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August 19, 2018

The Group Project

The Group Project

Sohini: A bit on the shorter side but extremely beautiful,heartthrob of all the boys, has a perfect ass and large melons as well. She is also the 1st girl of our class.

A big hello to all the readers of ISS. I am Anirban,from Kolkata. I am studying in a reputed engineering college in Kolkata and presently in my 2nd year. The story I am going to narrate today is totally true and happened to me when I was studying in class 12. Let’s hope all of you enjoy it. Before starting I would like to introduce you to the other 3 characters of the story. All the characters are 18 years above in this story.

Prapti: Tall,fair,has an absolute hour glass figure with perfect boobs ( Sorry I am not great with exact figures).

Sohini: A bit on the shorter side but extremely beautiful,heartthrob of all the boys, has a perfect ass and large melons as well. She is also the 1st girl of our class.

Abhinava: My best buddy, tall, dark complexioned, athletic, handsome.
There is of course nothing extraordinary to tell about me. I don’t have an athletic physique,neither do I boast of great intelligence. Iam fair,tall, having a slight paunch and a medium sized dick.
Now, when we were studying in class 12, preparing for board exams, we had to do a project in all our science subjects as a part of the internal assessment. Our physics teacher had asked us to make a group of 4 students and take up different topics as a part of the project work. Now, physics was a subject I absolutely dreaded. Abhinava had assured me he would definitely have me in whichever group he would be. He was a good friend of both Sohini and Prapti. They readily decided to form a group with Abhi but we’re not really convinced with my inclusion( of course because of my academics). Somehow Abhi managed to convince them, but Sohini had already warned that at any time if she was not satisfied with my contribution, I will be thrown out.

Well, the thing with a project and especially a group project is that you never know how the time flies away and the deadline that seemed so far looms near. We found ourselves in a similar situation when Sohini, our group leader called for a meeting at break time and was fuming.

Sohini: I knew this was going to happen. Anirban, I told you to do research on radiocommunication and give relevant info to Abhi, something he and I could then edit and give Prapti the final material to organize and write. You fucking came up with 205 pages. Are you fucking nuts!

Actually, I had the fear of getting thrown out and therefore whatever I could find on “radiocommunication” on the internet I printed and gave to Abhi which in the end turned out to be 205 pages.
Prapti: Ok, let’s cool down. Anirban you sort out a bit from that 205 pages, make it 100-120 within 2 days and pass on to Abhi. We will meet this Saturday at Sohini’ s house and do the final organisation and final writing.

Sohini: Anybody who doesn’t turn up on Saturday will not be a part of the group anymore. Then screw you’re internal.

Well, after all, that was said I had to do a lot of work in the next two days and finally we met at Sohini’s house on Saturday. We all gathered by around 4:00 pm considering the huge work that was to be done. Sohini’s parents had gone to Vizag to attend a wedding. It was already decided that we will be spending the night at Sohini’ s house taking into consideration that we will be working till late night,which in the end turned out to be totally something else!!!!!!
I was the last one to arrive and immediately after doing so my eyes got glued to Prapti. She was looking stunning. She was wearing a tight red top which totally exposed her waist and her boobs it seemed were dying to come out. I immediately started to feel my dick getting hard. Just then I saw Sohini going frantically through a bunch of pages and gosh, she looked an angel. Her attire was a black deep neck top giving a great exposure to her cleavage and a miniskirt. She was giving her curves the right exposure. Well,I didn’t have much time to linger on about the two girls as Abhi asked me to help me in sorting things out. For the next 3 hours we were immersed fully on our work and we managed to do the troublesome sorting and selection of information which now had to be organized and finally written in the file.

It was around 7 pm when Sohini called for a break. I was relieved. I had never concentrated so hard in my life as I did for those 3 hours although two pairs of great boobs made it very difficult.

Sohini: Ok,let’s take a break. I will bring some snacks. Let’s eat something and then we will start again. After all Iam your host.
” Yeah,make sure you give us enough to eat and drink” ,Abhi said with a wink. I really didn’t know what it was supposed to mean and that point I really didn’t want to either. Abhi, Prapti and I chatted for a while and in the meantime Sohini came back with 4 chocolate pastries and a big bottle of coke. As she bend over to place the tray on the floor,her deep neck top revealed what it was supposed to. I just kept staring at her boobs,which were huge,just like I had seen in the porn movies. She was wearing a purple colour bra. My hand involuntarily went to my crotch and I gave my dick,which was hard by now,a light press. Sohini noticed that and maybe for a millisecond I could see a smile at the corner of her lips,or maybe I just imagined it.

“Start eating guys,we have a lot still left to do”,she said with a smiling face.

“Let’s start”, Prapti said clapping her hands merrily.
We finished off the food within 15 minutes and got back to work. By around 9 we had completed the organization of the info and we just needed to write it down. All four of us took responsibility for writing different topics. ” Let’s take the dinner break now”, Abhi said. We all nodded in agreement.

After having dinner, we were chit chatting when Abhi came up with an idea, ” Come on guys let’s play some game for a while, it’s been a hectic evening”. ” We can play some board games”, Prapti exclaimed. ” Hmm, but let’s try something interesting, what about truth and dare?’, Abhi proposed. There was a moment of silence. ” Well, that can be good, but….”, Sohini hesitated. ” Come on we are all friends here, it’s just fun stuff” ,Abhi told convincingly. He managed to convince both the girls that it would be fun and a good time pass. I don’t know why but I just felt it wouldn’t be just so casual,partly because I knew Abhi very well,the stud that he was. Well,Sohini managed to find an empty glass bottle and we started the game.
The first few rounds were indeed casual and for fun. I was asked to tell the teacher I found hottest, Prapti asked to go to the balcony and shout at top of her voice ” Mera pati mujhe choor ke bhag Gaya”, Sohini asked about her worst nightmare and stuff like that.

It was Abhi who started to heat it up a bit. It was Prapti’ s turn and she asked for a dare which Abhi was supposed to give. After some thoughtful minutes,he blurted out ” Okay,Prapti give a sexy lap dance to Ani”. I just stared at Abhi sitting beside me but he didn’t bother looking. Prapti seemed a bit confused but surprisingly said,” Okay, Abhi but you better watch out on your turn”. I sat on a chair and Sohini turned on some sexy music. Prapti started to swirl around with that perfect body of hers. She placed her ass on my crotch and leaned backwards, swiveling her ass with synchronized movements. I could see her boobs very closely. My dick was rock hard and she could clearly feel it poking her ass. I just wanted to press her melons when she turned around and faced me. In the heat of the moment I had closed my eyes and started to gyrate my hips pushing my hard cock further against her crotch,when suddenly the music stopped. “Okay enough guys,it is getting more difficult for Anirban as I can see”, Sohini giggled having clearly seen the visible erection I had. Prapti blushed and we both took our seats. Next it was Abhi’s turn and he chose dare. Prapti got her chance. ” Well Mr.Abhi I dare you to do a catwalk,and do it topless”,giggled Prapti. ” Now let’s see how daring are you”, Sohini giggled. Abhi coolly took his shirt off and did a catwalk and to be very honest he looked a professional model when he did so. Next came Sohini’s turn. She initially asked for a truth. However Abhi intervened “So now we see who is the little munchkin” ,and high fived me. “Oh really,fine then I will take the dare”,Sohini sounded confident. Although it was my turn to give the dare Abhi took the lead himself and said” I dare you to kiss on Anirban’s bare chest”.

All three of us looked shocked. Seeing such a reaction Abhi quickly told Sohini, ” So you are backing out then…..”. He had not even completed when Sohini asked me to take my T-shirt off. I wasnot sure I was hearing it right but somehow clumsily managed to take my T-shirt off. Sohini came close to me and went down and planted a kiss on my right nipple and then my left and then at the centre. It felt awesome. “That’s daring”, Prapti said with a giggle. Next it was my turn and I chose dare as taking truth was probably out of the equation now. Prapti after a lot of consultation with Sohini finally spoke out, ” I dare you to do a striptease Infront of Sohini”. I was shellshocked,more so coz I had not put on my T -shirt and therefore had a questionable doubt as to what she meant by ” striptease”. I looked at Abhi hoping he would help; instead he told ” comeon Ani you have an easier job,just the pants. It’s easy man,don’t back off”. After all that had happened to me so far, I was having a strong erection which was clear even from the outside and now I had to take my pants off. I went near Sohini who had started a nice slow song and started to unbutton my jeans and take it off as sexily I could manage. Abhi cheered from behind. My hard dick was clearly bulging out of my underwear and the view of Sohini’s cleavage didn’t help it ease much.

Prapti shifted a little to have a better view,she of course had felt it during the lap dance. Sohini gave a naughty smile looking at my bulge. I gradually grew more confident and didn’t even bother putting my pants back on.

Next it was Sohini’s turn. She followed the untold norm and blurted out “Dare”. I had to give her a dare. I thought for a while and to be honest I don’t know from where I got that confidence I boldly said” To topless and give a lap dance to Abhi”. Abhi didn’t see it coming from me and made a funny face giving me a glance. Sohini was visibly shocked. “No fucking way,are you nuts Anirban. There’s no way she is doing that”, Prapti blurted. ” But we have gone topless,Ani did not even hesitate to take his pants off considering we were all friends and in our comfort zone”,Abhi claimed. “But it’s not the same for a girl you know that. If I tell you take your pants and underwear off,get nude will you still be in your comfort zone?? I don’t think you will and it’s same for us”,Sohini argued. “Yes I will still be”,Abhi told calmly and then did the unthinkable. Till today I can never forget the scene. He got up, unbuttoned his jeans and took it off along with his underwear in one go. His big hard cock was out on display. It was bigger than mine,at least lengthwise although mine is way thicker. Both the girls were left open-mouthed. I didn’t know where to look,how to react. ” You three are my closest friend,I will be very comfortable. So Sohi now you are feeling easy??”,Abhi said.
Sohini took a deep breath and replied,”But it should just be between the 4 of us”. Prapti wanted to protest maybe but before she could say something Abhi told:” Absolutely that’s the trust we all have on each other, I believe”.

And then it happened…

Sohini stood up and took her black top off. I kept staring at her boobs. Her purple bra was struggling to contain them. I felt my underwear would give away any time. Never in my life before had I felt such strong an erection. Sohini was a bit shy,looking towards the floor and then gradually proceeded to take her bra off. What a scene,its as if my wildest fantasy came true. Her assets were indeed jawdropping; firm and perfectly round with dark nipples which were pointed,she was excited too. I could see Abhi’s dick was hard as a rock. He could not stop himself from complementing “You have beautiful boobs Sohi”. “Thank you”,Sohini replied shyly. However it was only a part of the dare. She now proceeded to complete the other part, the lap dance.

Abhi was fully nude and I estimated it to be a hot affair. I played the song “Zara Zara touch me” on Sohini’s laptop and she started to swivel around with her body. It was a scene to behold for a Lifetime. She gradually faced Abhi whose dick was rock hard and sat on it. Abhi closed his eyes in pleasure and took hold of Sohini’s waist to support her. Sohini continued to gyrate her hips to the rythym. It was getting sexier and I had no intention to turn off the music. Abhi was gyrating his hips in motion with Sohini’s as if fucking. Sohini’s boobs were right in Abhi’s face and he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He took her left boob in his mouth and starting sucking it vigorously pressing the other with his hand. Sohini moaned in pleasure,” Oh yesssss,give me your cock Abhi,yesssss yes”. Abhi took her skirt off. She had purple panty which was already wet. Abhi took it off as well and embraced in a deep smooch carried her to the couch.

In the mean time, I had taken out my cock and started stroking it. Prapti was glancing at it. I knew she was excited as well. I took off my underwear and threw it on the bed, went near Prapti stroking my hard cock Infront of her face and said dirtily,”ektu chuse de Amar bara ta”( please suck my dick) and started pressing her boob. She initially resisted a bit but as she opened her mouth to say something I pushed my cock into her mouth. Her resistance gave away and she started to suck it. She was doing it really well, licking the tip with her tongue and pushing the foreskin up and down with her lips at the right pressure. I asked her to get naked. She took her red top off and jeans off. She was wearing a black bra and a panty. I literally tore them off and took control of her heavenly melons. She started to moan. On the couch, Sohini and Abhi were in 69. Sohini was sucking his cock vigorously. I continued sucking Prapti’s melons and she was giving me a hand job.

” Eat my pussy, Ani please eat it baby”,Prapti begged. I went down and pleasured her with my tongue. She started moaning like hell and started using slangs to push me harder. I started to finger her and she came with a huge moan. Abhi had started banging Sohini in missionary and I could not control anymore. I spread Prapti’s legs and slapped my dick a few times on her pussy lips. “Use a condom Ani,please”, Prapti said. I stared at her for a while and replied “Fuck your condom” and entered her in one go. She screamed in pain. Sohini and Abhi looked perplexed. I silenced with a smooch and continued pressing her boobs.

After sometime when I felt she had adjusted to my dick,I started gyrating my hips in a rythym. She was moaning and encouraged me to go harder. “Fuuuuuuucckkk meeee, fuck me, you son of a bitch, go deepeeeeerr”,Prapti encouraged. After 20 mins of strong fucking, I felt I would come. I stopped and asked Prapti to ride me. She did that. I just loved how her boobs were bouncing up and down. I kept sucking both her nipples alternately. It was not long before she came again and this time I was also on the brink. I took my cock out, got out of the bed and asked Prapti to kneel down Infront of me and blow me. After few seconds her lips and tongue did the job; I released a hell lot of cum, till date I have never cummed that much. She swallowed most of it and gave me a long smooch before going to the bathroom to get fresh. Sohini and Abhi were also done. Sohini had cum all over her boobs trickling down towards her navel. Abhi, however, wasn’t done yet .”Where is Prapti”,he asked. “She has gone to get fresh” , I replied.

Sohini was standing naked in the balcony. It was nearly 12 at night. I was lying down on the couch when I heard moans from the bathroom. As I had guessed Abhi was banging Prapti’s ass and she was moaning like hell!!! Seeing them my dick started to get hard again. I entered the bathroom and guided my cock into Prapti’s mouth who duly gave me a wonderful blowjob. I then went back to the room. I had something else in mind. I wanted to fuck Sohini as well. She was standing on the balcony. I couldn’t take my eyes off that ass. My dick was rock hard again. I went from behind and entered her pussy.” Oh fuuckkk”, she moaned. I didn’t give a damn and started fucking taking hold of her boobs. We had a steamy session on the balcony where I fucked her in missionary and came inside her. She even gave me a great boob job.

After that Sohini and I fell asleep. We don’t know when Abhi and Prapti finished.

It was 7.30 in the morning when my mother’s call interrupted my sleep. We all

had breakfast and went happily to our homes. We decided to finish respective parts of our writing on Sunday and submit it the next day. Sohini gave Abhi and me a blowjob as a good sendoff!!!!!!
All four of us are still friends. Sohini actually has got a bit detached. She is in Bhubaneswar now. Rest three of us are all in Kolkata and we even had a threesome with Prapti, but that’s for some other day. Hope you guys enjoyed my story.


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