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August 21, 2018

Erotic Meeting to Wonderful Fun Part – 1

Erotic Meeting to Wonderful Fun Part – 1

A little bit about me….
I am Roshni from Delhi. I am 27 years old. I am a slim girl with a figure of 32C 26 34.

Hello ISS Readers,
Thank you for the overwhelming response to my stories. Some found it interesting and horny and some found it boring. I am still getting responses to my old story. I thought of not writing any more stories. Most of the guys are keenly waiting to know what happened next. How that incident changed my life? Yes, it changed a lot. I am gonna share what happened next.

Some Guys crossed limits while sending feedback. Mind your language while sending a mail. I am not here for your fuckbuddy or for friendship. Don’t ask me while sending responses.

A little bit about me….
I am Roshni from Delhi. I am 27 years old. I am a slim girl with a figure of 32C 26 34.

Let’s come back to the story. This incident happened when I was doing MBA from one of the top institutes. We had common bathrooms for boys and girls in the hostel. Both boys and girls were living in the same building but on different floors. If you are from the institute, you can recognize the institute.

Well, one fine morning, I got up early because of heavy assignments. I went to the bathroom to take a shower on my floor. As usual, after I took the shower, I came out wrapping a towel around my body. I saw 1 guy coming out of washroom in a towel too. He needed to go to washroom urgently so came to our floor. He has a perfect tight packed body. I could see his packs on his stomach. He saw me and gave a smile. He was my batch-mate. Seeing me in the towel, he had a bulge in his towel. He could see my cleavage and thighs to down.

I came back to my room. I was thinking about him and his bulge. I was laughing and praising my beauty as all girls love to do. I told my room-mate. Then in the classroom, I found a seat and when I turned my left side, I saw the same guy from the bathroom. He came from nowhere he came and sat. Let’s call him X.
X: Hi, How are you?

Me: Hey X, I am good. How are you?
X: I am really excited to sit next to you. You are damn hot in the towel.
Me: What are you talking about? Look at the place man! Stop shouting.
Our conversations changed to studies.

A few days later, we met again near bathroom area. This time we were entering the bathroom.

I was in a nightie with no inners inside. He was in the towel. We had a chit-chat. Then he came closer to me. He placed a kiss on my cheek all of a sudden. I was half sleeping that time. I woke up and looked into his eyes. He dragged me into the room and started kissing in the French style. I could not resist much. I started responding. After a long time, I was kissing someone. It felt good. The time was perfect early morning. Almost all were sleeping.

After kissing some time, He slid my nightie and I was naked in front of him in a sec. I removed his towel and boxer. His dick was semi-erect that time. I hold his dick and pressed hard. He moaned. Then I started stroking his dick. Soon it grew to full size. I came on my knees, I placed the dick in my mouth. He started moving his tool in my mouth and started mouth fucking. After 10-15 min, he released all his cum in my mouth.

Now it was his turn. He started sucking my pussy while pressing my boobs. He was different. He was doing differently. He sucked, then entered his tongue into my pussy, started rotating inside the pussy. I was getting restless. I was about to cum. By that time, he stopped his tongue fuck. I was angry. He then entered his tongue again, started licking the g-spot. With a huge moan, I released all my cum on his face. He tasted it all and made me taste my own cum.

After this, I gave him a smile with satisfaction, came out of the bathroom and entered the other room to take bath. After this, we used to sit in the class together. Sometimes we used to play in the class by touching each other’s parts… We exchanged our numbers and started doing phone sex daily. And we used to meet in the bathroom early morning to do foreplay and satisfy each other.

Till now, we didn’t fuck yet. He never asked me to insert his dick into my pussy nor I had the craving to take his dick in my pussy. He satisfied me with finger or tongue. It continued for 1-2 months. We started going out together to bars or pubs. We used to dance together and started to spend time more and more with him. I had a desire for public show off. And in pubs, while dancing, boys used to touch my butts or squeeze my sexy ass.
One night in the pub when I was dancing with X, he lifted my skirt a bit. Many boys might have seen my bare ass.

He started squeezing my ass in the bar. After his act, I was already wet by thinking about the boys’ thoughts. It gave me goosebumps that my panty and pussy became wet. I told him this.
X: do you need relief?
Me: yes, I am already wet. I need it.
X: Let’s go to the restroom.
I entered the ladies restroom. He silently entered the ladies restroom. We entered in 1 cabin. He slid my skirt and panty in 1 go. I keep my pussy clean shaved. He saw cum dripping out of my pussy. He started kissing me and rubbing my wet pussy.

While kissing, he inserted 2 fingers into my pussy. As pussy was wet, two fingers slid inside easily. He started finger fucking for 10 mins while kissing. Because of his kiss, my moans were reduced. After some time I released all in his hand.

I went on my knees, removed his dick from his jeans, and started jerking his dick. He released his cum in my face. I dressed up and came out of the room.

That time 2 girls entered the restroom. They saw me with cum on my face and mouth. By that time, X came out of the cabin. The 2 girls were in shock seeing him.

Here ends the story of 1st part. I will finish this real story in 3-4 parts. How did you like this story? Waiting for your feedback at [email protected]
Don’t send offers to lay down with you. Cheers!


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