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August 20, 2018

All Because Of My Sister

All Because Of My Sister

I’m from Bangalore stay in bsk 1st stage. I had one elder sister and her marriage was fixed on 14-10-98 but on the day of marriage she run away with her lover and to save my family respect my parents said to them to marry me and I was a Balika Bakra

Hello to all and I’m came through this site while searching some stories but after seeing this and I really became fan of this site and everyday I read at least one story nut now what am going to type is not a story it was happen in my life.

My sister is the reason and I will come into story. I have nice attractive body I can say that any male will get attract by my figure and this happen in 1998 when I was just in teen of age and I was doing my high school studies.

I’m from Bangalore stay in bsk 1st stage. I had one elder sister and her marriage was fixed on 14-10-98 but on the day of marriage she run away with her lover and to save my family respect my parents said to them to marry me and I was a Balika Bakra

And said yes and got married to Devraj who is 12 years elder that me on the first night my husband (DEVRAJ)came into room and was waiting for me but coz of age reason my parents did argument and did not sent me to his room he got angry of it

And made big fight with parents and finally they agreed for first night after a week he came into room and I was not knowing anything he was in hurry and removed all my clothes and slept beside me and slapped me and said I did not require you.

I liked your sister but now I want to adjust with a child but he was impressed by my size of booms and pressed them and removed his all clothes and said to suck his penis as I did not know anything I was shocked and it was the first time.

I was watching a well grown male organ as my parents said me that whatever he say you do so I just took it in mouth and it was too big to my mouth I was just kept and he started to do in and out for long time and some hot liquid came into my mouth

He said to drink it was very odd but I drank it in morning my in law asked me I said what all happen and she complain to Devraj father he scold him nice and next night he came into room and did same and I drank same after drinking it again.

He showed some movie in VCR player what do boy and girl do in bed somewhat feeling I was getting and my pussy was getting wet and I was in need of something slowly he came near me and said now shall we do this

I said yes and he said to suck and he was playing with my booms. I was getting horny now I put his mouth in my public area newly grown hairs were there he licked it nicely he said to open my legs and put his part near my hole and closed my mouth by his hands and said to open legs fully.

I did same at a movement he pushed and I was in much pain and pushed him away and sat on bed I saw I was bleeding I said am on monthly period leave me he said no it is common come on and he did not listen he pushed me on bed tied me up with saree and opened my legs

And pushed again really I was in lot of pain but later on it reduced and I was enjoying and this happen for four times till morning for 2 months he did same with me even I was enjoying and I got pregnant which my in law sis not liked she said in this age it will not be good and talked with my parents

I removed my first child in 2nd month itself which made me very week and I was bleeding more than 1 month for it which made my hubby very depressed he started to go with other women’s and started to fights with me and this fight became more and my parents took me back

And said him till she get well we will not send her to your home and well I was getting well and playing with children in my mother home all my school friends were coming to home and talking to me some boys were also coming and they used to talk more close to me and next to my home they stayed

One family in that one boy was there by name Seena he used to visit my home regularly as my parents were on duty so no one was in home he was talking with me and playing with me some times he used to ask what were you doing in bedroom with your hubby

You have learnt everything know can u teach me and I was really a fool in that time was telling everything he used to press my booms and I was enjoying it coz I was missing it a day came when he asked me can I do what your hubby do with you

I agreed and he said u teach me and I removed my clothes first time in front of him and said to remove his clothes said him to press and suck my booms he was very happy and I touch his penis I was laughing it was really small compared to my hubby and I sucked it within a minute he cum

And filled my mouth it was the time of my parent to arrival so he said we will do tomorrow and said not to tell anyone and went but I was lack of sex and I said him to come early next say he came with a pocket in his hand and I asked what is this he said Nirod

I asked for what then he said your husband did not use it so only you became pregnant and he said to suck his penis and I was his slave I did whatever he said this time he put Nirod to his penis and fucked me hard this was our everyday play and finally caught by my hubby one day when he gave sudden visit to

My home then again it became a big fight and he asked for divorce even Seena vacated his house from there I was not knowing anything later on I again joined to school passed my high school and joined to college that time I was in love with a guy by name.

Janu(Name changed) really very attractive and now i was knowing what all happened with me in my life and I was not going with any boys but Janu attracted me very much he too started loving me and me too but he was not knowing that am married.

He became close to me we used to talk lot in phone and I joined to a part time job in a small office where all workers were men only me and one aunt was there she was a middle aged women and she was working there from past 4 years and owner is a old man

He used to fuck that aunt in his cabin if she goes inside means she won’t come for hours and the other workers were well known this one day one of the worker came to hold my booms I got scare and left the job mean time janu got a good job he gave sweets to me.

I said I will also give treat came to home next day he came to home I was alone and I gave him kheer and he was about to leave I hold his hand and kissed him and said I love you and he was shocked and hugged me we were in heaven within minutes

He locked the door and took me in his hand and by kissing he asked can I touch your booms I nodded head and without knowing we became naked and he was trying to enter into my pussy I stopped him he said sorry and was to get up from bed but I said I want to kiss your penis so I stopped then

I sucked him and said now do he put his penis near hole and said it will pain pls adjust and pushed but it went inside easily and in that movement he did not asked he fucked me for more than 10 mins and said am going to cum I said take outside pls do not do inside

He took out and his sperms fell on my belly he hugged me tightly and slept and said sorry I said I want to tell you sorry because am already married he got shock and did not talk anything cleaned himself and went from home. He did not talk to me for many days one fine day.

I went near his home to meet him he came outside with me I asked sorry and said that I got married at my early age only and even lied him that only once my husband did sex with me and you’re the next person to touch me there after we used to meet regularly and exchange kiss apart from that

He never used to touch me and one day I was sick I called him to home I kept my head on his lap and slept my heart was beating more I said him to touch and see and he was pressing and we both got erotic and again we had a great session of sex it became our regular act

I enjoyed all positions of sex with him watching movies when there was no one in home and he asked me shall we marry I said no I won’t marry because already I got divorce and I do not want to spoil your life let be lover forever later on he got married but before marriage

We enjoyed lot a day before his marriage also he fucked me and said bye to me now after marriage he meets me but with his wife only no more contact with him now at present after becoming alone again I kept a tailor shop of my own and leading my life but mom is forcing for marriage

I said no but due to more pressure I agreed for second marriage and now got married to Devraj who is working as driver in travels and starting he was good with me but he is not able to satisfy me more because I have already enjoyed all the acts of sex in my age of 24 and now just leading a life. This is not a story but a real life history of mine I’m just want to share my pain with someone so I am posting this.


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