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August 20, 2018

Gym Sex With Muscular Guys

Gym Sex With Muscular Guys

In the same hotel, there was a gym on the top floor, all covered in glass. It also had a balcony. Many hot guys and girls used to do workouts there. During the 3rd night stay, it was around 8pm, I became very lonely and couldn’t sleep. So I started watching porn videos. I noticed a muscular man standing in the balcony of the gym and smoking. He was tall, muscular and was wearing a tank top and a track pant. At that moment I wished I kissed every part of his body and a strange idea popped up.

Hi, I’m Anjana, 27 years old from Chennai. Thank you for the overwhelming response for my previous stories. This story is also a real sweet and sexy incident happened to me long back. This was my very first anal sex. Please do comment on my story.

I was 22 years old during that time, when I went to Bangalore for an exam. I stayed in a hotel for a brief amount of time. The room was good enough for a single person. It had a medium king size bed and a balcony. After 2 days of staying in the room loneliness hit me. I don’t know what to do during my free time. I desperately wanted to talk to someone.

In the same hotel, there was a gym on the top floor, all covered in glass. It also had a balcony. Many hot guys and girls used to do workouts there. During the 3rd night stay, it was around 8pm, I became very lonely and couldn’t sleep. So I started watching porn videos. I noticed a muscular man standing in the balcony of the gym and smoking. He was tall, muscular and was wearing a tank top and a track pant. At that moment I wished I kissed every part of his body and a strange idea popped up.

I opened up the curtains to the window fully. This means anyone can see what I am doing through the glass window and most certainly the guy standing across the balcony. I was wearing a tight t-shirt and a short skirt which revealed my thighs. I acted as though I didn’t know a guy was watching me. To be honest I wasn’t sure he would even pay heed to my actions at all.

I kept the laptop at the far end of the bed. I came across the opposite side of the laptop, with my back facing that hot guy standing on the balcony. I slowly rubbed by hands across my thighs. I ran my hand above, lifting up the skirt, revealing my thong. In a slow motion i removed my thong (panties) revealing a good portion of my butt to the hot guy standing behind. I still had my skirt ON. I then removed my t-shirt which revealed my bare back to that guy.

“Is he even watching me” I thought in my mind.

I then spread my legs, while standing and rested my left leg over a chair and my right leg placed on the ground. This revealed my thighs and a brief portion of my butt. By watching the porn video I proceeded to masturbate. I placed my finger inside my pussy and rubbed it hard that I got goosebumps. Somehow me masturbating and a guy watching instantly turned me on.

“Come and fuck this ass you idiot” I said softly while fingering my pussy. In about 5 mins, I could feel myself reaching orgasm. I proceeded to finger myself very hard that my legs started to shiver and I squirted my hot liquids from my pussy on to the bed. The bed was now drenched in my cum. I fell on top of it, with my front facing and rested for a while. My face, boobs and abdomen all became sticky of the fluid which i released on to the bed.

Wait. I completely forgot about that guy. I turned around to see if the guy is still standing. But unfortunately he had left and the gym was also closed.

“Oh man,” I thought in regret and took a shower and decided to sleep after that.

Now comes the hottest part which I never expected to happen.

It was around 11pm, I was still feeling lonely and couldn’t sleep properly. I was scrolling through facebook. I changed into my night gown. Usually when I wear night dress, I don’t wear any inner wears.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I thought it was room service but why are they knocking at 11pm ?. Part of me was really scared to open the door. But I did. Out there was three muscular and gigantic looking guys standing and smiling at me. All the three were covered in sweat and there was a strong odor coming out of them.

“Shit, are they gonna kidnap me?” I feared. It took me a while to realise that the guy in the front standing in his tank top and a track pant was actually the hot guy from the gym’s balcony.

“Relax, Don’t be scared, We just want to talk to you. Can I come in?” the hot guy in front asked. My legs were shivering in fear. I hesitantly let them in. They introduced themselves. The hot guy’s name was Rohan. The 2nd guy’s name was Arjun, who was very tall than all of us. The 3rd guy’s name was Danny, who was of my height and was constantly starring at my boobs. All of them were muscular and heavily built. I introduced myself as well.

“Listen Anjana, You see the gym over there” he pointed towards the balcony as if I didn’t know it existed. “I work as a trainer there. Please don’t be mad, but few hours ago I saw you naked and masturbating” said Rohan still smiling.

“Huraahh, it worked” I thought to myself but managed to act surprised and said “Wait, what ?”

“You were so hot. Without realising I touched myself seeing you over the balcony” Rohan continued, “I will be totally frank with you. We three think that you’re sexy and we want to have sex with you now. You can either choose one of us, or we can all have sex together at the same time. But if you’re very scared and wish not to proceed any further, we completely understand. We will leave you alone and never see each other anymore. What you say?”

“What the actual f**k. Is this for real ?” I exclaimed.

“Yes it is. Give us an answer” said Danny.

“We know you want it. Just admit it and get on with it. We will give you the pleasure of your lifetime” said Arjun in a rude tone. Surprisingly, I wasn’t offended by that comment but instead turned on by it.

The devil sitting on my left shoulder said “Ok fine”.

“Awesome” shouted all the three of them.

Wait. Did I say that out loud ?

“Wait”, I stopped them and said “I will start with one of you and remaining two can join if I feel comfortable. What’d you say ?”

They agreed. Arjun and Danny went and sat on the chairs while Rohan was standing in front of me. They both were watching us without blinking.

“It’s ok. Calm down and you start first” Rohan said politely.

I went forward and placed my hand on his chest. His whole body was covered in sweat. At that moment the bad odor from that guy’s body kinda turned me on. I felt his strongly built chest and it was enough to turn me on. My nipples were protruding through my gown. I removed his tank top to reveal his bare body which was waxed completely. “DAMN” i thought.

“Tie your hand behind your back,” I said in a commanding tone and continued “You should never touch me unless I say so”.

He was taken aback but agreed. I ran across the room and switched off the A.C and fan. The whole room was burning hot, both literally and figuratively. Rohan started to sweat again. I leaned closer to his neck and run my tongue across his shoulders. I was literally licking all the sweat from his body. I could say he was getting excited, on seeing the bulge raising from his pants. I licked almost all his upper body.

I knelt down on my knees and looked at Rohan in the eye. He swallowed a gulp. I realised he was in-fact a virgin at that moment. I removed his pants which revealed his white underwear. His cock was literally trying to tear off that underwear. I went closer and smelled his briefs covered in a little bit of his cum. The smell of his sweat and cum gave out an odd odor which I liked a lot.

Without any second thought, I bit the tip of his cock while he was still wearing the underwear. I proceeded to lick the tip of his cock, while my saliva is making his underwear wet.

“Oh god. Please don’t stop. Please, I’m begging you” Rohan screamed in pleasure while his hands were still on his back.

I stopped and said “Put both your hands on top of your head”

He looked confused but agreed. Once his hands was on top of his head, I got up from the ground. He instantly understood what I was gonna do to him.

I reached closer to him, so close that my boobs were touching his chest and without any warning, I licked his hairy armpit. Rohan giggled along with pleasure moan. I kept on licking it even though it smelled disgusting and tasted bad. I licked both his armpits until the hair was soaking wet.

I stopped and said “Bend over”

He agreed and bent down while standing and placing both his hands on the bed. I removed his underwear completely. I sniffed and licked the insides of his underwear and threw it away.

I went behind him and knelt down. All the three were confused as to what I was going to do. Without saying anything, using both my hands I spread Rohan’s ass cheeks and started licking his butt hole from behind.

“Oh God” Rohan let out a scream which could be heard from miles away.

“Damn” exclaimed both Arjun and Danny. They both undressed immediately and started to jerk off seeing my action.

I kept licking his asshole. My whole face was caught in between his butt cheeks. The smell of his sweat and asshole turned me on a lot. I kept licking until his legs were trembling and he said “I’m gonna cum Anjana”. I got up ran towards him, kneeled down again, grabbed his ass from the front and said “and I want every drop of it”,

With his hand over his head, I pulled his ass, which brought his cock inside my mouth. Without even touching his penis, I moved his ass front and back making his foreskin moving rapidly against my lips. In a second his whole body was trembling and I understood that it was time. I pulled his ass rapidly which placed the tip of his cock deep inside my cock. He then unloaded all his cum inside. All his cum went right inside my mouth. I licked his cock clean without leaving any drop of it.

Without a warning, Arjun and Danny caught both of my arms, dragged me back into the bed. I couldn’t help myself but enjoy it. My time of taking control is over and both the guys couldn’t hold it any longer. With a sudden motion the tore of my night gown into pieces. It was damn hot. I was sweating a lot. They both started kissing each my nipples, while Arjun’s hand was fingering my pussy and Danny caressing my thighs.

“Oh god, please don’t stop. don’t ever stop even if i say so” I yelled in pleasure.

“I don’t think we can ever stop fucking you” said Rohan from behind holding his hard on dick. Wait, how did he get a hard on so soon after an orgasm ? It didn’t matter. All I wanted was all these 3 cocks inside me at the same time.

“Please fuck me. please. I can’t hold it any longer” I begged them.

Rohan pulled Arjun & Danny aside saying he wanted to be below me. He lied on the bed with his cock facing upwards. In a hurry, I grabbed his cock, pushed it inside my pussy and sat over him. We both yelled in pain.

I kept jiggling on his cock.

“Oh god, that is the best ever,” I said, while Rohan caught my neck and pulled me closer to him. My 34 sized boobs were resting on top of his body. I hugged him while fucking him at the same time.

Now suddenly i felt two hands caressing my butt from behind. It wasn’t Rohan since his hands were hugging me. I guess it was Danny. Danny with his 7-inch large cock started to rub my butt cheeks with it, all the while i was fucking Rohan. In a split second I felt a jolt of pain which I have never felt in my entire life. Danny just pushed his cock inside my ass. This was my very first anal sex.

“Oh god stop stop. Noooo” I screamed in pain. A tear drop fell from my eyes on to Rohan’s face.

“Baby we are never stopping” grinned Danny, while he spit his saliva on to my ass and started fucking again.

Pain and pleasure was striking all over my body. I don’t know whether to stop or continue. I just hugged Rohan tight while Danny’s hands were grabbing by boobs hard. They both were fucking me mercilessly on both my holes at the same time. All the three of us were enjoying every bit of it.

Wait. where is the other guy?

“Arjun, come and fu……” before I could even finish my sentence I felt a severe pain in the back of my head. It was my hair being pulled above. I could see Arjun standing beside me, holding a chunk of my hair using his hand, with his 8-inch cock pointing right towards me.

With our eyes locked on each other, Arjun said: “Do you want my cock in the remaining big hole left in your body?”

“Oh god yes,” I said with my voice trembling with the pain of Rohan and Danny fucking me and Arjun still holding my hair.

“Then beg for it,” Arjun said rudely while clenching my hair harder.

“Please Arjun, please. I need your cock right now in my m…..” before I could even finish my sentence I felt a huge cock in my mouth. He pulled my hair back and forth while I clenched my lips tight, it moved arjun’s foreskin back and forth.

I was just motionless. All the work is done by the guys. Rohan fucking my pussy from below. Danny fucking my ass mercilessly from behind. And Arjun face fucking me from the side. I never wanted it to stop.

After which it felt like an eternity, Rohan screamed “I’m gonna cum baby”

“Me too” said Danny.

I couldn’t even respond as Arjun’s cock was inside my mouth.

Lying in-between Danny and Rohan, I could feel both of them shivering and moaning louder than ever. I felt a rush of hot liquid deep inside my asshole. It kept coming in for a while.

He then slapped my ass and said “Oh god that was the best ass I have ever seen”. Danny got off the bed and took rest on the chair.

Then I felt a rush of hot fluid inside my pussy. It was Rohan.

He grabbed my ass, and came deep inside my vagina and said “God I love you, baby. You’re the best”. I wish I could have said ‘I love you too back” but still I was holding Arjun’s cock in my mouth.

When Arjun was about to cum, he dragged me to the floor holding my hair and said “Close your eyes dear. I got a surprise for you”. I knew what he was talking about.

I closed my eyes. In a second I heard a loud moan followed by loads of thick and sticky cum dripping over my face. His cum scattered everywhere on my face. It fell on my eyes, my lips, my hair. Some even fell on my breasts. I couldn’t even open my eyes now. It was very sticky.

Rohan then wiped some of it with a towel. Then I opened my eyes with Rohan looking deep into my eyes while Danny and Arjun were in the bathroom cleaning themselves. He wiped the cum off my lips and kissed me. This was the first time in the whole night I kissed him on the lips.

“You’re beautiful,” he said and continued “If you clean all the this you will look more beautiful”.

We both shared a good laugh and I looked at the time it was 2 AM. “God, we were fucking for 3 hours?”

We all took a shower and slept naked throughout the night. In the morning while they are leaving, Arjun apologised for his rude behaviour. I said “It’s ok. I liked it”. All the 3 kissed me and bid good bye.

It was a strange, painful yet a very pleasurable experience.

That was my first group sex and my first anal sex.

Note — The story narrated above is real but added few extra lines to make it hot and spicy to read.

Please also note — I am married now, so please do not email me asking for hookups or meetups or sex chats. I am NOT interested in all that. Although feedbacks are very welcomed and I will respond to every genuine feedbacks. Do email me your feedback at [email protected]


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