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August 20, 2018

Me And My Younger Cousin

Me And My Younger Cousin

Me being in the city got introduced to porn and sex at a very early age thanks to my school life, on the other hand, Rakesh living in a village didn’t have much knowledge about sex and girls. His school was also small and only had few girls. As I’m very close to my cousins I used to visit my native very often. Whenever I went to visit them Rakesh used to ask me about sex and stuff when we were alone. So, I used to tell him all about sex.

Hello everyone, this is Akhil. I’m 19 years old from Bangalore. I have been reading stories here on iss for a long time now but never got a chance to write one. This is first sex story here on iss. This happened 6 months back when I went to my native for attending a family function.

A little about myself, I’m 5’11, not so fit I’m more on the feminine side. I am a little fat and have a curvy body. I’m bisexual. I have many cousin brothers and sisters and they all live together in a big house in my native. Most of them are elder to me and only a few are younger. One of my cousins named Rakesh is 18 years old was very close to me as we were in the same age group. He is 6 feet tall, lean and has a well-built body. I liked him but wasn’t attracted. His parents didn’t buy him a phone.

Me being in the city got introduced to porn and sex at a very early age thanks to my school life, on the other hand, Rakesh living in a village didn’t have much knowledge about sex and girls. His school was also small and only had few girls. As I’m very close to my cousins I used to visit my native very often. Whenever I went to visit them Rakesh used to ask me about sex and stuff when we were alone. So, I used to tell him all about sex.

My uncle and aunt had organized a big pooja and they invited many relatives and guests. As my mom maintained a close relationship with my uncle and aunt she wanted to go two days early to help them with the preparations and she asked me to go with her. The first day passed by fast because everyone was busy with the preparation work. By the time we had dinner and go to bed the time was 12 at midnight. I and Rakesh along with few others cousins went to sleep in Rakesh’s room.

He didn’t sleep and I was busy texting my friends and after sometime when everyone was asleep he came to me and started asking me about sex and how to do sex. I was tired and didn’t feel like talking so I opened up a porn site connected my earphones and asked him to watch it. He started watching it and even I was watching it with him, his dick got hard and I could see the bulge formed under the sheets. He continued watching many videos after that video and he started asking me questions about why they were doing that kind of stuff. I didn’t feel like answering any of those questions so I took my phone away and asked him to sleep.

The next day everyone woke up early and got busy with their own stuff. I and my other cousin sisters went shopping and went to nearest town to buy some pooja materials and after lunch, we returned home.

Rakesh was home that day and didn’t come with us. When I got back I went straight to bed as I was tired from all shopping and traveling. Most of the guests and everyone was out busy with their work and only my cousins were home. They were watching tv when only me and Rakesh were in his room. Rakesh and I were talking sitting on his bed, all of a sudden he stood up and started walking towards the door.

He locked the door and told me that he wanted to watch porn again. Even I was a little horny so I agreed and we sat together and watched porn, when the girl in that video was sucking the guy’s dick Rakesh asked why she was doing that, I felt it’d be really silly answering that question but he kept asking me again and again as I told him that it really feels good when they do that.

After completion of that video he played another one, I noticed that he had a really big bulge under his joggers and I was feeling kind of naughty and wanted to see his dick but I thought I’d scare him off if I try to do anything, so waited for sometime and later he started rubbing his dick over his pants.

I felt it was the right moment so I asked him how big his dick was as I didn’t want him to feel like I was forcing on to him. He smiled at first and then said I don’t, know I guess it has grown now. I told him that my dick is really hard right now and its pretty big in size. He didn’t say anything so I went ahead and put my hand on his bulge and started rubbing it. He still didn’t say anything. I gained some courage and asked him if I could see how big his dick is, he said okay.

I put my had inside his pants and I could feel the wetness due to his precum on his underwear. I went inside his underwear and held his dick in my hand and pulled it out. I couldn’t believe what I saw. He had a huge dick, it was easily more than 8 inches, it was thick and the biggest surprise was that his dick was circumcised. He smiled at me when he saw the expression on my face. I felt ashamed to show him my dick.

My dick was 5 to 6 inches big not so thick and it hid under a hoodie. He was enjoying me touching his dick. He wanted more, so he didn’t say anything. I started stroking his huge dick slowly and he was really enjoying it. He asked me how big my dick was and I didn’t know what to say. He put his hand under my pants went into my boxers and pulled it out.

I really enjoyed that feeling when he touched my dick. He pulled my dick out and just left it there hanging while I was still stroking his. I couldn’t control myself anymore so I bent down and sniffed his dick first, it wasn’t such a great smell but I really liked it.

Next moment his dick is in my mouth. I was sucking his dick! I couldn’t believe that I was sucking Rakesh’s dick. He was enjoying it. He continued watching that porn video while I was sucking him off. Suddenly there was a bang on the door, it was my other cousins. So we got up closed the porn video and put our dicks inside pants and opened the door. They wanted to go out so I left. That night I slept with in my other cousin’s room. Next day was the big day.

Everyone got up early and left for the temple where the pooja was happening. Even me and Rakesh everyone went. It was a long pooja and I was feeling bored sitting there and talking to same guests again and again. So I thought of going home as the distance between the temple and house was just 1km. I took the keys from my aunt and when I was about to leave Rakesh came and me where I was going. I told him I was going home as I feeling bored and wanted to pee. He also came home with me.

I went to the washroom, finished the job there and when I came out Rakesh had started watching porn on my phone. I locked the main door of the house and went and sat next to him. I asked him what he wanted and he said he was feeling horny and wanted to watch porn. I let him watch it and just sat next to him staring at the screen. His big bulge made a big tent under his jeans. It felt like his bulge was gonna rip his jeans off. I couldn’t control myself again and put my dick under his pants and started rubbing his dick.

Now he unbuckled his pants and removed it and was just sitting there in underwear. It was so hot, I pulled his underwear down and started sucking his dick. This time it felt much bigger as it was fully out. I gave him a blowjob for 5 minutes and next I removed my pants and continued to suck his dick and was playing with it. That’s when he held my hair from the top and pushed my head down with force, his dick completely went in and I couldn’t breathe, he gagged me with his dick.

He was doing everything the guy in the porn video was doing to that girl. He slapped his dick on my face and forced me to suck it. When I asked to stop it he slapped me hard and put his dick into my mouth and started mouthfucking me. Next, when the guy in that video started fucking that girl in her ass, he forcefully bent me over and was pushing his dick into my ass hole, I was shouting with pain but he continued pushing his dick into my ass hole. He held my left man boob in his left hand and started squeezing it hard and asked me to stop shouting.

He couldn’t control anymore and he ejaculated inside my ass with his dick half inside my hole. After ejaculating he took his dick out and asked me what to do next. I took him to bathroom cleaned his dick and asked him to get dressed. I jerked off thinking about what just happened and cleaned myself and we both left for the temple.

I sucked his dick many times after that. I’ll write about that in another story. Hope you all like it. If there were any mistakes in the story kindly ignore them. If you have any suggestions or any teenage boys interested in phone sex or sex chat, please contact me at [email protected] or ping me up on kik @akhilraks
Thank you


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