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August 21, 2018

Husband To Mom

Husband To Mom

“Coming! Coming!” he heard the faint voice of his mother from inside the home.

NOTE: This is a FICTIONAL story of incest between a mother and her son. If this is not your cup of tea, please close the window now. For suggestions and feedback, get in touch with me at [email protected]

Suresh was patiently standing at the door after having pressed the doorbell two minutes ago. It was 7:30 in the evening and he wondered where his mom had gone at this time of the night. He peeped into the house through the window and saw that the lights were still on. He shifted the large bags he was holding from one hand to the other and pressed the calling bell once again.

“Coming! Coming!” he heard the faint voice of his mother from inside the home.

Savita was clutching the tiny turkey towel wrapped around her body when she opened the door for her son Suresh. Her hair was tied in a bun, and bath water dripped off of her silky smooth body on to the bare marble floor of the hall. The towel around her body was barely enough to hide her 36D sized breasts completely, and Suresh got an eyeful of his 43 year old mother’s half mounds. The towel barely came down enough to hide her pussy, exposing the full length of her dusky, smooth thunder thighs. Suresh immediately felt a thirst in his belly and a stir in his pants looking at his own mother like that.

“Sorry, I was bathing.” Savita said sheepishly, noticing the lust filled looks her son was giving her.

“At this time?” Suresh said, coming out of his trance and making his way into the house.

“Yes, I had to clean the ceiling today, and I was covered in dust and cobwebs.” Savita said, closing the door behind her and walking into her room. “What’s all this?!” she quizzed him looking at the heaps of bags on the queen-sized bed.

“Just gifts for you mom!” Suresh said, unbuttoning his shirt. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath and it was now Savita’s turn to admire her son’s body. Suresh was an athletic chap who had been into sports and games all his life. He rippling muscles and six pack abs had made many panties wet in the recent years. Lately, even Savita’s panties had been dampened by the looks of her 22 year old son. She knew it was wrong on so many levels, but there is nothing one can do to keep her body from wanting what it wants.

“You’ve worked so hard for so many years since dad left us.” Suresh said, breaking her train of thought, “and I thought what better way to spend my first salary than to pamper you!”

“Aww, you shouldn’t have!” Savita said, caressing her young boy’s face. He looked so much like his father at that age, but was so much better in every way. Suresh was much gentler, calmer and much more loving than his father. Even in the dick department, he trumped his father many times over. Living in the same house, Savita had had many opportunities to glimpse at her sons’ cock during those inopportune moments when he would forget to lock the door when he masturbated. She hadn’t questioned him of his habits, as he had it under control and because she didn’t want to embarrass him.

Suresh hugged his mother tightly her melon sized boobs pressed firmly against his chest. “You deserve all this and more, mom!” he whispered into her ears. Savita hugged her son back. She could feel the bulge in his pants grown and press between her thighs. But she didn’t mention it to him. In fact, she felt proud that her own son found her sexy enough to be aroused. Especially since she had been devoid of a man’s attention for a few years now.

Suresh kissed his mother’s neck gently and inhaled her aroma. “Hmmm, which perfume do you use mom?” he asked.

Savita pushed him aside and laughed. “I’ve just come out of the bath, I haven’t had the time to put on any perfume yet!” she said and walked towards the dressing table. She fixed her towel securely against her chest and began applying a body lotion all over her dusky, plump body. She knew Suresh was looking at her, but didn’t mind.

Savita put a huge blob of lotion on her hand, and rubbed it between her palms. She then began massaging the white lotion all over her chest and her bouncy boobs, putting on a show for her son. She lifted her hands to apply the lotion on her back, exposing her silky smooth shaved underarms. Suresh looked at his own mother unashamedly with is mouth wide open.

When Savita had teased him enough, she gave him a stern look and nodded her head, as if asking ‘What?’

Suresh shut his mouth and turned away, shaking his head, as if answering her with a ‘nothing’.

When Savita was done applying her lotion, she picked up the undergarments on the bed. She wondered if she should start wearing them right in front of Suresh, but decided against it. She had tortured him enough for one evening.

“Okay leave, I need to change into my clothes,” she said.

“Why don’t you wear this mom?” Suresh said, taking out a beautiful green and silver chiffon saree from one of the bags he had brought. Savita was mesmerised by her son’s taste. Even she couldn’t have picked up such a beautiful saree for herself.

“Oh, it’s beautiful!” she said, taking the saree from his hands and looked at it more intently. Her eyes glanced over the rest of the bags he had brought and rested on a unique looking packed that peeped out from underneath all other bags. She put the saree down and extracted the packed only to discover that it was a sexy lingerie!

Savita looked at her son questioningly. Suresh simply puts his head down in shame, but look up at her at the edge of his eyes and smiled at her. Savita couldn’t hold her mock anger anymore and smiled back at him.

“Idiot, what’s this?” she said, removing the cherry red lace lingerie from the cover.
“It’s for you mom,” Suresh said.

“Whom will I wear this for?” she pursed her hands over the flimsy material. “And how did you know my sizes?” she asked.

“I looked through your inners.” He said and held his ears apologetically.

Savita knew her boy was stealing her inners for a while now. She would sometimes find her used panties and bra crumpled and sometimes coated in his sticky cum in the bathroom, but hadn’t thought of it much. Just the thought of her son lusting after her had perked up her nipples, making an impression on her wet towel.

“You are unbelievable” she said, slapping him gently over his cheeks. Suresh intercepted his mother’s hand and gently kissed her palm lovingly. Savita looked away in shyness. “Okay, go now. I need to change!” she pushed him out of the room and closed it behind her.

Savita ripped off the towel on her body in one swift motion and walked over to the large mirror. She held the sexy lingerie against her body and checked out her figure. It suited her dusky colour and her slightly buxom figure quite well.

She imagined wearing it and nothing else and posing for her son when he came back from work. She imagined his carnal desires overcoming the relationship barriers and him fucking her madly and uncontrollably on the floor without waiting to go into the bedroom. Savita closed her eyes, visualizing her son fucking her parched pussy. She nibbled on her lower lip, and her hand involuntarily travelled south to her clean shaven mounds until they found her pussy lips…

She was brought back from her dream land when she heard a sound from the other side of the door. She saw some shadows shuffling about underneath the door, it was her son, no doubt. She decided to put on a show for him.

She slowly, put on the new lingerie, taking her own sweet time to caress every inch of her naked body. She squeezed her ass cheeks and parted them slightly. She held her breasts in both her hands and massaged them. She put her thumb inside her mouth and sucked on it. She opened her hair bun, letting her long luscious hair fall over her back. She took extra care to weave her thick hair into a plait. Then, she wore the new lingerie her son had just bought- it barely covered anything. The transparent netting cloth left nothing to imagination, and Savita felt shy in her own skin. Over it, she wore an old, fade nighty just to tease him more.

When Savita opened the door of the room, Suresh was sitting on the sofa, pretending to read a newspaper. He was still in his work pants and nothing else. Savita was amused by his restless behaviour. “You haven’t changed yet? Go, get washed up, and we’ll have dinner.” she said. Suresh didn’t get off of the sofa or lower his newspaper till Savita disappeared into the kitchen.

During dinner, Suresh begged and pleaded his mother to try on the new saree he had bought her. At first she dismissed his requests with a polite no. “It’s already so late! I’ll wear it tomorrow darling.” She said. But he wouldn’t have it and was adamant. She finally agreed to model the saree for him.

While Suresh sat on the sofa, counting seconds, Savita was behind the closed doors of the room trying out the new chiffon saree. When she was done, she opened the door just enough to poke her head out and beckoned her son inside.
Suresh didn’t needed to be said twice and shot up from the sofa and rushed into his mother’s room. Savita had turned around, showing him her back. She had draped the saree tightly around her body, which accentuated her buxom butt tastefully. The matching green blouse had a deep cut back, which exposed almost all of her silky, chocolate brown back to him.

Suresh held his mother by her shoulders and turned her around. Savita looked down at the floor like a shy new bride. Suresh looked at his mother from top to bottom twice. Her pallu was parted aside, which gave him a clear view of her sexy cleavage between her luscious milk mountains. Savita had tied the saree well below her waist, which exposed a large chunk of her mid riff- from just underneath her breasts to her hip bone.

The glimpses of her deep well like navel behind her saree caught Suresh’s attention. He looked mesmerised at her gorgeousness. “Mom you’re so beautiful!” he said fixing the stray strands of hair that had fallen on her face. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, gently resting his hand on her cheek. Without waiting for an answer he leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Dad is such an idiot for leaving you” he said, and kissed her on her forehead, moving closer to her. He could feel his mother’s hot breath on his chin. “He is such an idiot, mom” he whispered and moved his lips closer to her.

Savita’s lips quivered as her son’s face neared hers. For a moment she was in a complete trance. But then she came to her senses and pushed her son away. She wriggled away from him.

But Suresh was quicker and grabbed her hand before she got away completely. He pulled her towards him and hugged Savita from behind, arresting both her hands in front of her.

“Leave me” Savita cribbed half-heartedly.

Suresh hugged his mom tighter and kissed the back of her neck and her ears. He guided her in front of the large mirror. Each of their steps was accentuated by Suresh’s hard bulge pausing against his mother’s soft ass.

“Mom, look how beautiful you are,” he said, standing before the mirror. “Aaahhh…. What a great couple we make.”

Savita lifted her head and looked at them in the mirror. Suresh was right, they both looked more like a couple and less like mother and son.

“If I was born 20 years ago, I would have married you instead of dad,” Suresh whispered into Savita’s ear.

“Really?” Savita purred. She could feel a puddle forming in her panties. She didn’t have the strength to struggle anymore.

“Yeah, mom.” He said and kissed her earlobe. “Actually, I may not even have had the patience to wait for our wedding,” Suresh slid one hand against her bare, exposed waist and squeezed it gently, “we would have had our first night before the marriage.”
Suresh’s electric touch and his naughty words were making Savita go crazy. She leaned against her son’s sturdy frame and giggled. “Che naughty. You are such a shameless guy!” she chastised him.

“Yes mom, shameless for you!” Suresh said, sliding down her pallu. Savita’s blouse strained to the maximum trying to contain her fully filled breasts. Suresh grabbed one of her tits and gave it a god squeeze.

“Aaahhhhhh…..” Savita purred, holding her son’s hand tightly as he molested her tits.

“Nooo… beta… this is wrong…. Uffff…” she said.

Suresh grabbed his mother’s waist closer to him with his free hand. His dick was throbbing painfully and was struggling to get out of the constraints of his pants and underwear.

Suresh tore away his mother’s blouse with both his hands, ripping the hooks apart, exposing her full breasts. He grabbed each of her tits with his hands and gave them a good squeeze. Savita was writhing in ecstasy at her own son’s lustful touch. Savita began grinding her ass against his hard dick, teasing him.

“Didn’t you wear the lingerie I bought you?” he asked between deep breaths.

“I didn’t want it to interfere..” Savita replied naughtily.

“UMmmm.. mommm… you are so sexy….” He moaned into his mother’s ears, licking them occasionally.

Savita bit her lower lip shamelessly. She slipped her hand through Suresh’s waistband and grabbed his bare ass and squeezed them, mimicking her son’s actions on her own breasts. She lowered his pants and underwear in one swift motion and his throbbing penis sprang to life.

Suresh turned his mother to face him and took his time to admire his own mother, half naked in front of him. Although he had peeped at his mother while she was changing or taking a bath many times, this was the first time he was seeing her from such close quarters.

For Savita too, this was the first time she was looking at her own son’s cock this closely. Suresh had shaved his pubes and his balls a couple of days ago and new prickly stubs had grown in its place. His thick shaft was full of blood and was throbbing continuously, as if craving his mother’s touch. She reached out to her son’s dick and pulled down his foreskin to expose his thicky, bulby head.

Suresh caressed his mother’s dark brown, coin-sized aerolas and pinched her fully erect nipples. “Ouch!” Savita moaned. “Naughty.” She smiled at him at an angle. She brought both her hands to her chest and pushed Suresh’s hands outward. Still looking into his eyes, she knelt down and pulled down his pants further until he got out of them.

“I’ve never even done this to your father.” She said, still looking into Suresh’s eyes and brought her mouth close to his hard cock. She licked her lips with the tip of her pink tongue before opening wide to take in her son’s entire cock inside her mouth.

Suresh felt like he was going to heaven when he felt his mother’s wet, warm mouth engulf his cock, inch by inch until he felt Savita’s mouth kiss the base of his cock.
Savita could feel her son’s cock touch the back of her throat. Feeling her son’s cock inside her mouth made her all the more horny, and she could feel her juiced dripping inside her cunt. She held the throbbing cock inside her mouth as much as she could, sucking on it until she began gagging. She then withdrew her mouth, leaving a thick coating of her saliva on her son’s restless cock. She looked up at him, winked at him and began licking the saliva off of his penis hungrily.

Suresh was extremely temped by looking at his mother’s slutty side. He pulled her up immediately and started kissing her hungrily. Both mother and son were diving deep into the oceans of lust as they bit, sucked and licked each other’s mouth, lips and tongue.

Suresh pulled out his mother’s saree and untied her petticoat. He put his hand inside the waist band of her panties and brought them down. As he slid the panties down his mother’s legs, he too made his way down, kissing and licking his mother’s bare body, until he knelt down. The musky aroma of his mother’s pussy was hitting directly at his nose. he wasted no time and clasped his mouth around his mother’s mound and licked her pussy lips gently, parting them more and more with each lick.

Savita held on to her son’s bare shoulders for support as his tongue explored her pussy. “Uffff…” Savita moaned as Suresh stuck his tongue deeper into her pussy. She involuntarily lifter her right leg and placed it on his shoulder, giving his mouth a better leverage into her pussy.

Suresh clasped his hands firmly on his mother’s aged ass as he dug his tongue deeper into her pussy. He was enjoying the salty taste and velvety texture of his mother’s pussy. Never in his life had he imagined he’d be privy to taste the flavour of his own mother’s delicious pussy.

Soon, Savita felt her insides tighten. She held on to her son’s hair tightly for support, which encouraged Suresh to go faster and harder. “Aaahhh… yes beta.. raid your birthplace… ufff come on…” Savita moaned shamelessly as she came in spurts on his face. She was completely exhausted within a few seconds and fell back on the bed, naked and breathing heavily. Her pussy still leaking out her tasty juices.

Suresh got on the bed and pushed the bags of gifts he had bought. He laid his mother’s head on the soft pillow and got on top of her. “Oh mom.. you are even better looking from this angle!” he said, caressing her lips with his thumb.

Savita was exhausted, but his words stirred an animal inside of her. She grabbed the back of his neck with one hand and pulled him closer to her and planted a kiss on his lips. She could taste herself on his lips, and it turned her on even more.

Suresh hugged his mother tightly and bucked his hips, trying to find her love tunnel.
Savita giggled at her virgin son’s predicament and spread her legs. She held her son’s restless cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. Suresh did the rest of the job of pushing his rod like dick deep inside his mother’s pussy.

Savita felt his dick touch her in places she never knew existed. His thick cock lodged itself snugly inside her warm, wet pussy. Mother and son were one at last. Suresh began bucking his hips into his mother’s gently, with sweet loving motions. He kissed his mother’s lips while his cock broke into her pussy. His thrusts were occasionally punctuated by animalistic grunts, which made Savita even more mad.

Soon, both mom and son were grunting and moaning like wild animals, while their sweaty, wet bodies collided with each other. Both were licking and kissing each other’s bodies, unsure weather they were tasting sweat or saliva on their skins.

As Suresh jackhammered his thick penis deeper into his mom’s pussy, Savita opened her legs further and further, inviting her son to fill her deeper and deeper.

“Ufff… mommmm.. I have dreamed of fucking your mature pussy so many times…. uffff.. but the real thing is so much better…..” he said and snaked his tongue deep inside his mother’s mouth.

“Aaahhh… yesss baby… mumma’s dreamed of getting fucked by you too beta…” she said, enjoying his every thrust. Neither of them wanted to shed their respective salutations. Suresh addressing as Savita mom and she addressing him as beta added to the kink and turned them on even more.

“Ufff… fuck me beta… fuck you mom’s pussy… ummmaaa… ummaaaa…” she moaned between kissing him.

Soon the semi-understandable sentences gave way to incomprehensible gibberish. Mother and son were speaking a language of lust that didn’t need any words. Their moans and their bodies spoke to each other in a language of its own.
Suresh felt his semen rise up from the base of his cock. He pushed down his mother harder and began fucking her harder and harder.

Savita understood that he was about to cum. She clasped her legs behind his back, pushing him further into her pussy. “Aaahhh yessss beta… fuck me.. fuck your mother hard… feed your thick hot sperm into my barren womb… ufff….. come on beta.. cum inside me…” she moaned into his hears.

Suresh felt his thick semen rise to the tip of his cock and he thrust for one last time deep into his mom’s pussy as his cock flooded his mother’s pussy with his thick, juicy cum.

Savita pulled his face on to hers and began smooching him as her pussy drained him of his baby making milk.

Soon, both of them lay on the bed, exhausted and breathing heavily. Suresh’s penis was limp and was crusted with his own juices and those of his mom’s. Savita lay spread-eagled, cooling her pussy. Their love juices which had leaked out of her pussy had formed a wet patch on the bed.

Suresh noticed his mother’s breasts heaving up and down as she breathed. He turned to his side and put a nipple into his mouth and began suckling on her like a child. It had been years since she had lactated, but he felt great sucking her off.

Savita turned towards him to give him better leverage and caressed his hair. It felt great having her adult son suck her boobs. The same boobs he sucked as a child to draw nutrition. Now, he was the one feeding nutrition into her pussy. She chuckled at the lewd thought she had had and pressed her son’s head closer to her boobs.

Suresh’s hand sneaked between his mother’s pussy and was caressing the wet, dirty cunt he had just fucked. Soon, both mother and son were raging to go again. Both knew that although they were mother and son to the world, they were husband and wife behind closed doors of the bedroom.

The End.


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