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August 22, 2018

Baldev Kay Kaya Kehnay

Baldev Kay Kaya Kehnay

She was a star field and track long distance runner athlete of the school. Baldev was no less a man of a man almost 5’ 11” tall, 145 lbs, 30 inches’ waist, broad shoulders, masculine hairy legs; captain of the kick boxing / wrestling school team. Almost funny, ounki first meeting that brought them to be a pair, kisi family gathering mein nahi huie thi aur nah school balkeh aik gymnasium kay boxing studio mein huie thi jo town kay East corner mein tha. Sobi had a big brother who had moved out of home couple of years ago attending a Law school whereas Ballu was the only kid of the family. Both these families lived in the same ritzy area of the town but not close together.

Baldev Singh ki girlfriend Sobia Marshova se zayada khoobsurat koi larhki puray school mein nahi thi. Voh dono koi last 5 maheenay se steady relation mein thay. Sobia apnay dad ki side se 3rd generation Russian thi. Sobi ki mother bhi buht khoobsurat thi aur Baldev kay tamaam dost undoubtedly ousko milf of the year vote kartay thay jiski heritage, African, English, American aur Serbian thi.

Baldev Singh Chima ka naam agarcheh Indian sounding tha magar ouski family ka India se relation tootay almost 100 saal guzar chukay thay aur ab ouski family mein American, Italian German, aur Thai blood zayada tha. Baldev aur Sobia kay dads’ dono construction industry ki same company mein Architecture/ Design Engineer ka kaam kartay thay. Both families knew each other which worked in the favor of kids for developing nice relation they were in. Sobia was tall 5’ 7” almost 120 lbs., well grown B+ cups, tight athletic body, muscular but slender legs and very strong upper body.

She was a star field and track long distance runner athlete of the school. Baldev was no less a man of a man almost 5’ 11” tall, 145 lbs, 30 inches’ waist, broad shoulders, masculine hairy legs; captain of the kick boxing / wrestling school team. Almost funny, ounki first meeting that brought them to be a pair, kisi family gathering mein nahi huie thi aur nah school balkeh aik gymnasium kay boxing studio mein huie thi jo town kay East corner mein tha. Sobi had a big brother who had moved out of home couple of years ago attending a Law school whereas Ballu was the only kid of the family. Both these families lived in the same ritzy area of the town but not close together.

Ballu kay dono parents bhi apnay time mein college kay athletes thay aur Baldev ki strong build aur talents were the cause of this nice inheritance. Sobia’s parents were a bit late bloomers in the organized sports but now the regular members of the affluent town club playing tennis mostly. Who else but Ballu’s dad ko bhi tennis ka shoq develop ho gaya tha and now they regularly played tennis sponsored by their job. Dono families apnay kids ko happy healthy daikh kar buht relaxed thein. Ballu aur Sobi both shared not only the same year but the month also as their birth making the male kid to be only couple of days senior to Sobia.

The most adoring part being keh Ballu aur Sobi were not just the best friends but they loved each other and had a very passionate and healthy sex life in between. Abhi koi din pehlay ki baat hai keh Sobia Study ke liye Baldev kay ghar aayee huie thi aur phir just like all young boys and girls studying alone in the room; one thing lead to the other between Ballu and Sobi aur es se pehlay keh voh realize kertay Baldev ki zobaan Sobi ki juicy choot mein doubi huie thi aur Sobi ki silent sexy sighs maahol ko buht zayda shahwat aamez bana rahi thein. Yeh dono buht samajhdaar youngsters thay aur inko bakhoobi ilm tha keh they had to keep the lid over their relationship and give the impression of being good kids and did not have sex or may be only a few fucks a week at the most.

Factually they fucked more and as often as they should have not, all the time.

Sobia ko cock sucking ka buht zayada maza aata tha aur voh koi moqa jaanay nahi deti thi keh Baldev ka lund aur ouska mounh dono scene mein hotay aur voh lorha suck nah kerti. She was really a Master level champion cock sucker knowing well and all the where spots to apply pressure for Ballu’s balls to feel overwhelmed with a sense that she was performing her best and loved to consume the natural protein, vitamins and all the minerals when it got squirted through the cock hole in her throat. Baldev ko koi shak nahi tha keh voh oun tamaam girls mein most eager aur best performer thi jinko Ballu ka lund suck kernay ko mila tha lekin voh apni aik dour ki cousin ko bhi nahi bhulaa paya tha jinkay ghar almost aik saal pehlay Ballu ko apnay dad kay saath raat guzaarnay ka moqa mila tha. Ballu ko dobara apnay ous uncle kay ghar jaanay aur apni cousin se milnay ka chance nahi mila tha magar ousay voh aik dafa ki cock sucking performance aur cousin ki tight phuddi abhi tak yaad thi. Aaaaah! What a fucking tight, wet and warm pussy.

Jaisa pehlay kaha gaya hai, Ballu aur Sobi buht horny thay aur buht zayada chodaai kertay thay magar ittfaaq hai keh dono ki mothers ka khayaal mukhtalif tha aur yeh yaqeen tha keh voh itni zayada fucking nahi kertay. Haan Ballu kay pita jee ko buht khaas pata tha keh ounka suputtar Mr. Marshova ki baity ki phuddi ka phudda bana chukka tha aur voh esko buht admire aur appreciate kertay thay aur jub bhi Ballu ko pocket money detay, zaroor aik special wink kay saath little bit extra money detay aur yeh bhi kehtay keh Sobia ko kisi nice special restaurant mein lejaaye. Es tamam story mein Mr. Marshova ka rawayya baqi tamaam se different tha. He did not much care or liked Baldev nor show much love towards his often visits to get Sobi out for whatever young kids did to sooth their special needs but he could not even ignore the handsome, delicious presence of youthful boy. Mr. Marshova; was very vibrant looking and especially talented athlete of his time. Tall 6’ 3”, hard muscled 180 lbs, with a beautiful 6 pack and awesome tan male body with full head of dark hair and a killer smile.

One Friday evening, as a routine, Baldev apni friend Sobia ko milnay ous kay ghar gaya. Actually over the weekend, homework ke liye aik assignment complete kerna thi jis kay liye Ballu ne library se 2 books issue kerwaai thein magar Sobia ne voh books Ballu se le li thein takeh voh apni assignment pehlay complete kerlay. Ballu ko Sobi ne kaha tha keh voh evening mein aa kar books wapis le jaaye. Mr. Marshova ne darwaaza khola aur bataya keh Sobia emergency mein apni mom kay saath apni aunt ko milnay chali gaie thi aur ab ouski wapsi Sunday morning se pehlay mumkin nahi thi. Mr. M aik intelligent sharp person tha with a special wit about himself. No doubt he was interested in Ballu’s welfare but he was also concerned about the safety of his daughter being suspicious that she was being fucked little too much by the young boy. Well, of course they were boyfriend and girlfriend and at the sexual peak also, so naturally they were fucking but much more than his comfort level and spending much too little time on other endeavors.

Baldev ko kabhi aisa ehsaas nahi huwa tha keh voh Sobia ko buht zayada chodta hai kayounkeh ouskay tamaam friends hamesha nayee se nayee chick fucking ki baat kertay thay, koi apni locality mein kisi hot mom ko chodnay ka expert tha aur koi apni ex ki sister ya mom ko pussy fuck kernay mein busy hota tha. Mr. M was kind to invite Baldev to stay for some dinner and Baldev accepted the offer, although he had a late lunch; because he wanted to spend some time with Mr. M and get to know him more and maybe ease the slight tension that existed between them. He thought it was a great opportunity keh dono baith kar baat karein aur agar Sobia ke baaray koi concern tha toh ousko khatam karein.

Dinner khatam hua aur Ballu ne table se dishes remove kernay mein Mr. M ki help ki. Clean up kay baad dono jaa kar family room mein couch par rest kernay lagay. Mr. M ne Baldev ko sawal kiya keh voh college ke baad kaya kerna chahta hai and it was a bit startling for Baldev because he had spoken many a times that he wanted to be an engineer like his dad. Mr. M ne ous waqt aik short shorts aur perhaps a brand new t shirt pehni huie thi jis se ouski body physique buht waazih nazar aa rahi thi.

His hairy crotch was clearly visible to Baldev due to the loose fitting shorts making Ballu quite uncomfortable because with every small move of Mr. M; his cock and balls were seen in open showing themselves proudly. Ballu sirf uncomfortable feel nahi kar raha tha balkeh voh scene ko enjoy bhi kar raha tha. Baldev ko ilm tha magar ousne kabhi openly admit nahi kiya tha keh voh bisexual tha with his straight side being stronger and quite considerably dominant. For many years Ballu ne dousray boys and men kay liye apni feelings ko suppress kiye rakha tha lekin deep down voh apnay ilawa koi dousra lorha daikhkar excite ho jata tha lekin voh kisis se iska zikar nahi kerna chahta tha. Ouska pussy fucking mein interest buht zayada tha magar yeh bhi fact tha keh gym ke locker room mein voh jub bhi nangay boys ko daikhta, ouska lorha hard honay lagta tha jisko control kerna ouske liye buht mushkil ho jata tha. Es soorat e haal ko kisi hud tak qabu mein rakhnay ke liye ousko zayada se zayada dafa phuddi marna parhti thi.

Ab Mr. M ka Jawan aur healthy lorha daikh kar ouski jo haalat ho rahi thi ous par control rakhnay ke liye Ballu ne apni crotch ko buht dafa adjust kiya tha magar lagta tha keh koi ulta asar ho raha hai. Mr. M ka lund aur tattay shorts ki wide leg opening mein se mukammal bahar ko dhalk gaye thay aur Ballu ke liye nazar bachana mumkin nahi tha aur voh nazar bachana ya hatana bhi nahi chahta tha. Jahan tak Ballu ki yaad daasht saath deti thi, hamesha koi nah koi girlfriend ous kay paas hoti thi aur phuddi milnay ki wajah se ouski sexual desires bhi kaafi qaabu mein rehti thein lekin for the last 1—2 years, things were changing because of having the young, vibrant and sexually booming boys all around him.

Ab ouskay liye male on male sex desire ko ignore kerna itna easy nahi tha, aur ousko aisa lagta tha keh Mr. M eswaqt nah sirf purposely apnay aapko display ker raha tha balkeh voh intriguing nazroun se Ballu ko daikh bhi raha tha jaisay keh voh youngster ki homo side ko reassert kernay aur ‘coming out’ ki himmat de raha ho. Mr. M ka lund agarcheh hard nahi hua tha lekin ouski shakal o soorat se lagta tha keh buht jald yeh kaam ho jaaye ga. Baldev ka lorha, actually jeans mein itna hard ho chuka tha keh pain ka ehsaas honay laga tha aur jub last time ousnay apnay aapko adjust kiya toh Mr. M ne ouski mushkil ko note kar liya tha and aik assuring glance, wink aur smile ke saath apni position youn change ki keh mature meaty well developed ass globes ka lower edge nanga ho gaya jiski wajah se Baldev ki desires ya ambitions ko pura kerne ke liye ouski abilities aur talents ko challenge mehsoos huwa jiska shadeed impact Ballu ki body ke different parts par huwa jis se Ballu started feeling very uncomfortable aur Mr. M also began taking advantage of this situation.

Baldev started thinking; was Mr. M purposely showing his ass and cock to him; does he has his doubts that Ballu was gay or bisexual, what the fuck was going on. Gym, wrestling hall, locker room mein apnay team members ko nanga daikhnay ke tamam scene Ballu ke zahn mein kisi film ki tarah chalnay lagay jo keh jitney contradictory thay outnay zayda enjoying bhi feel ho rahay thay. In a flash it was impossible for the young Baldev to endure this all. Spilling of soft limp, still at least 5 or 6 inches long meat length in equally thick proportion from the side of Mr. M’s shorts methodically rubbing and massaging over his butt was more than the boy could take and suddenly he pretended to have received a message and asked to leave.

Mr. M also stood up and coming closer, he told Ballu of being a good boy and trusted him with Sobia also giving a manly strong shake hand sending electric wave into the youngster. Frozen stiff under the prolonged handshake effect plus the winks and grins mesmerizing him Baldev was lost in his own world. There were so many reruns of naked boys in the locker room plus the memory of a visit of his uncle Wilson from the Caribbean, last year sharing his room for 2 days and always strolling naked in the bedroom, but Mr. M had the largest size flooding his mind which gave Ballu a fucking colossal, huge humongous, enormous hard on of his own; difficult to conceal.

Baldev was surprised how many moments with men started inundating him. There were a few gay sort of friends at school, and Oh; the closest cousin Rafackauh from New York City who was out and openly gay to all known as a bottom, living with his old gay top man. Ballu’s aching gigantic hard cock was throbbing and almost aching by now in his jeans aur expert Mr. M was keeping him engaged in some useless sort of silent discussion and he was admitting more and more to his gay desires of liking cocks, sucking cocks, fucking cocks and be with naked men fucking their ass with his gayish cock. It was already getting dark outside.

Baldev ka damagh maaouf ho chukka tha, eswaqt ouski koi soch ouski apni nahi thi. Ousko toh ehsaasa bhi nahi huwa keh kub Mr. M ne ousay invite kiya aur shayad even before the acceptance, Ballu ka haath Mr. M ke haath mein tha aur youn voh dono love birds aik dousray ke saath chipkay large livingroom mein aa gaye jahan buht carefully thought, just enough lights on thein. Maahol ko sexy kernay ke liye candle light ka intizaam tha, leather couches aik sphere ki shakal mein wall to wall rakhay thay aur munasab jaghoun par classic teak wood kay side tables majboor ker rahay thay keh choice ko appreciate kiya jaaye. Deewar ke nazdeek almost 3 seater brown couch ke saamnay table par full bottle of imported Gin, 2 crystal glasses, new fresh bottle of tonic; oun dono ke muntazir thay. Mr. M ne Baldev ko couch par baithnay ka ishara kiya aur es se pehlay keh voh inkaar karta, Mr. M was gone out of the livingroom but to return as soon too.

Ballu ne yaqeenan note kiya, Mr. M had slipped into a very casual very thin cloth loose shorts and an old torn t shirt. He had a bar sized ice bucket full of ice cubes with a gold plated tongs for the ice cubes. Baldev ko text message ka excuse totally bhool chuka tha aur ab voh sexy Mr. M kay magic mein goum tha. Sharab ka doar kab shuru huwa aur kis nay kis ke liye glass tayyar kiye yeh baikaar ki bahs hai. Ballu ko sirf on the rocks ki aadat honay ki wajah se his head was buzzing much sooner aur Mr. M ousko sirf sexy prey ya shakari nahi balkeh aik quite a daddy man nazar aa raha tha jo har tarah se mukammal control mein tha haalankeh voh khud bhi buht tipsy ho chuka tha.

Dono koi sharm ya haya hesitation mehsoos nahi kar rahay thay aur saath saath baithay buht si baateinn buht detail mein kar rahay thay and were feeling a whole lot more relaxed and at ease with one another. Kayee dafa Mr. M gave Ballu a special wink with a particular juncture during the conversation jiski dono ko buht khoob samajh aa rahi thi. Aap es nashay ko blame kar saktay hein magar factually ab yeh halat thi keh voh aik dousray ke itna qareeb baithay thay keh ounkay knees aur thighs repeatedly aapas mein ragarh khaa rahay thay, aur phir achanak Ballu ne Mr. M ka haath apnay knee cap par feel kiya jis se Ballu ke badan mein voh current saa laga jo keh adrenaline kay shot se mehsoos hota hai. Voh apnay puray badan aur specially crotch area mein high voltage ki invigoration feel kernay laga tha. Ballu ne note kiya keh Mr. M ne again and again ouski terf daikh kar smiling approval exchange kerkay es activity ka level raise kiya.

Baldev ki fat erection ab tight jeans mein itni painful feel ho rahi thi keh voh eskay liye 100 excuses soch raha tha keh Mr. M stood up and he pulled couple of drapes that were open; shut over the windows and quickly came back to resume his close position on the couch. Mr. M ka haath pehlay Baldev kay shoulder par pohncha ya ousko Mr. M ki aawaz pehlay suni gaie asking keh kaya Ballu while growing up has ever played sexy with other boys. Voh kehtay hein na keh nasha jhoot nahi bolnay deta aur ab otherwise bhi bai hayaie aur bai sharmi ka raj ho chuka tha; Baldev ne jhat sach sach kah diya keh yes magar it was all coming of age and exploration of the growing, nothing more until lately. Next second Mr. M stood up signaling Ballu to rise as well which he did just as if he was a robot.

“Have you ever kisssss” firqra complete nahi huwa magar Mr. M ne Ballu ke lips ko buht passionately kiss kiya, ouski collar bone par enthusiastically apni fingers ko dance kerwaya and then he broke his kiss and completed his sentence, “ed any boy like this”. Baldev got stunned but he was not repelled. Instead he reached with his both arms around Mr. M and kissed him equally deep, holding his place on those mature sweet lips, quickly holding his face in his hands feeling both mouths open up for the tongues to mingle. Dono lorhay bhi hard stiff stand to thay and there was no reason to pretend anymore. Both were reaching and massaging each other’s ass buns kneading grabbing harder and harder.

Mr. M was leading with his expertise and grabbing Ballu’s ass, getting inside his jeans from behind, sliding his middle finger in the ass crack. Aaah! Fuck! Ballu felt great, he really wanted to experience with this man, this daddy man was going to have him and reward him back if he was genuine. Baldev dropped one of his hand and felt the length, strength and width of the horse back and the weight volume of the balls below. Suddenly Mr. M ne ousko roka aur nanga honay ka kaha and told him, he was going to check the front door lock.

Baldev toh ouski arms mein melt ho chuka tha, buht mushkil se OK daddy ki aawaz nikli aur in quick 1 minute he was naked as asked sitting on the couch’s edge. Mr. M came and signaled him to move in the middle of the seat. He could clearly see the youngster’s body excited and a bit nervous as well. The weather had not changed much yet so evening time ke baawjoud temperature inside the house kaafi comfy feel ho raha tha. Mr. M ne bhi apni shorts aur shirt outaari aur saamnay chair par phaink di. Livingrom mein buht munaasab lights on ki gaie thein aur eskay ilawa ghar ki back mein open honaywali window par chounkeh curtain pull nahi kiya gaya tha es liye some street light bi andar aa rahi thi. Ballu handsome naked daddy body aasani se daikh sakta tha, nicely chiseled, well defined upper body with an amorphous abs and the V shaped killer tapering to form his waistline.

Being an athlete Ballu knew that guys who worked out had that V tapering naturally defining their abs /stomach area and crotch lining. Awe struck Baldev ne silently wish kiya keh daddy ka cock ‘grower’ nah ho kayounkeh voh ab puri tarah full length ko daikh sakta tha jo hard swollen toh nahi tha magar eskay baawajoud eski length bila shuba 8—9 inches se kum nahi thi. Surprisingly Mr. M was cut and had a very well designed hand crafted cock head on him, Ballu ko yaqeen nahi aa raha tha keh voh yeh tamaam apni jaagti aankhoun se daikh raha tha. He was almost laying in the middle of the couch with a fucking hard on; a bit nervous because in the school he never felt himself lesser with other boys of his age measuring may be an inch over or under his full 6 inches with extra-long, silky and loose foreskin hanging in front like a funnel but this horse cock of Mr. M; he had no choice and did not know better to stay calm and go with the flow.

Achanak Mr. M ne ousko couch ki arm ke saath back laga kar baithaya aur khud, he came on his knees in front, telling him to hold and kiss that daddy horse cock. With one hand daddy held boy’s face and helped bring it closer to meat shaft but then quickly held youngster’s face up for lips and tongues juncture. Ballu kept holding and rubbing daddy dong while both faces pressed together and tongues started slow dancing inside the mouths. “You are my boy, Baldev; your ass is for daddy, do you understand this clearly boy”? Ballu could hardly whisper, “Ji daddy, I am your, for always”. Shit aik masoom bachay ki shame or shyness totally nah janay kahan gharq ho gaie thi aur voh apnay mounh se khud always khudko gaandu kehlwanay ke liye nahi gaandu kerwanay ke liye ready tha. Mr. Marshova ka face always ka lafaz soun kar chamak outha aur ouski kissing mein passion ka toofaan aa gaya. Ousne Ballu ka head dono haathoun se thaam kar apni zobaan se puray face ko saliva se paint kar diya. Jiskay saath yeh harkat aaj tak kisi girl ne bhi nahi ki thi lekin Ballu ne esay enjoy kiya tha.

After a while Baldev was made to stand toe to toe on the floor besides the couch where he realized all the obvious advantages Mr. M had over him; lesser in height, shorter in dick measurements, smaller in body mass and miniscule in experience. Now there was no doubt that Baldev knew his place in this relationship and he was apt to fulfill that role. M ka aik haath Ballu ki neck par aur dousra ouskay lorhay par tha aur reciprocally Baldev ki aik arm daddy ki neck mein aur dousray haath mein daddy ka A grade male beef wand tha to love for dear life. Dheeray dheeray larger hands came low and behind to the tight bubble ass to squeeze and play like it was a play dough; fingers searching the hole.

Achanak Ballu kay lungs mein se hawa nikli aur ousko fat fingers apnay hole par feel huien. Boy body daddy ki body kay saath, boy lips daddy lips kay saath glued like a yearning of years being fulfilled aur Ballu ki grip daddy kay lorhay par mazboot ho gaie. Soon he was ordered to be on his knees and suck daddy cock. OMG! Masoom bachay ki natural hesitance, sharm ya jhijhak tamaam sirf lorhay kay liye lorhay lug gaie thi. He noticed that there was too much of a dad cock for him to suck on but he dared to go on starting with fat wet tip dripping male lube from it needing lapped with pulsating tongue.

Not bad in taste at all; he sensed aur face ooper ker kay daddy ko approving smile di. Mr. M also winked and with a hand behind boy head, encouraged him to go deeper on the meat shaft. Ballu was loving his place but still he was new and it made him cough and choke with his spit splattering everywhere, but the kind mind suddenly pulled back to let him breed and phir dono haathoun se boy ears ko hold kerkay slow, inch by inch slow, very slow boy throat aur neck ko expand kerna shuru kiya. Saliva ne help ki. O’ baby boy take it all in your mouth kiddo, was the command and Baldev could not dare to deny or disappoint daddy and swallowed while breathing through the nose and Fuck!

There was a loud moan from daddy throat realizing his length being lodged beyond boy tonsils and balls decorating those dreadful young lips. “Good boy… yeah nice fucking little bitch, take it easy babe; don’t let me tear your throat with my python crawling in there too fast” aur Ballu agarcheh choked gagged feel kar raha tha magar ouski tamanna thi keh voh aur zayada lorha le sakay to make it feel even greater. Sobi had always sucked him with a lot of sexy horny passion and desire letting him aspire and be encouraged to surpass her talents.

Baldev ne socha, ‘Mr. M’s daughter always did a very nice job on my cock and I must do better on his cock, I cannot fail him or dishearten him by not being a great cock sucker for him; all I need is a bit training’. Achanak Mr. M ne phir ousko couch kay ooper rounded arm ko back laga kar upright baithnay ko kaha. Ab tak Ballu ka lorha; jawan, uncut, buht healthy lorha kisi army colonel ki tarah attention huwa khrha ho chuka tha aur aisa lagta tha keh andar se eski koi pipe leak kar gaie hai jiski wajah se pre cum ka heavy flow jaari tha. Mr. M got the position between the boy legs, Baldev could easily see, Mr. M taking position; and his mouth swallowed the boy cock, all of it, all the way to the hilt.

Ballu ki halki si sigh room mein dissolve huie aur ousnay Mr. M ki tongue ko apnay lund ki base par wrap hotay feel kiya. “Let me teach you a couple important steps” M ne lorhay ko mounh se nikaltay huwe kaha aur phir chanak ouski zobaan ki tip young boy cock ki underside ko lick kernay lagi. Loose foreskin aaram se lorhay ki length ke ooper pull ho gaie thi aur ab M ouskay cock head ki underside, the most sensitive frenulum ko apni tongue tip kay saath tease kar raha tha.

Baldev clearly daikh raha tha, Mr. M buht maharat se lorahy ki sucking licking, haathoun se tattoun ki service kay saath apni behtreen cock handling expertise par concentrate bhi kar raha tha aur Ballu ki training bhi ho rahi thi. Ballu apnay lund ki tip M kay throat ki back mein tight fit mehsoos kar raha tha. Ouuuufff ! aik haath se skin ko pull karna, dousray se lorhay ki muth maarna, buht proficiently position change kerna, Mr. M really champion cock sucker tha lekin es waqt ouski lusty grin Ballu ko buht classic training bhi mohayya kar rahi thi. Mr. M ne boy knees ke neechay apnay haathoun ka fyda outhaya aur bachay ki taangein ooper kar dien jis se ouski gaand ka hole saaf nazar aanay laga. “I hope you got the picture how a daring and great cock sucker should perform on his buddy”; Baldev ne Mr. M ki aawaz suni aur ouski fist ko apnay lorhay ki full length par enjoy kiya.

Zara si position change kertay huway Mr. M ne boy ass crack par spit graya aur apni 2 fingers ko lick karke ouski gaand mein slip kar dien aur ooper outhi body ko apnay knees par balance kertay huwe lorha aik dafa phir Ballu ke mounh mein push kar diya aur almost in 69 postion Baldev ne kaheen zayada enthusiasm se suck kerna shuru kar diya. “MMMouhhhh Babe! That’s great, you are a good learner”, Ballu ko gaand kay andar aawaz suni gaie aur M ki lambi zobaan ki garmi aur wetness bhi hole mein mehsoos huie. Ousko Mr. M ka big hard cock apnay haathoun mein aisay feel ho raha tha jaisay koi heavy tree stump ho.

Ballu motay lorhay kay mesmerism mein tha keh ousay apni gaand mein wet warm tongue dance kerti mehsoos huie aur ousne extreme lutf feel kertay huway apni gaand ko mature mouth aur tongue kay ooper push kar diya aur big adult cock ki muth marnay aur ousko suck karnay ka amal bhi tez kar diya. Mr. M ki loud moaning and continuous appreciation Baldev ko suni jaa rahi thi; “yes, yeah suck daddy cock like a very good slut boy, you are a fast learner, yeahhhhhhh just like that son”. Ballu toh itna deevana ho chuka tha keh aik lamhay ke liye bhi lorhay ko mounh se nikalnay nahi de raha tha applying wet pressure on daddy meat keh suddenly ousko thick middle finger apnay split ready hole mein buht deep mehsoos huie aur ousnay socha keh heaven could not feel any better than this here bliss he was in. Ballu ki siskiyaan blund hoti rahein aur Mr. M kept the pressure going on his ass.

Mr. M ke liye Ballu ki finger fucking kerna, ouskay lorhay ko massage kerna, suck kerna bilkul second nature tha aur Ballu was also loving this incredible treat. Mr. M ka lorha aisa deliciously suck hona, Damn Hot hot hot blissful feeling thi. Ballu ki buht dim buht aawaz nikli, “I am Cummmmminggg” aur es se pehlay keh voh apnay lorhay ko Mr. M ke mounh mein puri tarah plug in kar deta Mr. M ne suddenly apnay aapko separate kar liya aur youngster cock quivering, shivering, shuddering, shaking ke saath huge amount mein pre cum ougalnay laga jisko Mr. M ne apni palm mein le liya and quickly twisted to be eye to eye with the boy over him and massaged boy lube on his larger man sized dong. Baldev knew it was time of truth right now as he again felt fat fingers searching for his hole.

Daddy has a lot to teach you baby and hope you are ready too, son; Ballu ne suna aur ousko daddy fingers wapis apnay andar feel huien. Mr. M was bent over and pushing his cock head in the warm tight young ass hole. Baldev ne zara sa face ooper kar kay daddy lips ke ooper laga huwa apna shining pre cum lick kiya aur achanak ouska weakening lorha rock hard ho gaya. The taste was yummy, the texture was slick and the smell was addicting. Voh sexy lusty passion ki wajah se buht lutf feel kar raha tha keh daddy ki aawaz ne ousko calm down honay ka kaha. We have a lot to share baby, stay with me son and don’t lose your place in this ecstasy and be ready now.

Mr. M ne Baldev ko apni legs, man waist par tightly wrap karnay ko kaha and made the boy to hold on the thick neck with stretched arms. Daddy ne well fingered aur lubed ass ko proper position mein align kiya aur Ballu ko lorhay ka blunt head hole edge par pressure apply karta feel huwa. Gaand ka sphincter relax huwa, hole ki tightness dilate huie, entrance spread huie aur Mr. M slowly eased in. Oh Fucking Lord, Ballu really behaved like a good son and let daddy slip in all he wanted and then Mr. M stopped and Ballu had no place to go with it. Dard kaafi zayada thi magar the skill and technique used, lube applied and patience practiced along with Ballu wanting all this, Mr. M was almost balls deep in boy ass already. In his mind Ballu ne apnay aap ko appreciate kiya. A day earlier he could not imagine to be in this position with his legs up and his ass hung on the daddy skewer and roasted inside out. Dono ne aik dousray ki eyes mein daikha aur Daddy could see boy ass loving it and boy saw his daddy well contented and satisfied. Ballu felt so gratified keh he made a quick and a large move to impale himself fully on the daddy dong and soon he was bouncing up and down all he could feeling the pain rapidly turn into pure joy.

OOOOoooo yes yes, Oooh fuck!!!!!!! Ballu ka head tilted back all the way and his body arched with his innards twisting and twitching as daddy ram passed every barrier and each blockade fucking the boy into deep bliss for a memory to remain for ages. Then he suddenly pulled himself out and was on his knees and shoulders in a flash ordering the boy to ride him and slam his fuck pole in daddy ass now.

Baldev, did not follow exactly what was said until daddy barked out loud at the boy to get the fuck up. Shaking with shame, an innocent lad like Ballu would feel; the boy got up relatively rapidly. He glanced at the ass up Mr. M, who looked nothing more than a rag doll to Baldev. Nah Janay Ballu ko kayun itni nafrat ka ehsaas hua. He thought; Oh yes! I am going to fuck, pound you so hard and rip wham your mother fucking shit hole to remember forever. Phir ousne moti gaand ke thick muscles ko, mazboot arms, hairy manly muscular legs kay ooper aik quick nazar daali. He felt confident and sure to conquer all of him getting in Mr. M through his ass with his flamboyant boy cock. Lucky for him, Daddy ass hole though hidden deep in the musculature and buried in jungle all around, was crying out for Ballu to take him. Daddy ne once again on the top of his lungs, Ballu ko jaldi karnay ko kaha and told him keh ouski gaand ko kiss lick lube ki zaroorat nahi thi aur Baldev could fit right in.

Ballu already dazed and amazed wasted no more time but only held his throbbing hard steel cock; looking at daddy hole confident to de shape and reshape if not totally destruct and destroy it. In one leap Ballu was riding daddy ass, ouski arms extended thein aur dono haath shoulders ko backward pull kar rahay thay. Daddy ka hole puri tarah fill ho chuka tha aur Baldev sprawled over the large back daddy ko kiss kar raha tha. Ass drilling shuru ho chuki thi, moaning groaning apnay peak ko pohunch rahi thi, sweat was dripping onto daddy back like the swift rain fall. Ballu ki grip daddy shoulders par zara si loose huie and daddy fell flat on his belly and Ballu came out of his ass. “Let me show you” daddy ne apni greedy gaand ko outhaya, aik pull push mein bacha couch kay middle mein flat on his back abhi apnay aapko sanbhaal bhi nahi saka tha keh daddy ki gaand ka hole ouskay straight up bamboo par exactly correct alignment mein aaya aur GHHUURRPP.

Geeli gaand, loose entry, stiff pole; connection establish hotay koi time nahi laga, koi mushkil nahi huie. Aur phir daddy ne bend ho kar silky boy lips ko kiss kiya. Ousi lamhay daddy ki gaand mein suddenly wrenching huie aur inside muscular walls young lorhay par extremely tight ho gaien aur apni full hardness ke baawajoud lorha crush hota feel huwa aur ballu ki cheikh nikal gaie. “I know babe” Mr. M said from up aur Ballu ko aisay feel hua jaisay ouski puri shaft length par threading ki jaa rahi ho. Tight squeezed ass tunnel ooper ko outhi, sss loooo wwwwwww aur dham se phir achahnak lorha andar, pura andar. Baldev buht mushkil se apni cheikh ko roak saka tha.

Aur phir toh jaisay electric switch on kar diya gaya ho. Aik makhsoos rhythm mein daddy gaand up, down honay lagi, pace aur range of mtion bhi set ho gaie, force and speed bhi apnay peak ko jaa pohunchi. Daddy fucked the boy cock like there was no end to it. Fucking pervert daddy in need of getting his ass fucked did a good number on boy shaft which was burning red and shining with the coating of ass whim.

Soon hard fucking of gay ass stopped, Mr. M pushed Ballu aside aur aisa karnay se Ballu ka lund bhi adult gaand mein se nikal gaya, exposing the freshly fucked, dilated red pink hole. He ordered the boy to take daddy cock in his hands and jerk it while diving in the mature ass to sooth it with his mouth. Baldev was shivering, quaking and his lower body was quivering like a fish out of water. He was in a unique bliss less than a minute ago enjoying his cock fucking the daddy ass and orgasm building full speed and now when he was almost ready to cum, Mr. M was asking him to eat the fucking pervert daddy ass. Obediently taking it as a training step he shook his lips realizing daddy had already grinded his butt on boy mouth. Oh God YES!!! FUCK YES!! Mr. M repeated and next moment Ballu felt daddy cock head positioned and rammed into him. The amazing thing being that BaIlu didn’t feel that pain anymore just more joy and pleasure. Soon the boy ass was piston fucked hard with slapping and ramming of mature crotch into him.

The young fucking brain of Baldev was not comprehending it all but the pleasure of fucking and next moment getting fucked was amazing. Oh my God! Ballu yelled even louder than Mr. M; while his hands grabbed his own very leaky cock and started to jerk it, his eyes full of intimidation and anxiety; looking back at the man, his ears and brain registering the claim, “I own you my bitch boy”. Ballu surely had no control on his mouth and tongue but he did hear himself say, “Yes daddy, you own my hole but I own your cock. I want to suck that cock a couple of times a week then I want you to turn me over like a hard bitch cunt and fuck my hole good.” This kind of invigorated Mr. M a little.

He pulled his fat cock out of Ballu, made boy knees to push towards his shoulders and then eased his cock back in tight, hot wet boy hole. Soon Mr. M had one of his hands on the boy throat, making him slightly uneasy as he used his other large rough hand to push back boy knees and began plowing him good. Ballu brought one of his hand to his own throat almost assuring that the man does not squeeze the boy throat in the height of his fucking frenzy and being horny. Now Mr. M surely was taking this home and was about to fill Baldev’s hole with his juices. He rammed the boy so fucking hard that the bed started to move a little and boy moans flew a lot louder along with daddy groans indicating the orgasm hitting soon. He was fucking Baldev very rough and brutal calling him shit cunt and bitch boy; repeatedly.

Each and every single thrusting was stretching Ballu beyond limits and he could literally feel the size being stretched to double at least. They were both sweating like being in a competition. Ballu gasped and started soiling the surrounding area. “Oh my God” shouted Mr. M feeling his cock being crushed by Ballu’s flexing and relaxing ring and this proved to be too much sensation, making Mr. M to scream out and squirt out too, flooding the boy hole. He kept pumping till the boy’s rectum was all soaked wet. That was damn fucking hot!

Slowly pulling out Mr. M asked Ballu to suck and lich clean his cock and make it go limp after drawing out every drop of remaining nectar in his balls. Ballu felt very cozy while he laid there for a few minutes satiated with daddy cock touching his face and mouth in between those brawny legs.

The End


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