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August 22, 2018

A Mother’s Sacrifice

A Mother’s Sacrifice

As every mom son relationship, we had a pure form of relationship. My friends introduced me to the drugs when I was in my school. I started taking drugs during my final exams in my school level. This reduces my marks in 12 standard and so I didn’t get a seat in a government college. Soon I got addicted to it and started taking more and more drugs which resulted in body weakness.

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My family consists of My Mom, Sudha and Myself. My father divorced my mom and married another woman when I was 5 years old. My mom is working as a phycology professor in a nearby private college. My mom is 45 years old and she looks fair and beautiful. She is jovial. She will be looking like a woman in her early 30s. I never had any bad intention towards mom.

As every mom son relationship, we had a pure form of relationship. My friends introduced me to the drugs when I was in my school. I started taking drugs during my final exams in my school level. This reduces my marks in 12 standard and so I didn’t get a seat in a government college. Soon I got addicted to it and started taking more and more drugs which resulted in body weakness.

My mom came to know I am taking drugs only after I was addicted. She advised me a lot to overcome my drugs habit but unfortunately, I was not able to overcome the practice of taking drugs. My mom doesn’t like to admit me to the addiction center, as I am her one and only son. My mom is a phycology professor. She knew that if my mind is diverted from drugs to any other thing I can overcome drugs.

She makes me read a lot under her surveillance, but I fall asleep due to the effect of drugs. She took me to nearby places as if like tours but unable to materialize anything.

My mom was worried about my future and was cursing her fate that she was unable to take care of her son. She was thinking about how to save me from drugs daily. Finally, she got an idea. A girl can make anyone forget anything even drugs from drug addicted. The only difficulty is to find a good girl for me, to save me from drugs. She cannot directly approach anyone for this. They may be afraid of their own future.

Finally one day she decided herself to be the girl to save me from drugs. She became more close and friendly to me. She was already friendly to me but now she was even more close to me.

Normally she wears saree, now she started wearing chudidhars to mingle with me so that it would be like dating the same age girl, she thought that and accompany me for shopping, cinemas, night walk, etc. she was behaving like a girlfriend to me. I showed some change in my drug practice and was slowly recovering, as I have a companion with me, most people become drug addicts due to loneliness.

Now, I don’t feel that much loneliness as my mom is with me like a close friend. One day after my college, I had a party with my friends. They injected me drugs and I was unconscious when my friends left me at my home. This made my mom worried.

She decided to make a hard step to save me. She thought, if I became a sex addict I won’t take drugs. She thought for a whole week and tried to approach call girls. Then she thought if the call girls have sexually transmitted disease or HIV I may be affected by AIDS. So she has to drop this idea. But there won’t be an any better idea to save me from drugs. Again she decided, herself to be the one to have sex with me. As a mom, she made a big sacrifice for her son making her heart hard.

Next day she discussed it with me and I was shocked, I told her here after I won’t take drugs but she didn’t want to take any risk. She asked me to get ready for the night. I don’t know what to do, I have guilty in my mind and also some sort of happiness that I and going to have my first sex, that too with my mom. The feeling that I am going to suck the boobs which fed me milk and fuck the hole from which I came out was making me crazy.

The night has arrived. We had our dinner and my mom asked me to come to her room at 10 PM. My mom took bath and was ready with a red silk saree with jasmine flower in her head. She was waiting for me, I knocked the door, she asked me to come in. She was looking very beautiful today.

She asked me to sit on the bed, she has some hesitation now. But for my better future she started, she lip locked me, I didn’t respond for the first time, she then turned to the other side, I hugged her and kissed her we had a long kiss for about 5 mins. She removed my t-shirt and slipped her saree pallu, I can see her milky cleavage, she asked me to switch off the light.

I switched off the light, went back to her and kissed her again, I started to press her boobs over her blouse, she pushed my hands and slapped me first. Then she took my hands and kept on her boobs. I pressed and sucked it over her blouse. I took out her one boob and sucked it. It was big and soft like cotton. I unbutton her blouse, her one boob is covered with her bra, I pushed her strap down and her other boobs popped out. Those were the boobs which fed me milk when I was a baby.

Now I sucked them like a baby and pressing the other boobs, she was moaning and caressing my head. I untied her petticoat/paavadai and remove it with her saree, she was fully nude in front of me. But unfortunately, I was unable to see anything clear as it was dark. Her pussy was covered with hairs, I touched it she shivered, this is the hole from which she pushed me out 21 years back. I fingered her pussy and increased one finger for each stroke till I push my hand into her pussy. She was crying in pain and her juices were flowing over her pussy.

I licked her juices and licked her pussy walls and had a shock wave in her whole body, I then took my rock hard dick and placed on her pussy lips and pressed it, with some efforts I inserted my full dick, as a virgin I had some pain in my dick she too had a pain as she uses her pussy only to urinate since my father left us.

I fucked her for about 20 mins and ejaculated inside her pussy. Then I laid over her and we were gasping and slept nude. When I wake up in the morning I saw my mom was searching her dress, covering herself with the blanket, I pulled her blanket and she became nude, she covered herself with her petticoat.

I told her mom I have fucked you last night then why you cover yourself from me. she told me, Rahul, I am your mom and I feel shy to be nude in front of my son and it was a treatment which you get till you are out of drugs. If I get such a wonderful treatment why should I recover, I told her. Then I had a nap again. My mom took bath and came to me with a cup of coffee. She was wearing a light green and black saree.

I pulled her to me and lip locked her. I asked her mom, from which milk you made this coffee, she asked me back from which milk you need, I hold her left boobs and told from this milk, and took her boobs out of her blouse, this is the first time I am seeing my mom’s boobs in light and I started to suck it, she closes her eyes and moans, she asked me to leave her, I am your mom now and will satisfy you at night.

I pressed my hand against her pussy over her saree, removed her saree from her hip and started to untie her petticoat, She pushed me and ran away, her petticoat falls down revealing her soft milky thighs and her hairy pussy. OMG, I saw my mom’s pussy for the first time in the light. She went to bathroom and hides. I stood up and went to refresh myself to my room.

After some time she dressed properly and came to the kitchen, I hugged her from the back and asked my mom and asked her how was last night, she smiles and said I was happy about last night. I lost this for a long time but never expected that my son who came out of my pussy will fill it with his sperm even in my dreams. She told me I was happy and asked me to stop taking drugs, I promised her I won’t take it. We have regular sex from then.

Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!


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