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August 20, 2018

Encounter With An Adventurous Couple

Encounter With An Adventurous Couple

Last month I was working late one Friday night and I was expecting to leave for home by 1230. I work in South Bangalore and my home was somewhere near central Bangalore and on the way from office to home, I pass through a very posh locality which has lots of pubs and discs. So an idea struck me, why not on the way back I pick someone who would be willing to go wild in a car as I drive around. So at around 730PM, I put up the following ad in one of the famous hookup sites:

Hi indian sex stories dot net readers

This is a real story, in fact, chain of experiences that I had in the last 1 month. Before proceeding let me give a brief introduction about myself. I am a 27 years old, 5’10” guy with good looks and decent body who has many different fantasies. This story began with one such fantasy.

Last month I was working late one Friday night and I was expecting to leave for home by 1230. I work in South Bangalore and my home was somewhere near central Bangalore and on the way from office to home, I pass through a very posh locality which has lots of pubs and discs. So an idea struck me, why not on the way back I pick someone who would be willing to go wild in a car as I drive around. So at around 730PM, I put up the following ad in one of the famous hookup sites:

“Hi, all females and couples. I am a single 27 years old guy returning from work at 1230 tonight in my car. I have a different proposal for you. If you are adventurous and would like to go wild in my car as I drive around the city then do let me know. I would drive you around as you fulfill your naughty fantasies in my rear seat and once you are done I will drop you at your suitable location. Let me know if interested and we can take it further. Please note, I will be just driving around and won’t get involved in any action.”

An hour passed and then two and when I was about to give up all hopes on the ad, I got a reply from a guy named Rahul (don’t know if it was his real name or he used a pseudo one) mentioning that he wants a drive around with his girlfriend and would be waiting for me to pick him up from Vapor Lounge in Indira Nagar. After a couple of email communications and exchange of details, I started from my office to Indira Nagar.

As I reached the pub, I was filled with all sorts of imaginations as to how the couple would be, what all are they going to do or they are just fooling around and want a free drop to their place. As all these thoughts were running crazy in my mind, I felt that I should do something to get them turned on. I quickly informed Rahul that I am on the way and would reach in around 15 mins. In the mean, while I went to a close by the pharmacy and ordered a pack of condoms and some a Durex play on the vibrator. Along with that, I bought two small water bottles and some strawberry juice and a pack of cigarettes. I packed them in a small carry bag and labeled it “for my guests”. I purposefully did not open any of the items that I bought and kept them in fresh condition and then returned to the pub. Now that I am ready, I called up Rahul. He told that he and his girlfriend are coming and I can easily recognize him from the hat he was wearing and when I notice them I should honk twice and flash my headlights three times on them. Now that everything was decided, I was eagerly waiting for the couple to come.

Excited and nervous, it was a very different feeling that I had never experienced before. I had no clue as to how the couple would be looking, would they be hot or average or old or anything, I had all possible thoughts running rounds in my mind and then I saw a guy roughly my height wearing a hat standing on the road waiting for a cab, but there was no girl with him. I was skeptical as to is he the guy or he is just another guy. That’s when our eyes met and god knows how and why I honked twice and flashed my lights thrice. With this movement came out a smile on that guy’s face. Now I was sure this is Rahul but where was his girl friend. Rahul came towards the car near the driver’s seat and forwarded his hand for a handshake. With a confused look as I shook his hand, I heard a knock on my left window. As I turned around I couldn’t believe what I just saw. A tall slender beauty in a bright red dress, with a lit cigarette in her hand, asked me to unlock the car.

Without wasting any time I unlocked the car and then both of them entered the rear seat. As they entered we introduced each other and then I asked them when and where to drop them to which they replied, let’s just drive right now, we will decide other things as we drive around. I have started my car, I felt that they were probably first timers and need an ice breaker to get started. Without wasting much time I quickly handed it over to them telling them to explore it one by one taking turns. As Rahul opened the box he saw the strawberry juice and handed over to his GF. Seeing this she was highly impressed and leaned forward and said thank you in a very sexy manner.

Now it was Saloni’s turn (O!! I forgot, she had introduced herself as Saloni while entering the car). She took some time and pulled out the pack of cigarettes. Don’t know if it was deliberate or chance but upon seeing the pack she quickly took out three sticks and as she was about to light them up, Rahul told to light only one and we three would share to which she agreed. First, it was Rahul who took three puffs and passed it on to Saloni who then passed it on to me. As she was passing it on from rear seat to the front seat, I was finding it difficult to take it from her. She realized the situation and brought her arms around me and placed the fag on my lips. As she placed the cigarette, her soft fingers touched my lips and I placed a short kiss there itself. She probably noticed this and told that now onwards she will be holding the cigarette all through out. While she was doing this, Rahul tried taking a sip of the strawberry juice but as he opened the bottle, Saloni took it away from him and took a sip. Now she bent over Rahul and locked her lips with him transferring the juice from her mouth to his. After one sip she handed the cigarette.

I was wondering what why she handed over the cigarette to me and when I saw from the rear view mirror I saw Saloni on Rahul smooching him badly and Rahul moving his arms over her back. As his arms moved on her back she was moving her body in utter harmony pressing her boobs on her chest. Now she took his hands and placed on her boobs and started pressing to which Rahul was fully co-operating. As Rahul pressed her boobs, she unbuttoned his shirt and moved down his body kissing his neck, chest, and navel and now it was his pants. She pulled his pants down and took his cock in her mouth. As she was doing this she kept one hand on the gear shaft where I was holding the shaft and as took my hand probably to keep on her boob I moved my hand quickly to change the radio channel.

By now we were somewhere near MG road. I asked if they wanted to drive around a lonely neighborhood to which she told no, she wants to go all way in all prime locations. So I turned around on brigade road driving towards Bangalore central and then old airport road. By the time I was near Domlur turning towards Inner Ring road Rahul was completely naked and Saloni still in her dress giving Rahul one Heaven of a time by her sensuous blow job. This is when I saw cops waiting near EGL checking for drunken driving case. I immediately slowed down the car and asked them to dress up and Rahul quickly put on his shirt and kept his pants on his legs in a way such that it appeared that he was wearing them. I told Saloni to keep her head on him and act sleeping and Rahul to act like taking care of her. Now we came near the police and they asked me to blow into their breath analyzer which I obviously passed and then they let us go.

As I passed through the check post I kept checking in the rear view mirror if the police were out of sight and the moment they were I pulled up the car and informed them that we are safe. As I did so Saloni asked me for the vibrator in the bag I gave them. This is when I realized how naughty she was and her picking the cigarette packet was planned. As I handed over the vibrator to Rahul Saloni pulled up her dress and pulled aside her panty exposing her pussy for Rahul’s easy access. By now Rahul had put on the vibrator on his fingers and I had started driving. She resumed kissing Rahul as he turned the vibrator on and inserted into her pussy. With this, she left a soft moan and bent her body putting her right boob on Rahul’s mouth. With the other hand, Rahul pulled her right boob out of her dress and started suckling on her nipples. As Rahul did so Saloni was thrusting her pelvis in nice circular gyrations.

As they were busy in their act the intermittent street lights falling on them made the situation look out of the world through the rear view mirror. Without wasting much time I drove towards outer ring road. As I reached outer ring road towards Sarjapur, my drive became smoother and so did her moans became louder. By the time I reached Ecospace tech park Saloni had her orgasm. Now it was Rahul’s turn. Poor guy got interrupted in between at Domlur signal, but I must say that guy has one good stamina to hold on to such a beautiful girl’s slight of hand and mouth for so long or may be he was just nervous.

As she adjusted her dress, I asked if she had a good time and then said sorry for the interruption for Rahul. But this turned out good as Rahul by now had overcome his nervousness. Hearing this Saloni immediately took his tool in her hands and started blowing again. As she was blowing him she told her that he cam cum in her mouth, this got both Rahul and me excited to heights beyond imagination but I had to control myself as I was supposed to drive and only drive. Soon by the time we reached mahadevpura junction, Rahul shot his juice in her mouth and she to our surprise drank it all. Now she asked for the water bottle from the bag and I obeyed. She finished the bottle and both of them adjusted themselves.

This is when they told me that they live in Indira Nagar and I should drop them there and their action is over. Rahul offered to move to the front seat with Saloni behind. I pulled the car over and he changed his seat and I drove back to Indira Nagar. As we were driving back we discussed each other’s opinions about the experience and various other fantasies. They told that they had a good time and would like to explore more. As we discussed I dropped them at their respective places and bid good bye. I came home and jerked off before going to bed. As I got up the next morning I saw one unread message from Rahul, providing the details of their next fantasy that I will be sharing in my next post.

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