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August 19, 2018

What A Blowbang Is Like In A Bachelor Party

What A Blowbang Is Like In A Bachelor Party

After that train incident, I realized that it could be used to make a good sum of money as there are very few gay sluts out there who can provide their services to men.

Hi, my ISS readers.

I am back with another real life incident. Please read my other story ‘Sexy Guy Gangbanged In Train’.

After that train incident, I realized that it could be used to make a good sum of money as there are very few gay sluts out there who can provide their services to men.

So I got listed on a website and after a couple of days, I started getting some light responses. But most of them were just fake and only for timepass.

A few days passed, and I was then approached by an upper-middle-class boy in Greater Kailash 1.

I came to know, that he was a gay but his family was getting him married against his wishes to a Marvadi girl, which was beneficial for their family business.

He informed me that he was going to hold his bachelor’s party in his villa along with his 5 friends. I was to provide them with the time of their life’s, with pretty much everything, blowbangs, gangbangs, anal, BDSM domination, slave, and humiliation.

He said he will be getting all the required stuff and also some kinky hot undies for me, of the smallest size.

We finally agreed on the price and the timings for the act. The weekend was decided to start from Friday night at 10 o’clock. He came to pick me up in his Corolla Altos and told me to open the glove box. On opening it, I found a bundle of rope, a dog collar, a ball gag, a blindfold, some clamps, and weights. On the backseat, I was able to see a very thin stick, some bikinis, some thongs and stockings and a whip.

I thought to myself that they seemed quite experienced and without his permission, suddenly placed my hands on his boner. I was unable to judge it’s size but it seemed decent. I started caressing it with occasionally holding it hard.

Somehow I unzipped his pants and started to feel it with my tongue over his underpants. He was trying to keep me away from it but I wasn’t backing down and I continued to do it.

After about 10-15 minutes of teasing, he now was impatient and pulled up on the lonely Delhi ridge area. It was not completely dark but was very lonely. He got out, opened the gate, and pulled me out by my hair, and made me kneel down on the ground. I did accordingly and unzipped his monster.

It was fairly big, about 7.5 inches in length with good width to it. I started teasing him more, first licking his thighs, kissing his balls, stroking his dick, bringing my tongue to his mouth but not licking it. He was growing impatient, grabbed my head and pushed his dick inside my mouth. All at once, I gagged on this and pushed his dick out.

He then brought his dick close to my mouth, and I started with the whirlpool motion on his shaft. I was rotating my tongue around his monster’s head.

I was pouring a lot of saliva on his cock to make it very sloppy and was deep-throating him often. He didn’t hold for very long and came inside my mouth. I swallowed whole of it and he said to me, ” You’re a good slave.”

He then told me to lean on the bonnet, with my ass pointing outwards as if begging for a dick. He came to me, unzipped from behind, took down my jeans and underpants together and threw it far away.

He applied some saliva on my ass and pushed his dick inside my ass. He was covering my mouth with his hands. He now started stroking his dick slowly in the beginning, but increasing the pace with time.

After about some 7-8 minutes of anal pleasure, he came inside my ass and told me to lick clean his dick which I did.

He told me to enter the vehicle as I was and soon drove to the villa. It was a very sweet villa, looking like a palace for a middle-class boy like. He parked his car inside and tied the dog collar around my neck and ball gag in my mouth. He then told me to get on all fours and walk like a dog. I entered the house and saw about 5 men sitting on the couch only in their underpants.

Seeing me, they gave a loud roar. I was brought into their midst and soon hands were exploring my body, some on my ass cheeks, some on my breasts, some spanking me, some pulling my hair and other things.

Now they handed me a sexy black bikini. It was bikini only in name, as it had only a string in the bottom part and a very small part in the upper. It made my ass look very attractive, and stocking and high heels added to the sexiness(if that’s a word).

We did a small roleplay and by the end of it. I was surrounded by a 6 cocks. All of them about 7-9 inches in length.

I took two of it simultaneously in my mouth, and hand jobbing two others. There were two dicks around my mouth too. I was trying to give everyone some attention. I was licking nearly everyone and soon comes started to ooze out.

They stopped there, yes they stopped. Brought the BDSM stuff. They tied the rope first around my breasts making them pop out and tied the other ends to a clamp on the wall.

They handcuffed my hands and tied clamps on my nipples which were not so tight and was causing nominal pain.

Now they lifted my legs and tied them too to clamps on the roof and I was now hanging from the wall. They now started hitting me with the thin stick I mentioned earlier and soon my ass was red as an apple.

It had marks all over it and was hurting as hell, same was with nipples. Now the blowbangs started again, with deep-throating to its fullest. The spankings were going on and the blowjobs too.

They soon came and came on my face, but most of the cum fell down due to gravity. They then left me in that state and tied a ball gag around my mouth so that I couldn’t shout, and went for dinner.

What happens next in other parts.

Do leave your comments and let me know if this.


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