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August 21, 2018

Jaan Nah Pahchaan, Marwaai Mujhse Gaand

Jaan Nah Pahchaan, Marwaai Mujhse Gaand

Mera dhayan apnay kaam mein tha so I cannot say which way he came from aur mein ne ousko sirf ous waqt notice kiya jab ouski awaz meray kaan mein aayee, are you Edwin Naseer, I can suck very good!! Mein ne jaldi se idhar oudhar dekha to make sure keh yeh kaheen koi set up ya trap nah ho magar mujhay koi nazar nahi aaya. Almost gora rang, full teen age, height almost meray jitni 5’ 10” aur meethay well developed lips, in a cut almost knee high jeans and rag looking Old Navy crew neck shirt, he looked beautiful surely worth a chance to get my cock sucked by him but I was not taking a plunge that quick before making sure it was a safe bet. I am Edwin but what is your name, who sent you to me, where you live. I felt movement in my pants as I looked in his beautiful dark brown eyes and asked all those questions.

Sometimes so bizarre things happen in life, we have no explanation for them but only to remember and reminisce. Yeh kahani bhi aik aisi he yaad hai. I still remember the boy’s face and his name (Roop Singh). Wish I could get him again and fuck him on regular basis like my other fuck buddies but I know, if it has not happened after that one morning, it may never happen again. Let me share this delicious memory with you.

It was early Sunday morning like around 8:30 AM. The weather was typically October like. It was not cold but definitely cool nip was in the air. A day earlier when my landlady (who really treats me like her son) left to go see her daughter in a town about 100 miles away, she asked me to make sure to water the lawns. With my usual dereliction, I did not do it yesterday but not knowing what time she may be back today, may be before lunch; I was out in the lawn adjusting the lawn sprinkler wearing the bottom of my sleeping pj’s and a t shirt.

Mera dhayan apnay kaam mein tha so I cannot say which way he came from aur mein ne ousko sirf ous waqt notice kiya jab ouski awaz meray kaan mein aayee, are you Edwin Naseer, I can suck very good!! Mein ne jaldi se idhar oudhar dekha to make sure keh yeh kaheen koi set up ya trap nah ho magar mujhay koi nazar nahi aaya. Almost gora rang, full teen age, height almost meray jitni 5’ 10” aur meethay well developed lips, in a cut almost knee high jeans and rag looking Old Navy crew neck shirt, he looked beautiful surely worth a chance to get my cock sucked by him but I was not taking a plunge that quick before making sure it was a safe bet. I am Edwin but what is your name, who sent you to me, where you live. I felt movement in my pants as I looked in his beautiful dark brown eyes and asked all those questions.

Don’t worry, I am not a Police man; I am Roop Singh Bhatti. I live on the other side of the tracks and surely nobody has sent me but you may know Luis Salamat; Luis did not send me to you but it was Luis who told me about you and that he was your boy sometimes back. Salamat and I were in the same class before he had to move away because his dad got transferred. Roop gave me the long answer.

Surely I knew Luis Salamat very well. He lived about ¼ mile down this street. Actually this is like a zero population area. The town nearby is ok but here on this street, the only other house belonged to Salamat family and now even that was locked because it was still not sold. I sure was lucky to have Luis as my fuck toy for almost a year and a half. When I got Luis, he was already into Gay life and had some experience of being naked with other adults and he was not virgin. He already had been exposed to cock sucking and was not anal virgin either but was not fucked a lot. Although he was not virgin but his anal cherry was not much misused or abused.

I was not fully satisfied but I also did not want not to miss the chance to have this young boy for sex and it could happen because he was here at my door and asking for it. Like it usually happens, the instinct took over and I decided to give the boy his due but made absolutely clear if he wanted to suck my dick, I must get his ass and fuck him too for my lusty need and delight. With a quick move I even pushed down the elastic front of my thin cloth pants and showed him my cock. It was not erect but still a size that could lure a faggot boy who had come; I am sure after he heard of my size. It seemed almost as long and thick as his forearm! Boy hesitated and argued far longer than I thought. His excuse being that he was virgin and my fucking pole was too big for him especially for the first one to enter him through the back, but I stood firm on the demand. I asked him if he had a tiny cocklet in his mouth for sucking as his first or he went for a full grown up size for real joy of it. Were you born with a newborn cock in your mouth or you knew you were going to suck your first cock ever and the size definitely was not the issue, why now?

He sure had no answer but softened his tone but begging to be gentle and not hurt him and I gave him gentleman’s promise that I will stop and let him go if he felt he could not endure, tolerate and fully enjoyed it although I knew my expertise after having fucked many virgin boys. There was no way he was going to be let go and his ass, however miniature, tight or tiny; or how much it was to hurt taking and housing my ass ripper. It was going to be a furious assault with my gay ass fucking weapon and with that determination and plan of ass busting, I did not want to take the boy inside the house causing any delay giving him a chance to rethink and change his mind or runaway, so we quickly moved into the shed or more like a sun room in the corner of the back lawn which had a nice sofa plus couple of chairs and even a padded bench; more than enough to afford us with nice sucking fucking positions for sexing fun and games.

It did not take much time at all to undress and be totally naked and soon he was eagerly sampling the hardness of my touching 10 or even 10 plus inches, very thick uncut cock while I willingly guided him. The youngster sank to his knees, first in the age old position of Sexual Submissiveness. To my delight, he chose my cock to worship and suck while kneeling, however I felt sudden unexpected pain on my cockhead as his teeth harshly scrapped across it. Yes, I was a bit too thick for him but then he was also crudely sucking my manhood. Soon however after informing him of the discomfort of his teeth and putting him on the padded bench with his head dangling off the bench, he began his brand new journey of realizing both the physical and mental joy associated with Sucking of An Overly Thick Stiff Dick and seemed by the minute, to be getting more and more excited to obsessing and craving to go down deeper and deeper on me. His hesitance and uncertainty changed into the deep state of pure lustful long overdue need as he began to enthusiastically suck my stiff now tasty to him Dick!

I shoved the back of his head forward and pushed my full pole right down into it. He paused a bit then, soon his unsure mouth gave way to his deep Gay feelings harbored for all of his life so far. How wonderful it was watching him! How quickly fears are dispelled by the erotic taste of a solid cock and feel of it in the mouth discovering a brand new wonderful use of lips, tongue and throat all in synch with mouth and hands. Once throwing all caution to the wind, he more than made up for the lost time by fully unleashing stored fury of true passion of want and need of a faggot gay bitch boy.

A true cocksucker!! He stopped his intense sucking over those next few minutes so he could allow his jaws to rest a bit and not come off hinges. I noticed myself bending over him and began to rub and fondle his cute young rounded, almost virgin ass cheeks to further make him feel like the hot slut; he very much needed to become! Next my lips drew near his left ear while I told him to keep sucking for a wonderful exciting hot load of creamy sperm he was just going to love being shot deep into his busy sucking hot fucking tight Gay Bitch Mouth! My urgent desire to properly and deeply eat his ass was peaking and I was also flying with the artful cock sucking and balls handling he was performing on me, and I lost the tussle. Next second I had put him under me on the bench, his head almost off the bench and tilted down; perfect for deep throating position, I had pulled his legs to my chest which offered his tight virgin ass hole for my greedy and lusty tongue fucking it and my lips and mouth enjoying its outer and inner texture and velvet like silky smoothness. My nose fully immersed in his ass crack and my fingers; specially the thumb doing a quick search of the tight wrinkly hole to find the spot that will make him cry with pleasure.

Such lovely little ass, I whispered slipping my thumbs into the crevasse and got my first look at the boy’s tiny pucker. Overwhelmed with the scene, I bent in and sniffed the virgin boy ass proficiently keeping his cheeks spread with the thumb and forefinger from my left hand, and rubbed the right index finger gently over the virgin pucker mixing it rapidly with a long lick of my tongue and licked again harder. Boy’s ass lips opened a little and I licked again. Quick licking again and again made my tongue enter the excited quivering boy’s asshole. Whoa! Roop Singh panted while my tongue entered and tickled his insides. He wriggled happily as I held him by the hips and ate his ass. He sure liked it too! It was weird and wicked, but it tickled him so good. Boy had started making some rapid moves to save his virgin, tiny gay ass from the assault but it was not to be and I kept him engaged and busy enduring my rapid and hip circling thrusts into his gay throat. Obviously soon; not only his tight ass puckering was giving up, the intoxicating aroma of virginity was whiffing loud & compelling me to tongue drill his tight small asshole and so it happened.

I had my fingers attempting to pry open the boy’s rear entry offering a sneak peek at the pink inside while my long drawn out tongue started rimming, wetting the slowly but surely getting weaker orifice of the gay boy letting my tongue tip as well as my fingers to crawl in and out quickly. A heavy soupy flow from my mouth was gathering around the unused ass lips while the deeper louder chirping and slurping sound from under was the proof of the over excitement of my dick in the overdrive mode of spewing pre cum as I fucked the boy mouth more and more fervently.

While Roop Singh’s tight well practiced mouth was getting deeply and selfishly throat fucked, I found myself thinking about how wonderful my massive deep brown, ebony monster was going to feel expertly ramming a combination of pain and pleasure into the deepest areas of his virgin love chute. I had by now passed the point of no return midst the moans of pleasure, ecstasy as well as begging and commands to suck, ram, or worship my cock! He grabbed the bottom half of my rock hard cock in firm hold as his tight lips and mouth sucked like a giant powerful vacuum cleaner and soon started having the taste of my thick hot strong sperm that began to discharge in powerful bursting giant sized goblets. Yes, hot shooting foul rancid semen that was flooding boy mouth to overflow as he gulped and sucked for each new wonderful pent up pulsation of it! A cocksucker’s creamy cocktail of contentment and sure deserved reward for a job well done!

After getting properly licked and cleaned off every inch of my slippery slushy sperm coated cock shaft and milking out the last drop from my balls, I got up leaving Roop laying there. While slightly dizzy, I peered around assuring our safety and nobody walking on us. Ab mein yaqeenan ousko chodna chah raha tha aur mujhay pakka yaqeen tha keh ousko bhi koi khaas objection nahi tha. Meray hefty robust Lorhay ka ab ousko pehlay jitna khof nahi tha and surely he tamely obeyed when I almost picked him up, dropping on the sofa aur ousko doggy position mein ker liya. Ouskay knees and shoulders were on the sofa and his beautiful very young ass cheeks high in the air, legs squatted in and spread making room for me to take ramming position in between those young legs.

Bachay ki kuchh murmering kisi awaz nikli, ousko positively maloum ho raha tha keh ouski chodai ka time nazdeek aa raha hai aur jaldi ouski gaand virgin boy size se change ho kar fucked up used up man size ki honay wali thi aur ouska design aur shape bhi naye roop shakal ki honay ko thi. He was surely feeling weak but I knew from experience, leaving them gaandu bacha’s alone and not even trying to console them was the best plan at times like this. Instead I started the activity what could best prepare him for the time to come by lovely brushing my hands on the boy’s smooth globes lightly and kneading the meat on his little ass.

My hands were roaming all around even sliding down and under to the silky smooth fully hard about 4 inches, his thin shaft. My long fingers were even sliding down to the base and onto the boy’s hairless, crinkled nut sack rubbing, pulling them away from the body which made Roop laugh nervously. It tickles, he whispered. I pulled down and stretched them further away from the boy’s heated body. He grunted as my manly hands expertly manipulated his tiny but slush filled chicken nuggets. I even gave them a little twist and Roop let out a silent yell of painful ecstasy. Aaah I ammmmmmm, he could not complete the sentence but I could figure out he was about to hit the orgasm if I continued to play with his boy tool. I let him have a moment to catch his breath.

I suddenly remembered, mein ne aik Anal Ease ki tube yahan tool box mein rakhi thi jo kabhi kabhar muth martay waqt lubrication ke liye use kerta tha. Hurriedly mein ne ousko nikala aur squirted a small amount on my fingers, felt between the boy’s firm cheeks, and applied it to his tight puckered opening. While lubing his tiny gap I looked up noticing the boy’s face towards me over his shoulder looking at me with a very uneasy smile on his face. I released the boy-nuts and focused on rubbing, even lovingly slapping the twin globes. Soon meri 1 ungli, phir2–3 ungliyaan anal ease ki lubrication se slithered honay ki wajah se relatively easy Roop ki gaand ke andar 2nd balkeh 3rd knuckle tak ja rahi thein aur Roop aik naye aur novel lutf ki wajah se deep moaning ker raha tha.

I could understand it was not all pleasure but not that painful either compared to what he was going to undergo when I would fuck him with my enormous raw pole thick like a tree stump. It is alright baby, I told him while pushing him down with my hand on his tail bone and also making his ankles go as far apart as possible making sure there was enough room for me behind his ass to fit in my groin when I start to take his virginity soon and he resumed the position like the good little dutiful boy he was.

Now push out baby and do it as hard as you can, I instructed him and certainly naïve and inexperienced as he was, he figured pushing his ass out will expel my fingers out of his tight opening and he did. Sure he did not realize, it only helped me to rotate and vibe my almost all 4 fingers deeper in his asshole lubing muscle walls quite well. Boy sure felt his innards wobble and he looked over his shoulder with a quizzical look on his face and started to stand even making a loud growl being in pain. No, babe, stay bent over, stay put and push even harder, it’s going to be ok. I said in a commanding tone and he complied. He pushed out, I pushed Anal Ease lubed fingers in, to the hilt again. Now stay put and don’t move, I ordered loud and I am sure it registered. Roop did as told; I kept my hand on the boy’s back to keep him down. I waited till I felt the boy loosen a tad, and then started pushing my lubed fingers in and out with a set pace. He whimpered and grunted some more as he got used to the pumping action in his boy tunnel but he stayed in position as he was ordered.

Knowing the boy was going to stay in position, I took my hand off his back and reached underneath for his tiny cock and started stroking it. He strained into my hand due to the intense pleasure he was feeling in his pricklet. With the other hand I felt around inside the boy’s tight ass finding his prostate. I stroked his joy button, and the boy tried to leap forward as he yelped in ecstasy. Roop Singh was hard and so I jacked him gently, rubbing the sensitive head on every upstroke and pausing faintly to squeeze and pull on his tiny nuts. Yong boy whimpered in a bliss despite the slight discomfort in his ass but I kept working his asshole to make it lose, dilated and ready to be fucking destroyed. Roop grunted and whimpered some more as his body twisted in my hands.

That’s it. You’re doing fine. That’s a good boy. We’ll take care of your stiff little cock in no time. I told the boy. He was swaying his head from side to side not able to decide what to do. He almost knew he was trapped but at the same time, his cocklet was tingling better than it ever had before, and so were his nuts! He didn’t know they could ever feel this good! And then to top it off, his thinned asshole ring wasn’t hurting as much anymore. He was almost starting to enjoy what was being done to him, sort of, anyway… And then suddenly the fingers held in him still for a while letting the boy relax as his cocklet and boy nuts got stroked; came alive and I started sawing his hole with my lubed fingers in and out again and again, also twisting and spreading them carefully working the virgin boy chute. Roop grumbled and whimpered more and more as I worked his still very tight fuck hole, chicken nuggets, and cocklet and surely all was not in pain but in appreciation and approval of what was being done to him. I was keeping him teetering near the boygasm, but backed off every time he got too close keeping a very close vigilance slipping 1, 2, 3 or more fingers inside the boy. Rool quivered and grunted still more as he felt his boy hole being stretched wider than he ever thought possible while I leaned over him, keeping him in Place and pleasured his cocklet and balls with one hand and stretched his boy ass with the other. I was also waiting for the cute boy to adjust to the stretching, then resuming pumping and twisting my thick fingers to prepare the tight pleasure palace which was now seeming ready and relaxed for penetration and fucking it deserved.

I pulled my slick fingers from the boy’s slippery wet hole, quickly lubed my cock, and positioned it at the boy’s now almost red and puffy yawning entrance. Roop felt the difference at once, and looked over his shoulder to see what I was doing. He was speechless and scared that no way my long thick thing was going to fit inside his little ass! Just relax and it’ll be alright. I instructed him again. Put your head down and push out like you did before; I told the worried boy.

Roop Singh ne apna head down ker diya magar apni gaand ko outward push nahi kiya. Ousko shayad samajh aa gaie thi keh pushing his ass out was not in his best favor. He was scared. There was no way this monster would fit! Just as he was contemplating his next move; ZAAAAAP !!!! I slapped his ass to get his attention. Push out as you have been told; I repeated loud, hoping him to obey. He did as he was told and pushed out like he had done earlier unknowingly. Mujhay ehsas huwa keh bachay ki gaand relax hui hai aur mein ne bull’s eye ko target kiya. We both strained, but hardly mera cock head managed to wedge into his stubbornly tight resisting asshole. Let’s try again. Push out harder, I barked in an angry tone. Mera Lorha complete bahar nikal gaya tha.

I… It… It won’t fit. Roop whimpered but before he could utter another sound, I slapped his ass very hard again with full might of my right hand. Ouski cheekh nikli and he jumped. Push out I said again and he pushed out again and I pushed in. He sniveled as he felt his hole stretch and I grunted in pleasure. Aik dafa phir ouski gaand nay meray ass ripper Lorhay ka beautiful head tightly andar le liya tha aur helmet se neechay ka buht zayada sensitive 1—1 ½ inch bhi ouskay andar chala gaya tha. That’s a good boy, it’s almost in. One more time now, push out. I repeated and a mercy cry was heard from underneath where Roop was trying his best to keep control and push his ass out aur ousnay phir koshish ki, mein ne ousi waqt zordaar ghassa mara. Roop kisi zakhmi aur hurt puppy ki tarah cheekha, magar ouski gaand ka heated chamber aur zayada nahi khula aur meray full powered ghassay se Lorha hardly 1 inch aur andar gaya tha. He fell on his belly on to the sofa but luckily I was gripping his hips so I fell with him over him. Meray weight se Lorhay ka thickest 2—3 inch hissa Roop ki shuddering shivering gaand mein chala gaya aur ouski gaand kay lips khoob tightly snap lock ho gaye. He was quivering like a fish out of water and tried to pull off, but I held him in place.

Unh, unhhhh, Roop whimpered as he reached back to feel where my cock entered his fuck hole. He slid his fingers back along my shaft down to the hairy base, trying to figure out how much was inside him. Not even half, he thought. He was feeling full… full… so fullllllll in his ass. Please stop, let me go, I cannot tolerate it anymore; you promised…his cry was interrupted… and I slapped him right across his face. Shut up and relax, try to tolerate; you are not trying and I alone cannot do it for you and would not let you go if you do not try your hardest, I said and slowly slid my hand under his belly and raised his hips up again bringing him back in doggy position and ready to be rammed once again in his love nest. RELAX, BREATHE IN LONG AND BREATHE OUT SLOWWWWWW. You will be fine soon; I told him. Roop whimpered and wriggled, trying to be at ease with my thick hot prong seemingly stretching him to the breaking point.

I ran my hands slowly up the boy’s sides, onto his chest and tweaked his small nipples a bit, then slow glided to his crotch and jacked the small boy cock for a bit. Youngster moaned some more, but his hole stopped quivering and loosened its grip. Realizing the situation, I pulled back about an inch and slammed right back in full force and power I could summon in my thighs and hips. Only Roop could tell how he felt but I felt like having crawled into the burning oven. I looked down and could not refrain from smiling. Hardly last an inch or inch and a half was out of boy hole which was securely wrapped around my shaft near the base. Suddenly both of us were drenched in sweat; I realized it as I stroked Roop’s back lovingly.

He was gasping and surely hurting hung on my very thick skewer like a chicken being roasted inside out. I knew wasting time at this moment could be more painful if in a mood to stretch ass sphincter was left to feel comfortable and get adjusted prior than the total length was in right now. I let my hands pat and tap his gay ass cheeks while my hips pulled back an inch or two and whammed back in again like a speedy locomotive. FUCKKKKK, my balls got almost crushed between our aroused horny bodies. If I would not support Roop, he would fall flat on his belly again as he was almost dumb founded not realizing his ass been destructed into a pile of burning puffy debris. His both hands were holding the back of his head while he was shaking his head side to side as high tide of painful waves washed over him drowning him deeper and deeper.

Ouuuuiiiii, Ooouummm, oounnngggghhhhh, He was making weak noise while his ass was burning with wave after wave of extreme hurt felt far deeper than he could ever imagine existed inside him. I continued to thrust in the boy, calming and controlling him, also stroking his small cocklet and playing with his tiny balls. I let my hands roam over the boy’s smooth hips and down his hairless thighs once more feeling his titties, pinching and pulling on the sensitive nipples. Keeping myself lodged to the hilt, I was trying to pleasure the boy the best I could. He had started moaning and groaning instead of growling and howling indicating the ecstatic happiness taking hold finally. He was relaxed again and I knew what to do now.

Sensing the grip, a bit loose on my shaft, I spread my whole body over his and well before he could resist I completed an ooouuuttttttttt, IIIIINNNNN round. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Roop begged for mercy while I took over his valuable fuck spot. Truth be told, he even liked having the thick, hot man prong inside him. But it hurt something awful each time I jabbed farther inside his inexperienced first time fucked ass. I was spread over his back and in between every thrust, kissing the boy on the back of the neck, tickled the boy’s tummy and jacked his cocklet some more even yanked his kid balls and gave them a twist. Roop silently screamed in agony with the duel sensation of his cum filled nuts being abused and the fat man beef steak suddenly jamming further deeper into his ass and adult balls grinded on the young ass entry.

I was purposely staying away from his stiffy knowing he may lose interest if he emptied his nuts quick. Low and behold, boy had stopped whining and was coming back onto the fuck pole impaling him on my man wrench. I was rubbing boy’s shoulders, massaging his neck and rubbing his back while my hips had started slow but firm front thrusting into the boy. I was fucking him with a set pace and also praising him for his anal skills taking full 10+ inches of real thick dong in him. Roop was breathing hard, he looked over his shoulder at me firmly mounted on him while simultaneously tried to reach back and feel the juncture of his sore blazing ass and my excited cock. In reaction, I reached down again and stroked the still hard boy cocklet, causing more ecstatic gasps to come out of the pronged boy.

I gently pulled back about 3 inches and thrust back in. Roop gasped and I rapidly repeated the act a bit more forcefully. Ohhh Fuck! he struggled for air while my enormous dick felt reaching home and shaved Big balls pressed against boy’s smooth little ass. Oouuuuufffffff, haaaaaa!! Fucked boy sure was hurt awful. Gaand ka itna bura haal hoga, Roop soch bhi nahi sakta tha. Takleef ki wajah se ousko saans lenay mein mushkil ho rahi thi lekin bachaao ki koi surat bhi nahi thi. Ouska zahn ouska saath nahi de raha tha aur phir ousi lamhay Lorhay ko nah janay kaya sujhi. Gaand par attack shuru huwa, Lorha 2 inch, 3 inch, 6 inch bahar nikalta aur phir shadeed force aur speed ke saath ghoooop, ghrrrrrrrruuuupppp, ghrrooouuupppp, ghrrouuppp, ghoooouuuuppp ki loud awaz nikalty, Lorha gaand ki deep folds mein disappear ho jata.

Slow long strokes, Medium firm strokes, Brutal short strokes, constant pumping, continued plowing, nonstop plunging, steady plugging, unrelenting fucking…Roop under me on his knees and shoulders looked like a helicopter upside down, his young teen cock swirling like a fan……. God O’ Lord! How could anyone fuck so vehemently, such fervently and for so long without losing breath; but it happened and Roop endured it for sure, although he was completely dazed and totally uncomprehending what was being done to his ass, his body and even his soul.

Raam Janay kitni dair terroristic activity continued, bachay ki gaand kisi measure, kisi evaluation, kisi appraisal ke hasab se boy ass nahi reh gaie thi. Ouski gaand ka size, shape, figure aur appearance was totally different than it was about an hour ago. It was now just like a routinely fucked up, used, abused man sized ass. Anyhow I could not continue this zealous and ardent activity much longer than I did and had to stop but not before whamming my burning steel rod deepest in the boy folds before trying to suck all the oxygen I could. I could feel sweat crawling all over my heated body and dripping onto boy’s back. Fuck O’ Fuck, meray tattoun se paseenay ke drops Roop ki distended ass ke neechay gir rahay thay.

Mujhay laga shayad mera orgasm is building so mein ne foran apna Lorha Roop ki gaand se puri tarah nikal liya. Although Roop ki gaand was hurting really bad but this sudden loss of fucking serpent being pulled out completely was much greater pain. Ous ne puri himmat se apni gaand ko squeez kiya tha aur koshish ki thi keh Lorha ouski gaand mein rahay. Mein ne forun charge sanbhala.

That’s it, you’re doing fine. Squeeze as if my dong is still in you, then push out again, squeeze and push, again squeeze and push .. I instructed the inexperienced boy. Roop pushed out again, and his rosebud bloomed like the pretty flower it was meant to be. My experience I am sure worked because doing so, the gapping channel was rushed with colder air and Roop felt very soothing effect deep inside his ass and body. Now I had the idea to fuck Roop’s squirming quivering smooth little boy ass in a different position and I whispered it in his ear while I tried to lift him up in my lap making him ride my bull from above and fuck my cock with his ass. Uhhhhh! Stop! It hurts!

The boy managed to say, I ignored the boy’s pleas and kept hoisting him on my flag pole, steadily taking hold inside his tight spread and silky ass squeezing my dick hotly as it quivered around it. Most boys never struggled too long when they rode & played cowboy on my bull and I knew Roop wouldn’t be any different. The pain wasn’t so bad anymore plus Roop had no other choice but to let me continue. I explained him how he could fuck my beefy cock better with his ass by pushing his hands behind him holding my ankles and then using his hips as lever raising and dropping onto my fucking machine rapidly and convincingly and he took to it staggering a bit still hurting when my cruel Gay dick penetrated his 2nd sphincter reaching the hilt and I enjoyed with my eyes closed tight, flying in the winds of heaven.

Roop kept fucking himself with varied speed, intensity, vigor and force jumping on my steel solid cock now squeaking polished with ample precum spread all over the heavy thick shaft.

Hearing Roop groan in a very muffled tone as he attempted to fuck himself more robustly feeling the ass gelling with my beautifully fitting cock, I opened my eyes and saw the youngster struggling more than he should have to enjoy what he deserved, getting ass fucked of course. I also noticed his little dick had gone soft and flapping uselessly sideways. I wanted to do better than this and quickly reached for boy cock and started pulling and stroking it again. The young toy instantly firmed up under my skilled massage and Roop couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. His little jewels also had come alive a bit, now flaunting again to show their worth. As I took to massaging his once again aroused young cock; Roop continued thrusting his sore and tired fuckin tunnel engulfing my happy cock like a glove. I noticed Roop, not being able to handle this position for long and started huffing for air in a minute or less. I signaled him and pulled him over my body submerging my full 10+ inches meat rod in his depth.

His hard 4 inches cocklet was pricking into my belly and his boy balls squishing too. I kissed the younger beauty for a while as we melted together and appreciated each other providing sexy fun for both. And then we started rolling on the sofa. Next thing we were in a missionary position, Roop’s legs were pushed up and as far back as possible. His knees were almost touching his ears and his naked tender Red fuck hole was in plain view. I was about to breach his private ass once again when I remembered and asked him if he wanted to suck my cock but he asked to get it in his ass and get done with it. He looked at his wrist watch announcing we had been fucking for over 35 minutes by now.

I moved up on my knees and held my fucking spear closed to the thick base and rubbed its umbrella like head on the eagerly awaiting boy ass. The precum, sap from his ass and still remaining anal ease on the cock shaft helped me to slide into Roop, not overly easy but still not as treacherous as it was to begin with. Boy shivered and squirmed when thickest portion of my gay shaft proceeded in boy’s ass and beyond but I was soon IN measuring depths of his rectum exploring the areas he even did not know existed inside him aur meray tattay bhi is lutf mein shamil thay. Mein ne slow phir aik khas speed aur rhythm ke saath Roop ko chodna shuru ker diya.

Aik dafa phir deep, shallow, long, short, full, choking aur nah janay kaisy kaisy ghassay bazi hui. Extreme moaning, groaning ke ilawa ab full suggestions ke saath on request, on demand Roop ko choda. Ouski gaand ka hashar ho gaya. Mein ne buht mehnat se youngster ki slender hips ko grip kiya aur har ghassay ke saath apnay Lorhay se ouskay prostate ki talash bhi jari rakhi. Roop ki buht excited pleasure gasp se mujhay definite pata chal gaya keh mera mushroom like flared cockhead apni koshish mein kamyab ho gaya hai. With each thrust I was being sure of rubbing boy’s joy button in his ass hole.

He continued wheezing and panting while I started thrusting in faster and harder. It still hurt a lot having the thick man cock thrusting in and out of his never before used boy cylinder, but now that my man cock was rubbing that special place inside him, Roop found painful pumping combining with the superb & exquisite pleasure far better than anything he had known before. Although Roop was on his back unable to provide reciprocal moves like when he was in doggy position or even when he was being a cow boy riding the cock, he was doing his best to get fucked the best as he deserved. We were both kind of hypnotized, mesmerized and awestruck with our eyes closed and enjoying like we two were the only creatures on this earth enjoying our rendezvous and nothing else was happening in the whole wide world.

Suddenly as Roop’s growl made me open my eyes, I saw him looking at me. We could not help but smile through the strained expression on our faces. He had his rigid baby cock in his fist, jerking it furiously; a clear indication that he was now enjoying and loving being fucked! His contorting facial muscles and expressions, petite balls tied in a tiny knot and loud grunting was a clear hint that he was very close to cumming!!

Mein ne Roop ki gaand mein ghassay bazi jari rakhi, refusing to give him any relief from the giant boygasm he was experiencing. Aglay moment Roop kamzor honay laga, almost collapsing under this anally induced orgasm aur phir ouska pura badan spasmic motions se twist honay laga aur iskay saath ouskay boy cock mein se throb after throb excessively spermy slush jumped onto his belly even hitting his forehead and face, chest.

May be 3—4 squirts were all there but the urgency and force it flew with was a scene to savor and enjoy. The wonderful feeling slowly diminished, thankfully halting the severe assault on my fucking tool by rapid squeezing and relaxing in quick and rapid successions but then all of a sudden Roop was pushing his Ass back at my crotch to increase the wonderful feelings in his sore aching little boy canal. He needed that big man rod slamming deep inside him to get that wonderful feeling to build again. It sure made me lose control too in a hurry.

I was muttering whatever came to my mind, that’s it boy! Keep pushing your ass at me! Get that cock! Get that wonderful feeling again! Work that lil boy ass, you lil fuck boy! You dirty slut. So many men are gonna want a piece of that ass! I’ll bet you’re gonna be eager to give it up from now on too, eh?” I asked in a gruff voice continuously pounding the boy hard and fast at the same time. Ughhh! Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” the boy gasped, Harder, HARDER! the boy moaned as I continued pounding his little but totally deshaped ass. I concentrated on fucking the boy hard; even the boy was in such a pleasure to get fucked so brute. In and out, back and forth, over and over I plunged my hard cock, plundering the sweet formerly innocent boy’s sexy body for all it was worth.

Roop ne bhi aik dafa phir puri strength kay saath apni gaand meri crotch mein push kerdi aur mein ne ouski sore but pleasantly tingly boy ass ko apnay searing hard throbbing cock se choda. Is ke saath, room mein million different sighs, cries, moans, growls kay noise mein mera Manee ka fawara phoot gaya. Liquid heat ka geela, spermy slush, mera manly gay lava gaandu boy ki gaand mein bhar gaya. Lorha apni limits se kaheen zayada hard, long, thick aur excited tha aur Manee fire hose speed aur pressure ke saath nikal kar ousko breed ker rahi thi. It took few seconds only when the boy moaned out beneath me one more time and his flooded with my seed, joyous man pleasing ass started to spasm around my hard man cock once more.

We rested for long till after cumming acute euphoria stage kept us drowned. Mein ne bachay ko buht kiss kiya, payar kiya. Bacha bhi mera saath deta raha. Mera still semi solid Lun bachay kay andar fix tha aur light drooling bhi kar raha tha. I appreciated the boy for his wonderful performance getting fucked for the first time and asked him to show up any time especially on the Saturday or a Sunday for his ass banging. Roop thanked me for introducing him to the ultimate joy in life.

He even regretted and apologized for the initial noncooperation and hard time he gave me attempting to penetrate his natural tight asshole mentioning he was still in considerable pain but jubilation and elation of being introduced to get anal fucking was far more rewarding. Ouski baisharmi ki baatoun ka asar meray Lorhay par honay laga tha jis nay Roop ki gaand kay andar phir se crawling shuru kerdi thi magar ousnay fast mechanical robot ki speed se mera rejoicing cock apni gaand se nikal diya. Edwin, mujhay ab jana hai. He looked at his watch again and said. One complete hour and 8 minutes we fucked and I don’t have that much more time for getting fucked again. Ok, I agreed with him; but at least clean me up before we dress up and he hurriedly took position to lick, suck the tasty, silky mix juices cocktail all over the pulsating cock shaft leaving it sparkling and spotless clean. Good boy. Good little slut. You did pretty well for your first time; I told him again as we were both dressing.

Roop Singh slowly walked out of the back room and walked wide assed and wide legged as I watched him wiggle his buns still in some discomfort. I pushed my hard again meat whip in the cotton pants and walked into the house for a warm shower and rest.

The End. Your comments appreciated


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