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August 20, 2018

Chance Encounter With My Hot Aunt

Chance Encounter With My Hot Aunt

Once the pleasantries were exchanged, I showed them to their room & let them rest after a long journey. By evening when I returned home, I found that my uncle & aunt had already left to meet some old friends & would be back in a couple of days. However, the very next day, my aunt returned alone & she was in a very bad mood. I was about to leave for work when she arrived. I tried to ask her what happened, but she was too upset to speak. So I decided to leave her alone & left for work. Anyways my parents were at home & they would surely try to enquire too.

Hi friends. My name is Rohit. I am from Goa. I am 26, 5ft 10’ height with a fit body. I run my own business of organizing package tours for visiting tourists. Today I will share the story of my sexual encounter with my beautiful aunt. This is based on a true incident that happened last December.

It was the month of November, the rains were gone & the winter was beginning. My uncle Raj (father’s youngest cousin brother who is barely 10 years elder to me) was to fly down from the US with his wife. It was a long time since we had met & I was looking forward to their visit. They arrived as planned by end of the month. We hugged & greeted each other pleasantly. That’s when I felt my aunt very close to my body & boy, was she hot. She is about 5ft 6’ in her mid-thirties, very fair & a perfectly maintained figure. To top it all, she has the most beautiful smile.

Once the pleasantries were exchanged, I showed them to their room & let them rest after a long journey. By evening when I returned home, I found that my uncle & aunt had already left to meet some old friends & would be back in a couple of days. However, the very next day, my aunt returned alone & she was in a very bad mood. I was about to leave for work when she arrived. I tried to ask her what happened, but she was too upset to speak. So I decided to leave her alone & left for work. Anyways my parents were at home & they would surely try to enquire too.

But somehow I was not able to concentrate on my work & so decided to return home early. I came home by early afternoon & found my aunt sitting alone at the dining table lost in thought. I touched her shoulder gently and sat on the chair beside her. I tried to inquire about why she was so upset in the morning & how come she returned so early. “Rohit, your uncle Raj doesn’t like me interfering in his life. So I had to come back”.

I persisted, so she continued. “He and his friends have made plans for some wild party at the beach. Somehow I got to know of it & I asked him not to get involved in any wrong activities. But he pushed aside my request & asked me to shut up. That too right in front of his friends. It was so humiliating. We had a bad argument & that’s the reason I decided to return”.

I was listening quietly. I knew what party she was referring to. These parties have a lot of foreigners, lots of drinking & lots of sex. “So what will you do now?”. “Nothing. It’s the same always. I do have any value in his life. He will always do what he wants.” Slowly I realized that she is not happy with my uncle. “Well aunty, I will ask my parents to speak with him,” I said. “It’s no use. Let’s just forget about it.” She replied. “Raj won’t be here until the end of the week. What do I do till then” she spoke her thought. “Don’t worry aunty, I will take you to the best places,” I replied.

That seemed to make her happy & she smiled brightly. “Really? Will you?”. “Yes,” I replied, “I will”. “OK. But I have 1 condition. You should call me Shweta & not aunty”. I was more than happy to do so. So it was decided that the next 3 days I will be taking a break from work. I called my co-workers & explained to them to carry on with the office work without me & call me only in case of an emergency.

The next day we made a plan to visit a famous beach in North Goa, followed by lunch at a well-known restaurant. The afternoon would be spent at a newly opened Mall that also housed a movie theatre, followed by spending the evening at a world-famous nightclub right across the beach. We left from home the next morning around 10.30 am. It was a great day. We did as we planned. We even watched a movie. By 8.30 pm we were back at the beach. The sun had set & it was dark. We could hear the waves hit the shore as we walked in the coolness of the evening. Shweta was very happy with the way the day had worked out.

Our hands were touching each other as we walked. I was getting more & more attracted towards her. I did try to shrug off these thoughts & kept telling myself that she was my relative, but in vain. Suddenly Shweta caught my hand in her palm & moved her fingers between mine. I felt the softness of her hand & responded by holding her hand tight. We were walking quietly. But within myself I was overjoyed. I did not care anymore whether she was a relative of mine. Well, her husband did not appreciate her beauty & was out doing god knows what. And if she finds solace in my company then why should I not be happy about it.

My mind was now being filled with a lot of thoughts. I wanted to get intimate with her. I wanted to make out. But how? What if I make a move & then realise that she was just being friendly & did not have any other intent. I decided to play along & see what happens next. She put her head on my shoulder as we continued walking. It was a very romantic feeling. Few minutes later, she suddenly stopped & turned towards me “Rohit, tell me the truth, do you feel I am pretty?” she asked. “Of course, you are gorgeous” I replied. “You really feel so?” she asked in a hoarse whisper. I nodded. She moved towards me slowly. I knew what she was about to do & I responded. I felt her tender lips on mine & we started kissing. She put her arms around my neck & I had my hands on her waist. I knew the other people around us are probably staring at us right now, but we didn’t care. We continued kissing passionately. I have been in a few relationships, but the way Shweta kissed me was simply mesmerizing.

“You need to get a room, mate” I heard a voice say this in a heavy Australian accent. I turned around & noticed a foreigner walk past me with his girlfriend. He winked as he passed. I noticed that the girl had a mischievous smile on her lips. I looked towards Shweta. She wasn’t even a bit embarrassed though. We continued walking & soon arrived at the night club. We had a great time with great music, huge crowd & a few cocktails. It was way past 12 when we decided to get back home. We reached home around 2 am. I had a spare key of the main door & we let ourselves in without waking my parents. We both were quite tired & we went straight to our rooms. Over the next 15 mins I had showered & was getting ready for bed. But I wasn’t sleepy. I was thinking about Shweta. I decided to take a chance & walked across the passageway to her room. I knocked softly & she opened the door within a few seconds.

She had freshened up & changed into a night gown. It was light colored with a very low V-neck & was very short, barely below her waist. I kept staring at her in awe as she looked so sexy in that attire. “Will you quit staring & tell me what made you come to my room so late? I thought you would be tired after a long day” she smiled. I came back to my senses & just blurted out absent mindedly “Shweta, you looking hot”. She blushed & looked to the floor. Now I had already entered the room & latched the door behind me. She did not question me why I latched the door. Instead, she walked up to me, put her arms around my neck & said “So Rohit isn’t sleepy tonight huh?” “Nope”. “So what does Rohit intend to do if he is not sleepy” she said with a mischievous smile & bit her lower lip.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was with a gorgeous women in her room in the middle of the night & she was actually inviting me to make the most of the moment. I did not say a word, instead just pulled her closer & started kissing her lips. We continued kissing for a good 10-15 mins. I tried to enter her mouth with my tongue & she obliged. After French kissing for few more minutes, she broke the kiss & said mischievously “Where did you learn to do that? I think you have had a lot of girlfriends. And is this the only thing you are good at or is there something else too?” I did not utter a word. Instead, I put off the LED bulb on the ceiling & pulled her to the bed. I made sure I left the bedside lamp on. I knew what was going to happen & I did not want to miss seeing even an inch of Shweta’s gorgeous body.

We continued kissing for some more time as she lay over me on the bed. My hands had already started exploring her body. I felt her soft ass & gave it a good squeeze. My hands were easily under her short skirt & my fingers started entering her panty. At the same time I had started kissing her neck. She was really getting turned on this. I turned her over & now she was lying on the bed & I was on top of her. I continued kissing & biting her neck. At the same time my left hand went under her back & my right hand started playing with the boobs. She has started moaning now in pleasure & I was loving the way she moaned. I stripped her of her nighty. She did have a bra on & was now only in her panties. She had 34D size breasts & I got to work on them. I circled with my tongue around her nipples & then sucked them vigorously.

She was extremely turned on now & her hands were moving all over my back. She then grabbed hold of my erect cock through my shorts & started squeezing it. I knew it was time release him & I did so. She caught hold of my 7 inch cock & started stroking it. She then lowered herself towards my crotch and covered my cock head with her tongue. I felt a current pass through me as she put it in her mouth & started sucking. I was in heaven. She knew exactly how to pleasure a man. After 10 minutes of relentless & deep sucking I was ready to blow my load. I told her I am cumming & she took the load in her mouth & on her face. I fell back on the bed with a deep sigh as she cleaned herself in the bathroom.

“You tired champ?” she asked with a wink. “Not at all” I exclaimed & pulled her on the bed. I started French kissing her really deep & hard. She was already turned on & responded perfectly. Within a few seconds, my cock was rock hard again. I lay her on the back & got in position to enter. She moaned as my cock slid into her pussy. She was now breathing heavy with every thrust. After a couple of minutes, I increased my pace. She pulled my head towards her & held on tight to my neck & her legs on my back. This gave the deepest penetration & was now giving her fast & deep thrusts. She shuddered suddenly & went into convulsions. I knew she had orgasmed. I continued pounding her hard. Her nails were tearing into my back. We were both overcome with ecstasy as we continued in the same rhythm. After 10 minutes I was ready to blow my load again. She wanted me to cum inside her & I did as she desired. I felt her orgasm again as I unloaded myself inside her. I fell on the bed beside her panting.

“Rohit”, she said between heavy breaths “This as one of the best days of my life till today & the night was the best. Thank you.” She kissed my lips as she said thanks. I just smiled. I got off the bed & dressed myself. As I was about to leave the room, I whispered. “This is just the beginning Shweta. I will make this your best vacation ever”. I left the room & walked silently towards my room. Well, this was surely the beginning. My mind was already planning on how to make her stay at my place for a longer period of time. I smiled to myself as I closed the door. I had already made a plan……………….

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