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August 20, 2018

When A Dream About My Hot Bhabhi Comes True

When A Dream About My Hot Bhabhi Comes True

I live in a joint family with a few cousins. We all stay in two houses. Two families stay in our house and the rest in the other one. My elder cousin brother got married two years back and has a really hot wife. The day they both got fixed I jerked off looking at my Bhabhi’s pics.

Hey! I’m back with another story of mine. This happened with me on 1 May.

For the people who are reading my story for the first time, I’m Vikas, a 21-year-old with 5”7’ tall average body guy with a fat 7” long dick. I’ve fucked my maid as I’ve told in my first story. Too bad I can’t fuck her anymore as she is knocked up by her husband I hope! So now let’s get to this story…

I live in a joint family with a few cousins. We all stay in two houses. Two families stay in our house and the rest in the other one. My elder cousin brother got married two years back and has a really hot wife. The day they both got fixed I jerked off looking at my Bhabhi’s pics.

I wished to see her naked at least once. I started losing hopes on my dream and used to jerk off to her hot pics I could lay my hands on social media. Our house is made in such a way that my brother stays in the room above mine. I sometimes can hear my brother and Bhabhi having sex at night.

As I sleep late I jerk off by imagining my Bhabhi having sex. One day, in March, my uncle and aunt weren’t home and my brother and Bhabhi were alone on their floor and they wanted to have sex so they thought they’d lock the floor and have sex. In a hurry they forgot to lock the door properly and they were having sex in their room. Not knowing about all this I went upstairs as I had some work from my uncle. The main door opened in the first try. I heard some moans of my Bhabhi and when I went inside the floor I saw my Bhabhi riding my brother. They didn’t close their rooms door as they thought they had locked the main door.

I could see my Bhabhi’s ass juggling as she rode my brother and my brother pressing her melons. I didn’t want to lose the opportunity and made a video of them. I could see my Bhabhi’s right side boob and her smooth bare back and juggling ass. I transferred the video to my laptop and used to jerk off watching my Bhabhi and imagining her riding me instead of my brother.

One bad day I and Bhabhi were alone in the house and we were talking generally. She was wearing a white fitted kurta with a pink bra inside. I could clearly see her bra and I got a boner. I think she saw my boner as she was constantly smiling and behaving like it’s nothing.

We started discussing funny videos and I started showing her some of them on my phone. She swiped through the videos and she came to the video I took of her. She was shocked and gave me back my phone. For a few days, Bhabhi didn’t talk to me properly and that made me sick as hell.

One of my younger cousins has his birthday on 1 May so we all celebrated as a family. My brother had gone for a trip with his friends leaving Bhabhi alone for a few days. After dinner, everyone was sitting and luckily I and Bhabhi were sitting next to each other. We all cousins were making fun of each other when I suddenly felt something on my thigh climbing up to my crotch. I rolled my eyes down to see my Bhabhi’s hand on my crotch. I got an instant boner. She felt it and said she wanted to sleep as she is tired and went back to our house. I was happy with what happened and started imagining having sex with her.

I got a message from her asking me to come home. I immediately got up and ran to my house. I straight went to Bhabhi. She was in her black lingerie. I could see her 36-26-38 figure and she could see the bulge in my pants. She pointed her finger at me and seductively called me to her. I went near her and she grabbed my face and planted a kiss on my lips. Her lips felt like the softest rose petals.

She removed my t-shirt in one go and pulled me into her room. I pushed her on the door and locked it firmly. I didn’t want to make any mistake about anyone seeing us. She ran her soft hands all over my back and my chest and I pressed her 36c melons while kissing her wildly. We took a break from kissing when I said ‘I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now… can’t wait anymore bhabhi!’ To which she replied ‘I’m all yours tonight bhaiya… I’m really horny today’

With this, I removed her bra as she unzipped my pants. She bent down to remove my pants and underpants in one go. She took my dick in her hand and stroked it, pulling the foreskin behind. Looking up she said ‘looks like you’ve had sex before…’ while smiling I replied ‘let’s not waste time. I can’t wait now’ With this she took my dick inside her mouth and she swirled her tongue on my dick. I left a soft moan as she took my full dick inside her mouth. I took her left boob in my hand and pressed it tightly. She moaned with my dick inside her mouth.

She took my dick out and in again. She gave me a blowjob for about 5-6 minutes after which I pulled her up making her stand and asked her to face the door and bend down. She said ‘lick it from the front itself’ and I sat down accepting her command. I kissed her wet panty and pulled it down on the floor to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy hair. I kissed her pussy lips and she left out a slight moan of aahhh. I took her left leg and kept her thigh on my right shoulder to feel her full pussy on my lips.

She held my head and pushed it in while I licked her juices. I then kissed her inner thighs as I have a fetish for hot legs. She screamed ‘get back to my pussy you idiot!’ I tongue fucked her pussy for sometime after which she said ‘get up and give it to me’ and she leaned her upper back on the door getting her pelvic region ahead. She took my dick and started rubbing her pussy lips with it. As I couldn’t wait I pushed it in her pussy and felt her wet and warm pussy walls.

Within no time we were having hardcore intercourse. Our bodies colliding and all the juices making the noise of pach pach pach.

I lifted her up and fucked her like that while sucking her boobs and started walking to the bed. I threw her down and fell with her and started ramming her pussy. We kissed each other’s faces while having sex. By that time we both started sweating but we didn’t want to stop. While fucking her in missionary I said ‘ride me like you rode Bhaiya in that video.’

With that she pulled me down kissed me and she rotated to get on top of me. She then sat down pressing my dick with her fat ass and she got her legs below her ass on either side of me. She then got up a bit and placed my dick on her pussy. With a moan from both of us, she sat on my dick putting it fully inside her pussy. I could feel the end of her pussy and that made me hornier.

She slowly started jumping up and down and my dick came halfway out and in again and again… I said ‘faster Bhabhi faster! Just like you ride Bhaiya at night making me horny!’ Just as I said that she started riding me faster and faster. I could finally see her melons bouncing up and down as she rode me. She was moaning very loudly so I put three of my fingers in her mouth just so that her voice doesn’t go out. She rode me like that for about 10 minutes and then I pushed her up and got her into doggy position.

On seeing her asshole I couldn’t stop myself and I got down to lick her asshole. I kissed her ass cheeks first and bit them. She put her face on the bed and put both her hands on her ass cheeks pulling them apart and giving me a better view of her hole. I saw it as a signal and started licking her asshole. She was moaning as if she hadn’t had anal before. So I got up on my knees and placed my dick wet with her juices on her asshole and tried pushing it in.

With a slightly loud moan she said ‘your brother had never been there… he doesn’t want to try anal…’ With that, I spit on my dick and her asshole making it wet and tried again. Even this time it wasn’t easy. I asked her ‘where do you keep oil?’ She replied ‘in the vanity in the bathroom’ with that I ran naked to the bathroom and got oil and dropped it on her asshole. She felt tingling with oil in her butt crack.

I kept the bottle aside and said ‘we can have anal whenever you want… your needs shouldn’t go unsatisfied!’ With that, I pushed my dick inside her asshole as she gave a loud moan. I kept my dick still for a minute to make her comfortable and then in the next push I got it in her. With her head still on the bed she started fingering her pussy and rubbing it as I fucked her ass.

I started ramming her ass and she got comfortable enough for me to go hard on her. I fucked her ass hard for the next 10 minutes and then I took my dick out and put it in her pussy again. She moaned as I rammed her pussy. I felt her pussy walls getting tight around my dick and her legs shaking. She came with my dick still ramming her pussy and her juices fell from my dick base.

Even I was about to cum and I asked her ‘where should I cum?’ ‘Not inside at any cost… I just finished my period!’ With that, I took my dick out, rolled her in a hurry and shoved my dick in her mouth… I released all my cum in her mouth and she didn’t swallow it but kept it in her mouth. She opened her mouth and put her two fingers in my semen and took her fingers to her pussy.

She just inserted her fingers just enough to feel my semen in her pussy and swallowed the rest. She then licked her fingers clean while I fell on the bed next to her. She took my dick in her hand and rubbed it and said ‘this was amazing… I’m sure you wouldn’t say no to me whenever we get a chance to have sex again’ I was happy to hear that and replied ‘never’ while gasping for breaths. We quickly dressed up while making out again and I went to my room.

I got a call from Bhabhi at around 3 in the morning that she wanted it again and we did it again for almost an hour. We tried a few things like the clapper, candle and boat positions from Kamasutra. We tried having a quickie in a car when we had gone for a family function and it was amazing!

I hope you guys liked my story. I’ll post more as and when I have some more experiences!

For any suggestions, remarks and for sex chats and fun you can contact me on hangouts, my id is [email protected]


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