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August 19, 2018

A Fuck for One Time

A Fuck for One Time

“what brings you here akash? How is your research going on” asked neelima. I was doing phd.

Note: the following story is pure fantasy. Nothing of it is real. If it resembles anyone’s real life, the author is sorry for them. The author do not believe in, or participate in incest, violence towards women or the sexual abuse of a child of any age, consenting or not!

I was at my cousin sister’s house helping her with some work that she needed to fix. My sister naina is fifteen years elder to me, we are the kids of brothers. It was then neelima came over to visit naina. Neelima though six years younger to my sister is naina’s best friend ever since I know them. Neelima is really a sweet woman and pretty hot with a nice ass and huge boobs that doesn’t hang for her age of forty. I was talking to them having coke.

“what brings you here akash? How is your research going on” asked neelima. I was doing phd.

“nice going. Well, your friend and her tiring works that she saves for me”

“how long will you stay in town?”

“few days actually.”

“oh, so I can see you here every now and then?”

“actually, you should ask that question to naina.”

“the hell she should. Don’t blame me.” naina said.

“you guys don’t start it over again, just tell me what the issue is.” neelima said.

“see. My cousin here is ready to accept all my services but couldn’t provide accommodation for me for whatever reason in her mind.” I said sarcastically looking at naina. Naina was about to say something when neelima cut her saying,

“will you stay at my house? I have a 3bhk house. And I live alone. I could use some company though.”
I looked at naina. But inside I am happy that I can have a room of my own. I prefer a dedicated room.
“can he stay at mine?” neelima asked naina. Naina sighed, “ok, he is all yours”.

Later that evening I said bye to my sister and she gave me a hug, when she said, “now you smart ass behave yourself. Do you understand? Don’t play with her like you did back then.”

I understood what my sister was referring to. She knew I went through a break-up few months back and how desperate I am to jack off, though neelima never understood completely. I had teased neelima about being my girlfriend for years and she had enjoyed our little game as much as I did. I arrived at her house I was amazed at all the antiques she had. We enjoyed looking at them for about an hour. After that we took some drinks mostly beer.

“can you help me with my computer?” neelima asked.
“sure thing.”

“when I visit some web sites, some dirty websites and ads popup. I wonder if I was doing something wrong?”

“no, pop up windows can be a pain in the ass!”
Just to check, she typed down an address and when the page opened there popped up a window showing a woman giving blowjob to a large penis. Neelima blushed visibly and said, “see that. This I don’t want to happen.”
“are you sure woman?”
“I do.”

All the while she was staring at the popup window and it was very evident that her breath became heavier and uneven for a while.
“I love the internet akash, but long time of spending before it typing out work stuff and others makes my shoulders pain.” I offered to massage her shoulders while she continued searching the web and I explained more about it to her. She told me that would be wonderful if I would. Her shoulders were very tense and she had a knot right between her scapulae. I was glad she was already in her nightgown when I arrived there and had a nice view down her front as I stood above her massaging her. I would lean over her shoulder pushing the knot out all the while staring down her gown after massaging her.

“thank you akash. This was the nicest thing anyone had done to me!”

“it’s my pleasure neelima!”

I could see her tits were absolutely huge. And her nipples had to be at least a half inch around and as long, and her areolas were about 3 or 4 inches wide across. I was getting an erection from this and hoping she would not turn around anytime soon and see it. I moved my cock around to make it more comfortable, and no sooner had I done that then she leaned her head back to relax as she had started moving her neck around in a circle right on my hard cock. I thought and was scared of shit I got myself into that she would tell my sister that how pervert her brother was. But all she did was move her head around trying to get it in a more comfortable position.

“feeling better already neelima?” I asked.

“much better. Thank you.”

I kept up the massage under the pretence of removing the knot from between her scapulae. As I was rubbing her back she kept moving her head around on my hard cock, driving me crazy. I would slide my hands around from her middle back towards her front to stretch the knot out, running my hands just below her breasts almost directly under them. She isn’t that stupid. She looked up into my eyes then said,
“if you are trying to feel my tits, just do it away.”
That’s my signal to go and I didn’t hesitate a second. I reached around cupping her large nipples in my palms and squeezing them lightly feeling them harden under the pressure I applied.

“ohh that feels wonderful, squeeze them for me please. If you would pinch them lightly.” she moaned.

I moved around in front of her and got on my knees to see them as she dropped her nightgown to give me better access to them. I put her nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it while pinching the other one and noticed her hand went to her lap. She stuck her hand in her panties and began to masturbate. I continued to lick and suck her huge nipples, glancing down to watch her hand in her panties finger fucking her cunt. I moved my face lower and began to kiss her inner legs and slid her panties off her hips.

“I think we should lay down together neelu”, I said kissing her pussy.
“yeahhh..We should..”, she said panting heavily. We went to her bedroom kissing and me pinching and pressing her huge breasts. And when we reached her bed, I said, “can I undress you?” she replied, “yeah, I would love to get undressed in your hands.” she began undressing me as she was sitting on the edge of her bed. She gasped when she got to my boxers looking at the size and stiffness of my cock. She then grabbed my hard cock in my boxers and squeezed it. She removed my boxers and licked the precum dripping from the head of my cock.

“god, it tastes so delicious. I don’t remember when I held a hard cock last time.”

She kissed my cock in a loving way then swallowed it to my nuts in one swoop. I fucked her mouth holding her head and started with shallow strokes. She then pulled me into her throat as she swallowed it all the way to my balls again. I loved the way her nose was tickling my hairs and how her tongue would lick my balls when she had it down her throat!

“ohh goddd neelu…if you keep this up I am going to cum very soon.”

“you had better cum or I’ll eat this thing out!” she said licking her lips looking at me. She deep throated me and I started to cum load after load for what seemed like a lifetime. All the time she was moaning and playing with her cunt. She then came violently her head falling in my lap as she was panting, her breath warm on my cock and sweaty balls. I then had her lay on her back, opened her legs and licked her pussy. She didn’t have a lot of hair on her pussy. I found her clit with my tongue. Her legs began to shake as she wrapped her hands in my hair and pulled my face deeper inside her cunt. She had two orgasms one after another in a few seconds difference and I was surprised by it. She kept thanking me over and over, then a look came over her and she asked me.

“please akash, fuck me now!”

I slid up between her open legs and rubbed the head of my hard cock on her cunt lips teasing her,

“what will you do huh? What will you do for my hard cock?”

“I’ll do whatever you want. Ohh..Godd… just please fuck me now!”

I rammed my cock inside her in one movement and she started slamming her hips into me as soon as I was all the way in her wet pussy. I fucked her like she was a teenager. Her cunt was as tight as any teenager and so wet that my balls got soaked after just a couple strokes inside her cunt. Her pussy juice started soaking the bed sheets beneath us. I was slamming her pussy hard and fast.

“ohh ohh akash akash ohh aaahhh aahhh akash akash ahhhhhhh”, she was crying loud as she came over and over.
“ohh I love it! Ohhh goddd ohh its sow wonderful ohhh akash fuck me hard please akash ahhh aahhhhh yes fuck me ohh yeah ohhh yeahhh aaahhh. I love your cock inside me ohhh. Its so good to be fucked by you. Ohhh don’t stop. Don’t you ever stop fucking me you bastard ohh don’t stop fuckingggg me”

I pulled out of her wet pussy as her disappointment showed in her eyes.

“get on your knees babe”, I said to her. I then spread her ass cheeks open wide with my thumb rubbing her asshole. Her cunt juices helped me to lube it wet and sticky. I then stuck my tongue into her asshole teasing her by licking the outer edges of her puckered hole, then began fucking her with it. She cried out, “ohh goddd ohhh, I love it so much, ohh goddd. None had done that ever to me. Ohhh godd, forgive me, ohh myyy goddd!” she was rubbing her hard clit furiously, cumming again. “ohh akash please keep tongue fucking my ass you bastard! Just don’t stopp”. I then got on my knees and put my cock against her asshole and began to push gently. She reached around and grabbed my hips pulling me inside it with all her might. As I began pumping in and out she started crying out,

“yes yess yessss, youb fucking nasty filthy bastard. Fuckkk myy asssshole” I kept fucking her harder with each stroke and she continued crying, “don’t you dare stop, you nasty sister fucking filthy fucker”
“if you keep on with that language neelu, you’re going to receive a hard punishment.” saying that I spanked hardly on her ass cheeks.

“yes yess ohh yess, spank my ass akash, spank my ass like that you nasty fucking machine!”

I loved watching her ass bouncing against my hips while her ass cheeks turned red from the spanking she was receiving from me. Her ass cheeks rippled when I pounded my hips against hers.
“I’m going to cum neelu.” she quickly turned around and began to suck my cock, tasting her asshole and furiously fingering her clit and fucking her wet cunt. She came before I did, and kept on well after I filled her mouth again with my load of hot cum. As we lay back resting drinking another coke, I asked her,

“where did you learn to talk that dirty?” her embarrassment was visible in her cheeks.

“nowhere. I didn’t knew I was capable of such talk. I’ve never used such language before you know. It just came out!”

“maybe this is all real you. May be you need spanking again.”

She turned over and said, “well what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to teach this bad girl some manners?”

I woke up the next morning after another session with neelima. Last night with her was amazing. I never knew not even in my imaginations that she could be so nasty and so good both at the same time! I was thinking to myself as I watched her sleeping, her large breast covering the other as she lay on her side. I played with her nipple watching it harden in her sleep. I knew I had things to do at naina’s house. So I got up to get dressed. Her eyes opened a bit, and a smile crept to her face, remembering what had transpired last night.

“Good morning sleepy head!” I said glancing at her.

She grinned at me her eyes shining with a new look in them as she got up and hugged me. “I can’t believe we did that last night!

“Well, what we did was what was supposed to be happen long back”
“yeah”, she said pulling me over and kissing on my lips. We kissed for some time.
“do you regret it neelima?”, I asked.

“No. I just couldn’t believe we did it.”

I gave her a tighter hug, slipping my hand down between her thick thighs, touching her slit. I ran my fingers along her inner pussy lips, feeling her getting wetter. Her head leaned on my shoulder, she nibbled on my neck as my finger entered her. I pulled on her thick nipple with my free hand and she melted in my arms. We had to lie down to continue our lovemaking, her large breasts spreading on her chest as she did. My mouth went to one and swallowed as much of her as I possibly could, my finger working her tight wet pussy. Her legs opened wide for me to reach her slick inner depths, I felt her pussy’s heat as it surrounded my finger. Her pussy clinging to my finger while I rubbed her thick clit with my thumb. I lay my head on her thigh gazing at her not so hairy pussy before I licked her wetness away with my tongue. I began to fuck her with my tongue savouring on her lovely cunt juices. Her hands grabbed my hair pulling me deeper between her heavy thighs as her breath was coming faster. When I heard neelima moaning softly, I knew she was close to having her orgasm. Neelima’s hips began to quake as she started cumming on my thick tongue. She nearly pulled my hair out as she wiggled her hips around on the bed. She cried out as her orgasm hit her hard and her pussy began to ooze her sweet juice on my chin. It only made me lick her deeper when she came again, her legs wrapping tightly around my head.

I slid up between her large tits and rubbed my hard dick between them. Her hands wrapped them around my dick and gently squeezed them together. I rolled off of her chest and she returned to sucking me off. Her warm hand playing with my full balls and tickling my asshole with her long fingernail. I held her head in my hands and my hips started pumping her face, filling her mouth with my cock. I watched as her eyes closed and she moaned, sucking me deeper in her hot mouth. Her tongue was working the underside of my dick, making obscene sucking noises while her head moved around in circles. I could not last long with her expert cock sucking, and I wasn’t going to try. Her finger felt so good when she tickled my ass with her fingertip, and jacked me off with her other hand. I felt my balls creeping up to my body and the familiar feeling in my stomach right before I shot my heavy load in her hot sucking mouth. She swallowed deeply as I shot my thick load in her throat. I held her face close to my crotch while my body shook from my orgasm. We lay on the bed resting as she held me close to her with a dreamy look on her face smiling when she licked her lips. I played with her pussy a few minutes, she was dripping wet. I wanted to stay longer and fuck her again, but knew I had to get back to naina to finish the chores left to do.

“You can stay here again tonight if you want!” she told me as I was getting into the bathroom.

“I think I will!’ with wicked grin. I entered the bathroom and waited naked for the water to fill in the bucket. Neelima entered and stared at my body as I rubbed my cock for her.
She asked, “can I stay here watching you bath?”
“you can do even better things than that neelu.”
“like what?”
“like we can bath each other.”
She washed my entire body rubbing soap with her soft lady hands all over my body. I was in heaven. I did the same to her body and we kissed all through every inch of our bodies. She dried off my body with a towel. She got on her knees, licked and sucked my balls for a minute. I held her hand as we enter her bedroom and lay on the bed. I was on my back with my hands behind my head watching to see what she would do. It only took a minute for her to undress and get between my legs. Her mouth was almost watering as she engulfed my cock. I loved to hear her as she sucked my cock, her slurping as she sucked up and moaning as she went down. I held her black hair in my hands while she sucked me, her lips forming a perfect circle around my dick. Her tongue licking the underside of me as she worked her mouth. I didn’t want to waste this load in her mouth.

“Turn over your back, I want to fuck you neelima!”

She got off me and got on her hands and knees, with her nice fat ass waiting for me to enter her. I held her ass cheeks open wide. My cock neared her sweet wet pussy. I felt her heat when the head of my dick entered her, her pussy grasping at me as I pushed to gain entrance in her. She worked her ass towards me in her effort to get me all the way in her. I started fucking her slowly, grabbing her meaty ass in my palms and squeezing them tightly as I did. Neelima started moaning and I put the full length of my cock in her. I watched as her ass cheeks bounced as I started fucking her faster. Remembering that she had enjoyed her spanking last night, I gave her ass a smack. Her hips bucked as I did, and I felt her pussy clinch tighter on me.

“You really enjoy spanking, don’t you, you nasty bitch?”

“I don’t care if you spank me. I don’t care if you call me a whore or whatever. You can spank me all you want and call me all you can. I just want you to fuck me!” I started slamming into her, her ass working to me when I pushed my hips forward. Her large tits flopping around on her chest and her crying out in the heat of the moment.

“Fuck it. Fuck it hard bitch.”

Hearing that she went wild, her hips worked against mine as she fucked me back.

“Yes, fuck me, you filthy bastard. Make me happy, make me cum!”

Her pussy was dripping on my balls and I fucked her cunt hard. I licked my finger tip and stuck it in her puckered asshole. She cried out in shock and pleasure as I worked it in. I slapped her ass with my free hand watching as the red hand print showed, her ass fucking me wilder as she was nearing her orgasm.

“fuck me baby, fuck me honey. Ohh godd, it feels so good, please don’t stop, please don’t stop fucking me.”

I felt her pussy getting tighter as she started to cum on me, her breath coming in gasps. My sweat falling on her back from my face, I heard her as she cried out.

“I’m cumming now, fuck me hard akash.”

I pumped her sweet pussy hard and fast, she had me on the verge of my own orgasm now.

“Fuck me neelu, I’m going to cum now in that pussy bitch!”

Then I started cumming, load after thick load, I was spurting into her hairy pussy. Her pussy spasmed in her orgasm, as my spurting cock jerked in her. I fell on her back and she collapsed on the bed, smashing her tits as they flattened on the bed. My dick was still jerking from the intense orgasm I had, my warm breath on her neck while she tried to breath normally again. She felt so good with me on top of her, our sweat mixing as I rubbed my body along hers. I stuck my hands under her and squeezed her huge tits, feeling her hard nipples in my palms. I sucked on her earlobe. I whispered to her,
“I loved your nasty talk. I loved your juicy cunt. I loved fucking you like a bitch. I loved every inch of you, you nasty fucking bitch.”

“Oh I love it too akash. I’m so glad we did this!”


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