chest towards her, inviting her for more. She cupped up my breasts with her hands. I cried softly in pain as I felt my breasts squeeze under her hands. But I immediately forgot the pain as her tongue flicked over my nipple. She was teasing me, as her tongue ran over my nipple, sending me to a heightened state of ecstasy. I moaned loudly with pleasure as her tongue flicked and ran over my nipples. I felt her wet saliva on my soft nipples. I was fully turned on now. I felt my body moving and turning as sensations ripped through it. I was unable to control myself. My hands were clutching her hair and pushing her head into my breasts asking for more. She picked my small nipples with her teeth softly. I felt my inner thighs getting sweaty. I knew that I was getting ready as I felt the wetness in my pussy under my panties. My legs were tensed and I was moving them unknowingly as my body began to trigger electrical currents. I was panting hard.

I raised my hips again as she removed my panties from me in a hurry. I smiled at her hunger and passion. Now I was just in my shoes, lying naked on the grass with a lady playing with my body. I was super excited and completely felt slutty at that moment. As soon as my panties were off my body, Jaya auntie spread my thighs wide aside and peeked between my legs. I rested my head on the grass and closed my eyes. I knew she was enjoying her view, or as much as she can make out in the poorly lit garden. My pussy was getting wet again as I felt her hands on the inside of thighs and pubis, while she was trying to get a good look at my private parts. I opened up my hips and widened my knees so that she can get a good look at what was waiting for her. My pussy was small and tight, but I felt that it was enough to make her happy.

Jaya auntie was now sitting between my legs. Her one hand was opening my pussy lips, while the other was massaging it slowly. I moaned loudly, as her hands touched the most sensitive areas of my body. She opened up my pussy as much as possible and ran a finger through the inside of my pussy. My whole body shuddered as if I was hit by lightning. Even I had not touched the inside of my pussy and her finger was making me go crazy. I was moving my whole body in weird positions as she slowly massaged the inside of my pussy. I cried out aloud, as her finger tried to get inside my pussy hole. She immediately stopped and continued on rubbing my pussy. “Shit! I should have carried some gel with me”, she mumbled to herself, as I moaned louder and louder. I was completely drenched in sweat now. My pussy had started to drip wetness and I felt that her hands were already wet. But she continued on taking me higher and higher into the clouds.

The pressure was building up inside my lower stomach. I was arching my body and widening my knees, showing her more of pussy. My pussy was completely dripping wetness without stoppage. I moaned louder and louder as sharp sensations ripped my body. Tears were starting to flow out of my eyes. I had closed my eyes unable to contain myself. I was clutching at the grass on the ground with my either hands at my side. I bent my knee, straightened them and bent them again, as my body was no longer in my command. Her finger continued on rubbing the inside of my opened-up pussy. I shrieked loudly, as I was no longer able to hold myself. The pressure had been released. I felt a sudden discharge out of my pussy as the inside of my pussy contracted to push out my thick fluids out of it. Then I lay down panting, as my whole body relaxed. She too had stopped and was sitting in the same position. I took a lot of time to catch my breath.

“Wow! That was one hell of a climax”, Jaya auntie said, looking at the white thick fluids sticking on to her fingers. She quickly turned me around and asked to go down on my knees and elbows. She was still sitting between my legs, now close to my ass. As I got into the desired position, she smacked me on my ass cheeks. I let out a small howl, as I felt my blood rush on to my ass cheek where her palm struck. She laughed on hearing me cry and kissed me on my ass where she had hit. “Sorry dear, your ass is so soft that I could not control myself. What a sweet little ass”, she said, as her hands ran over my ass cheeks squeezing and pressing them in turns. I placed my head on the ground, pushing my bottom towards her so that she can continue on playing with my ass. It felt really good as she played around with my ass. Even though I was a little tired from the climax, I felt fully turned on again, as I lay on the grass, exposing my ass for her.

She slowly massaged my ass hole. Her finger ran around it teasing my ass. I was on cloud nine and I let out animal cries as her fingers moved around my two holes. I spread my ass cheeks wide apart with my hands and held them there in place, as she massaged my holes with her finger. I was moaning louder as she concentrated on my pussy. Her hand was massaging my pussy again from the back. This pose was too good for me and I felt my pussy getting ready again. I immediately took a liking to the doggy style. I felt the sensations build up faster this time. I moved my ass in tandem with her movements around my pussy. I moaned louder and louder as her finger continued on tormenting my already tired pussy. The pressure was building up deep inside me. I felt my pussy contract and getting wet, ready for the next explosion. Suddenly, I shrieked out as loud as possible and collapsed on the ground, while my pussy discharged heavily. Thick white liquid gushed out of my pussy on the ground, as I lay on the ground on my back, panting hard. The explosion was bigger than before and completely drained me.

She pecked my ass cheek as I lay catching my breath. I turned around slowly and sat straight with my head on her side and my hands on her arm. She slowly moved her hand over my head and bareback, as if trying to console me. My fluids were sticking on to the grass on the lawn. I looked at her doubtfully. She understood immediately. “It will dry up fast”, she said, comforting me and planting me a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly, without warning, all the lights in the garden lit up in full bloom catching us off guard. I was sitting with just my shoes on me, as the garden became as well lit as a cricket stadium. “Quickly put on your dress. Sprinklers will be on any minute”, she said, getting up and collecting my clothes. “But I am dirty”, I complained. “That’s ok. Go to your home and freshen up. I have to go to the auditorium again or they will find me missing. We have been here for some time now”, she said, smiling and helping me get up. I slowly put my clothes back on. I checked the pocket of my skirt for phone and flat keys. They were still there. “Oh!!”, I shrieked in terror, as the sprinklers went active and started sprinkling water all over. We ran out of the garden.

We held our hands together as we walked back towards the middle of the compound. I was leaning close to her and she was holding in a protective hug. Once we reached the apartment blocks, she stopped and bending low, kissed me on the forehead. “I have to go now”, she said, smiling affectionately at me. I nodded in understanding. “We will again soon ok?”, she said, almost like a question. I smiled shyly at her and looked down. She kissed me again on the forehead and moved towards the auditorium. I stood there for some time and walked towards my apartment block. As I waited for the elevator, I was smiling, replaying all the things that had happened just now. I understood one thing that day, that I liked being naked in front of others, like exhibiting my body for others turns me on. Just the mere thought makes me wet. I slowly got into the elevator and pressed my floor number.


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