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August 21, 2018

Found The Sexdoll Again

Found The Sexdoll Again

Me, Rakesh and Nikhil had come over to Mumbai to attend a friend Abhinav’s reception party. We were staying at a Five-star property. I was just finished with my swimming session in the pool, when I saw Radhika leaving the adjoining women’s washroom in a white robe. I quickly got out of the pool almost wet, putting on my fluffy robe, pump slippers and started following her stealthily. She took the stairs to reach the first floor as she entered room no 125 punching in her key card. I gently smiled at my good luck and her bad fate.
I immediately called Rakesh and asked him to get Nikhil at his room. I rushed to his room.

To know the angle between me, Rakesh and Radhika, please read the first part.

It had been ten days and I was unable to take my mind off her, that luscious body and the mind-blowing sex that we had even though things ended badly. We wanted to set things right if given the chance.

Me, Rakesh and Nikhil had come over to Mumbai to attend a friend Abhinav’s reception party. We were staying at a Five-star property. I was just finished with my swimming session in the pool, when I saw Radhika leaving the adjoining women’s washroom in a white robe. I quickly got out of the pool almost wet, putting on my fluffy robe, pump slippers and started following her stealthily. She took the stairs to reach the first floor as she entered room no 125 punching in her key card. I gently smiled at my good luck and her bad fate.
I immediately called Rakesh and asked him to get Nikhil at his room. I rushed to his room.

Me: Dude, I found her, that bitch Radhika.

Rakesh: Awesome! Let’s feast on her. Hisaab pura karna hai!
Nikhil: Is it the same Radhika whom you guys fucked on New Year’s Eve?

Me: Yes. What a babe she is. Let’s go to her room. You can also enjoy her Nikhil. You’ll love her absolutely.
Nikhil: What are we waiting for? Chalo!

As we were about to go, I received a call from Abhinav asking us to hop over to his place instantly for some work. We decided that we’ll get her at night. We booked a hotel cab for Abhinav’s place at Powai.
We came back to our hotel at around 11 PM, when we decided to head straight towards Radhika’s room 125. We kept knocking at the door but no one opened. Later the passing by housekeeping staff mentioned that the guest in this room has been shifted to some other room due to plumbing issues. We missed our great window of opportunity. There was no way of finding her without raising suspicions on us. We were disappointed but I was determined to find her once again. It was eleven at night and I guessed that she could be outside and may come back to hotel later at night.

In the hope of finding her again, I positioned myself near the pool area, Rakesh and Nikhil around the reception area and lift lobby for an hour. We got lucky once again as Rakesh saw her entering the hotel. He asked Nikhil to get into the lift with her as Nikhil was not there in our last group session. And got into the lift he did. The lift stopped at the top floor. Radhika entered room 1525.
The three of us assembled at 15th floor as we asked Nikhil to knock the door while we stood on both sides of the door. She opened the door after few knocks.

Radhika: Yes! Weren’t you in the lift with me?
Nikhil: Yup. And now these two are also with me.
We emerged from both sides of the door as she was surprised to see us. Happy to see that she recognized us immediately.
Me: Hi Radhika or should I say Sudha Associates member! How are you?

Nikhil entered the room as we followed suit. I closed the door with a thumping sound. She was wearing a black one-piece dress and stockings which ended above her knees. She looked even more stunning in this dress than last time.
Radhika: How did you guys find me?

Me: Fate Radhika! Fate. It’s time we punish you for what you did that night.

Radhika: And what do you have in mind?

She said with a smirk. I held her by waist and then her legs as I picked her up as we walked towards the bedroom. I threw her on the large bed. I hopped on the bed as I got hold of her and came on top. I held her dress near her chest and tore it open. I started kissing her wildly sucking her tongue. Nikhil got in on the act as he started kissing and biting her thighs after taking off her stockings.
I took off her bra while Rakesh held her hands from behind. I threw open her bra and started sucking and biting those milky boobs of her. I was biting her nipples as she moaned lightly saying “Aaaaahhhhhh”. I was chewing one of her boobs, I could not put it entirely in my mouth and pressing the other boob like dough. Her moans were slowly increasing in intensity.

Rakesh tied her hands with his handkerchief. As I was sucking and biting her boobs, several teeth marks were left on her milky white boobs. She shouted as I pressed her boobs pretty hard “Ooooohhhhh fuuuuccckkkkk! Aaaahhhh”. As she shouted, Rakesh opened his zip, took out his erect dick and inserted it into her mouth from behind. She was well aware of his dick as Rakesh fucked her mouth vigorously in the last session.

Rakesh was taking his dick in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace. She was adjusting quite well to the girth of his dick. Sounds of “Suuuuurrrpppppp” filled the room as she was sucking his dick which was now full of saliva. He was inserting the full length of his dick in her mouth which was almost reaching her throat. She was also being gagged by him at times. I tore more of her dress until her pelvis after sucking her boobs. I swapped places with Nikhil as I tore her dress completely and took off her panty. I started licking her pussy lips and rubbing her clitoris while Nikhil started working on her boobs, sucking the wet and reddish boobs of her. He also started kissing her stomach and biting her waist region. She was moaning hard due to our actions “Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh” with a dick in her mouth.

Her pussy was getting wet as I was fingering her pussy with two fingers and licking her clitoris with my tongue at the same time. She was moving her pelvis up and down as my licking made her super excited. I increased the speed of finger fucking her and also was biting her clitoris. She was breathing heavily and moaned “Uuuummmmmmaaaaahhhhhh. . . Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh”. She crossed her legs over my head, thus, pushing my face into her pussy. I spit out my saliva onto her pussy as I licked her pussy. Soon I inserted my tongue into her pussy and was tongue-fucking her as she further tightened her grip around my neck and head. She was about to cum and cum she did while moaning at the top of her voice. I tasted her white salty fluids flowing out of her pussy.

Rakesh had some other ideas due to which he switched with me. I opened my jeans and slid my cock into Radhika’s mouth while Nikhil was enjoying her boobs and navel. Rakesh went to the washroom and bought a small bottle of oil. Radhika’s eyes indicated what was going to happen next. I held her head and started giving her faster strokes in her mouth as my balls were constantly grazing her face. She was unable to move as her hands were tied and two other guys strangling her. Rakesh applied oil around her asshole by spreading her legs, supporting them over his shoulder and on his middle finger. He said “we missed this last time. Not this time baby!”.

He slowly started inserting his thick middle finger inside her asshole as he kept rubbing more oil. Radhika was moaning with pleasure and pain at the same time “Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!”. Rakesh increased the speed of his finger fucking her ass. He was loving every part of it as he told ‘’You wanted this right! Ye to bas shuruaat hai jaaneman”. I gagged Radhika and pulled my dick out of her mouth for catching a breath. She shouted “Aaaaaahhhhh! Ffffuuuuccccckkkkk. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Uuuuuuhhhhhhh” with long heavy breaths.
Rakesh wanted to fuck her asshole now. So, we rearranged our positions.

I laid on the bed with Radhika on top and facing me. I inserted my dick inside her pussy holding and spreading her ass cheeks. Nikhil wanted to fuck her mouth, so he sat on his legs upright, held her by her hair and inserted his dick inside her mouth. It started growing further as he increased his speed. Her hands were still tied behind her. As Radhika was on top of me, I was sucking and biting her soft boobs which turned red due to all the biting and pressing. We positioned ourselves at the edge of the bed so Rakesh could anal fuck her. He applied lots of oil on his dick as well on and around her ass hole. He held her by the waist and started penetrating her ass. After applying force, the head of his dick entered her ass. Radhika moaned at the top of her voice with a dick inside her mouth “Uuuuaaaaaaaaaahhhhh”.

She tried to move her pelvis region and hands, but could not. Rakesh gave one wild push roaring as his entire dick landed inside her ass. She was shouting as she freed herself of Nikhil’s dick by moving away her head “Oooohhhhh Fffffuuucccckkk! Aaaahhhhhiiiiiii”. Rakesh started the to and fro motion of his dick inside her ass as she wailed “Aaaaahhhh! Uuuuuuuuhhhh”.

Gradually, she got accustomed to Rajesh’s dick inside her ass as well as mine inside her pussy as we double penetrated her. She was moving her pelvis up and down in sync with the movements of our dicks. Her mouth was also filled with Nikhil dick as all the three holes were occupied and filled with rapid movements. As Rakesh was fucking her ass, he also slapped those white ass cheeks of her. He began slapping them hard as they were also turning red leaving his prints on her ass cheeks. The room was now filled with the sounds of the three of us applying our efforts, Radhika’s moans and the slapping of her ass cheeks. She had already cum two times by now. After about fifteen minutes of intense fucking, I was about to cum. I held Radhika by her waist firmly as my motions were very rapid. I cummed inside her and let out a shriek. Seeing me cum excited Rakesh, without much ado, he also increased his pace further and gave deeper strokes and kept slapping her ass. Soon he dropped his hot sperm inside her ass. As he withdrew his dick, there was a gaping hole as her ass hole was wider now.

Even though I had just cum, I wanted to take her ass. So, now Nikhil got the chance to fuck her pussy while I took to her ass. We rearranged ourselves as Radhika spoke “You bastards, it was the most painful session I ever had. But Fuck yes, it was awesome. I just can’t move an inch of my body.”

Rakesh: We have got many more things lined up for you baby. You move on our wishes.

He thrust his dick inside her mouth by holding her long hairs so she could taste the insides of her ass mixed with cum and oil. Nikhil was under Radhika as he penetrated her pussy with ease while I started applying more and more oil on my dick and her ass. Seeing a beauty such as Radhika in this state, made my dick erect and hard very quickly as I began penetrating her ass. I supported myself by placing one leg at the edge of the bed while the other was on the floor, so I could generate a lot of force in entering her ass. It worked like charm as I was inside her ass in one single push. She cried out “Uuuuuuuiiiiiiihhhhhhaaaaaaaa” as she tried taking Rakesh’s dick out of her mouth but he held her head firmly so as not to let the dick out.

All three of us were giving rapid movements in all three holes of her. Her pussy was overflowing with cum, sperms, and oil floating around the region. Nikhil held her bay waist as he was fucking her pussy, I held her ass while Rakesh her head as he was fucking her mouth as her vagina. Radhika liked Rakesh’s dick a lot as she also sucking it with her tongue. Sometimes she would bite his dick with her teeth, so Rakesh would punish her by slapping her hard. I guess she liked this trait too. They were in on it together. She bit him on the dick every few seconds and he would keep slapping her pretty face which also turned red really soon. But Rakesh was not done. He saw that her back was white and did not have any bite marks. Radhika had bite marks everywhere ranging from her neck, boobs, thighs, ass but not her back. So Rakesh started slapping her back hard which left marks. She tried to moan “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh”.
Rakesh: You like it, baby, huh!

She nodded her head in agreement as he slapped her cheeks and her back. He then pressed her nose with the intention of gagging over and boy she did gag! He slid his dick out so she could catch a breath with Saliva and cum dripping out of her mouth and on his penis. He put his dick back inside her mouth. At the other end, I and Nikhil were fucking her brains out with our dicks and rapid motions. As my dick was inside her ass, I also tried inserting one finger into her pussy alongside Nikhil’s dick. It did go inside albeit now with ease. After some time, I inserted another finger into her pussy. Her moans increased in intensity and sound. I synced the movement of my fingers inside her pussy alongside Nikhil’s dick. I inserted a third finger and it was like there were two dicks in her pussy and one in her ass. It felt amazing. She tried to whine hard “Ummmmmmhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”.

Rakesh was inserting his dick deep into her mouth and gagging her from time to time. She was now a fair chick with pockets of red patches and bite marks all around her body. All the four of us so intense. After few minutes, she came again. I lost the count of the number of times she had cum. A few minutes later, Nikhil was about to cum as he considerably increased the speed of his fucking and penetration as he dropped his cum deep inside her vagina and let out a loud roar “Ooooohhhh Aaaaaahhhh! uuuuuhhhh”
Nikhil: Fuck dude! She’s amazing. Wow!

I continued my ass fucking as Nikhil slid under her. It was just me and Rakesh Now. I held Radhika’s legs by spreading them and with this support, I started fucking her more intensely as she was moaning loudly “Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhmmmmm”. I wanted to cum loudly and heavily, so I almost laid on her back and kept fucking her. As I was about to cum, I held her tightly from beneath using both my arms and dropped my semen deep inside her ass. I was sighing heavily. But Rakesh had not yet cum. He had some other plans.
Rakesh: Ok guys! Now let’s take the show to the bathroom.
We picked her up and took her to the bathroom.

Radhika: You guys are demons. I have never been treated so rough.
The bathroom was big enough to accommodate the four of us. I turned on the shower and we all were under it. Rakesh made her kneel as we three boys stood around her so she could suck our filthy dicks and wipe it clean. We were bathing and fucking at the same time eventually. She started sucking one dick at a time while holding two others. I held her head and pushed my dick deep into her mouth. She was sucking the three of us every now and then. We would gag her by pressing our entire dicks against her mouth and then releasing it. This continued for some time when Rakesh was the only one left who did not fuck her pussy. So, he laid down on the floor supporting himself against the wall and made Radhika’s pussy sit on his dick. Radhika was sliding her pelvis up and down so she could fuck his dick. In the meantime, I and Nikhil were pumping her mouth heavily with our dicks. The shower kept pouring water on us the entire time. I was also slapping her face while fucking her mouth. Nikhil would occasionally slap her with his dick and then put his dick back again in her mouth.

Rakesh was fucking her pussy while holding her by her boobs which were red and also pressing them violently. He also kept biting her around her neck and chest regions leaving deep bite marks in his excitement. He came inside her after few minutes as his sperms were dripping out of her pussy washed by the water from the shower. Rakesh took his dick out and wanted us to cum in Radhika’s mouth. He held Radhika firmly so we could fuck her mouth harder one by one. I held her head and gagged onto my dick as I came inside her mouth. I did not take the dick outside as we all wanted her to swallow our sperms, which she did. Then Nikhil got hold of her and started fucking her mouth vigorously so he could cum inside her. A few minutes later he cummed inside her mouth letting out a huge roar and a sigh of relief. She had to swallow his cum too.

All four of us were in the shower for some time when we came out. Radhika was moving with difficulty as her entire body was sore with our intense foursome session.
Me: Who is Sudha?
I asked as I lit a Marlboro.
Radhika: She’s my boss.

Me: Well, I obviously get that. But who is she?
Just then I saw a call on Radhika’s iPhone. It was Abhinav, our friend whose reception party we have come to attend in Mumbai.


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