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August 18, 2018

Taking Advantage Of A Hot Girl- Part 1

Taking Advantage Of A Hot Girl- Part 1

Although they had doubts about renting the apartment to a bachelor, Rajesh seemingly friendly enough and he didn’t have any other friends coming over on weekends or creating a ruckus by having parties. So they were happy enough to let him stay as long as he can. And he too helped them in any way he could like paying bills online, purchasing items on e-shopping and helping with banking stuff. They had a dog too, a German Shepherd breed, named Jackie.

Rajesh was a 23-year-old graduate, working as a GET at Aztec Castings Pvt Ltd in Chennai. He has been working there for the past 2 years and he had rented a 1 BHK flat in an apartment a little far from the workplace. Even though, he looked quite charming and having a charismatic personality he never seemed to hit it off in relationships. So he had just decided to focus on work for now.

The owners of the place lived right above his floor. Mr. and Mrs. Sundaramoorthy were a nice couple who were very kind to him and helped him settle into the neighbourhood. Mr. Sundaramoorthy was working in PWD and his wife was a homemaker. They had a daughter and a son. Vaishnavi, a gorgeous young girl who was 19 years old and studying B. E. in a nearby college, while the son Varun, 18 who was still in School.

Although they had doubts about renting the apartment to a bachelor, Rajesh seemingly friendly enough and he didn’t have any other friends coming over on weekends or creating a ruckus by having parties. So they were happy enough to let him stay as long as he can. And he too helped them in any way he could like paying bills online, purchasing items on e-shopping and helping with banking stuff. They had a dog too, a German Shepherd breed, named Jackie.

Vaishnavi was quite shy and almost always refrained from talking to him. Although she was very pretty, she didn’t seem to have any boyfriends. Whenever he crossed her, she would just keep her head down and walk away or even when he went to their apartment to pay the rent or running errands she’d keep quiet and called out her mom.

Varun on the other hand liked having an elder bro who’s cool with the gadgets and teaching him stuff. So they became quite good friends. They often hang out and played cricket on the nearby ground. Often times he’d hang around in Rajesh’s playing games on his laptop or watching movies. Rajesh never had a thing for Vaishnavi although he did liked to see her around at least once a day or else it won’t feel fulfilled for him.

It was during the end of January. That day Mrs. Sundaramoorthy had to take Varun to a dental appointment and they were running late. It was almost 7 pm and Rajesh was sitting on the terrace wearing a headset and listening to some songs. The evening breeze was hitting his face and he let himself go in the sea of music. Suddenly he felt a rapid tap on his shoulder. He took off his earbuds and turned around. He was surprised It was Vaishnavi, she seemed worried and tears in her eyes, almost crying.
“What’s the matter? What happened?”, inquired Rajesh.

“It’s Dad. He’s fainted in his office. They think he had a heart-attack.”, she started to sob.

“Oh my God, did you call Aunty?”

“Not reachable. I don’t know what to do. I have to go there. I am worried.”
“Okay Okay. Calm down. Do you know which hospital they had taken him to?”

“Yes. G. D. Hospital”

“Okay. Just give me 2 Mins. We can go in my bike”, replied Rajesh and started treading down the stairs.

He got into his room and put on some clothes, came out and took his bike. Vaishnavi was there and she got on behind him and they rushed to the hospital. On the way, she was crying and leaned on his shoulder and her eyes dabbed his shirt. He felt the moisture envelope and he turned to his side and consoled her that everything will be fine.

They had inquired the doctors about his condition and Rajesh had somehow reached the dentist office to inform the news and Mrs. Sundaramoorty and Varun rushed in a bit later worried and in tears. All the while, he was calming everyone and helping them with the procedures and paying bills. Suddenly they looked up to him at the absence of their family leader. The doctor came and discussed the report. He had an increased BP and it had triggered a mild attack and they were giving him treatment and they assured him he’ll be fine.

Rajesh had reassured them and arranged for accommodation and travel. They had admired him having so much composure and how he had consoled them through the whole ordeal. Mr. Sundaramoorthy thanked him after he woke up and a few days later he was discharged and brought back home.

From that point onward he became very close to them like a family member. Even Vaishnavi started greeting him while she walked by him and made small talks. He was surprised to hear her sweet voice and he admired her silky hair fluttering around when she comes down in the morning after taking a bath. He used to wake up early, just to see her in her nightie or to chat with her when Mrs. Sundaramoorthy is not around.

During April, Varun had finished his exams and the summer holidays had begun. Since he was having the special classes in May. He had decided to enjoy the few days he gets and so they had planned for a trip and a visit to their hometown. They plan to visit Kerala for 3 days and on the trip back they decided to go to their hometown in Coimbatore.

Since he had work, he refused to join them. So, they had asked him to keep an eye on the house and take care of the dog. He used to feed Jackie and lock him up while he went off to work. They had given him the key in case of emergencies.

It was Saturday and he had a day off. He was lying on his bed in his room staring at the Ceiling fan and thinking of ways to pass the time. Outside, Jackie was barking at random passerby and the summer heat was grilling him. He had removed his tee shirt and was sweating like a pig. He just wished for a way out of this torturing heat. Then he recalled that he has the key and he can go to the owner’s apartment and use the A/C there. He thought long and hard about what would they do if they find out, and decided to go there anyway.

He took his laptop and the charger, took the spare keys and walked up to the first floor. He put the keys in, opened the door and felt the stale air blowing at him. He stepped in, closed the door and scanned the living room. He walked into the parents’ room. He dropped the laptop on the bed and turned on the A/C. He waited for the room to cool down and walked to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator to find some snacks. There were some fruits and packed items but mostly it was empty. He took a pack of roasted cashews and tore it open and started crunching them.

First, he wandered around in the living room and peered into the showcase cupboards. There were a collection of wax dolls, some novelties, and pictures of the family. The Couple, the four of them together, Varun’s and Vaishnavi’s. He slid open the glass door and took her picture. He turned on the 40″ LED TV and sat on the leather sofa.

There was a coffee table with a glass top which he figured would break if he put his foot on it. He leaned over and took the remote flipped through the channels and settled on to some music channel. He had the picture frame in the other hand. He was looking at her almond shaped eyes, her soft tipped nose, and her lips. The cheeks seemed to have a slight dimple and down her neck was a small gold chain. The hair was braided and hanging by one side. He put the frame back in place and looked at it again. He just smiled and walked by and saw the other two rooms in the flat.

He saw the first room with some Marvel comic characters posters and some symbols. He figured it was Varun’s room. He entered and took a peek. The place was a mess. Things were scattered all over the place. There were dirty laundry and a PS3 lying next to a small plasma TV. He looked around and saw his action figure collections and tiny playing cards on the table. He flipped open a textbook. It was Higher Secondary Chemistry.

He recalled a little of his own past how he had struggled during school. He smiled to himself and sat on the bed for a while. The room must be pretty cool by now, he thought. He shut the door and walked a little bit further and opened the other door. It was Vaishnavi’s. He stepped back and closed the door and went to the parent’s room. He watched a movie and fell asleep after a while.

When he woke up, it was a little before 3:00 and he felt a little hungry. He was still naked up to his waist and the sun had reduced its intensity. He figured he can go back to his flat, get changed and go get something to eat. He turned off the A/C, folded his laptop and took the charger and walked out of the room. Just before exiting the flat, he thought again whether he should peek into Vaishu’s room or not. He put the laptop and charger on the coffee table and walked to her room and pressed open the latch.

As he opened the door, a soft fragrance enveloped him and he was mystified. The slender figure of Vaishu appeared in his mind and her hair fluttering about when she used to chat with him downstairs. He thought it would be inappropriate, but entered the room anyway. The place was pretty neat. Even the bedspread and pillows, all tucked into place. The sheets were light colored with floral patterns and there were some stuffed doll collections on the bedside.

He walked by a mirror and saw little bindhis stuck to the reflective surface and some hairbands, lip gloss and other cosmetics laying around. He turned around and looked at the bookshelf and peeked through some of her books. He lied down on her bed and took a medium-sized teddy bear in his arms. Is this what she used to hug, when she went to sleep? He thought and he hugged the doll and smelled it. The stuffed bear had soft fibers that rubbed against his skin and left his musk on it.

He dropped the doll and raised. As he left, there were imprints on the bedspread. Then he wandered around and stopped near her cupboard. He opened the door and looked at her wardrobe. There were some chudis, salwars, tops, jeans and a few sarees hanging by and some other clothes and her inner garments folded on the bottom.

Suddenly wild thoughts entered into his mind. He pictured her in those undergarments and that turned him on. He was smiling naughtily. He felt this is a betrayal of their trust but he worked against his every instinct. He just took one of her bra in his hands and brought them up to his face. He pressed it against his nose and smelled deep.

He was so thrilled that he was sneaking into someone’s privacy. Somehow it turned him on and he was having a bulge in his shorts. He looked down and shook his head a bit, smiled to himself. He folded the piece of inner garment and threw it back into the cupboard. He let his hands float around and touched her panties. They were very soft and he rubbed them between his thumb and his finger. He took his hands off the cupboard and closed the door and let out a sigh.

And just as he was about to turn around and leave, he was so shocked at the sight in front of him that he was almost choking on his own tongue.

“Rajesh? What the hell are you doing?”, asked Vaishnavi, standing there in the living room, wearing her backpack with the keys in her hands.

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