Sex with email sender

Sex with email sender

So this guy answered the phone on the first ring

I asked “Hi. Ravi?”

Hi all. Well am flummoxed!!! I had an empty mailbox one day and the next it was flooded! I individually thank each and every soul who wrote to me especially one Gail who was really helpful I wont say who he is but I will tell u our story.

For the benefit of the guys who never read my previous story, I am 20, quite pretty Muslim girl married to a workaholic. I am based in Nairobi, Kenya. I was India for a few days last month. I have 36 in firm breasts tiny waist and lush hips not fat as I work out regularly. Ever since my previous story was published a man, let me call him Ravi, would write to me daily. He even gave me his mobile number so as I was I kerala and I decided to call this man. I called him on a Sunday. He is a civil engineer working in Trivandrum. This particular day he was free and was at home. About this man, he has an apartment in Vattapara, Trivandrum. He is very tall, 5 feet 11in, lean body he has a chocolate like complexion u know, clean musky scent, brown eyes and dimples on both cheeks, (am crazy about dimples.)

So this guy answered the phone on the first ring

I asked “Hi. Ravi?”

He said “Athe aara” in a deep serious voice.

I was excited and I was trembling his voice was so sexy I felt my cunt become hot and wet.

I said “Am leela I used to mail u remembered?”

He said ” oh my god! My dream lady !! Where r u?”

I said “Am at trivandrum I have come to see a friend but she is out of station till tomorrow and I thought I would call u”

He said “This is a Grand surprise. Just hearing Ur voice My Kunna has become Huge.”

I said “Am also leaking from pooru can we do something about it?”

He said “Ok, tell me exactly where u r and I will pick U up.”

I was at all saints’ college to see my friend who was doing her M.A. So I told him.

He said “Can u come to Statue junction and wait for me near the statue it self?”

He had seen my photo I had sent him through mail so he could recognize me. I was wearing a yellow chiffon sari with a velvet blouse, my blouse was very thick and my breasts are in good shape so I didn’t wear a bra underneath.

I told him am wearing Yellow sari. He said he would come in red Maruthi 800 So I went to statue and waited I waited for about 25 mins and a car drew up to me and said “Hey leela.” I said “Wow!!!” the guy was drop dead gorgeous!!! He said “Get in” So I scrambled in.

He said “U smell so sexy” Am crazy about sandalwood perfume and I use Royal Sandalwood.

I said I was wondering why u took so long. He said “Oh I had to send the maid away passed a pharmacy also but there were too many people and I stay far. His house was in a village like area. He was renting it. He went and parked in the garage and shut its gate with us in the garage. He came out and pulled me in a bear hug and said U is so sexy. He slowly started squeezing my breast meanwhile sucking my earlobe, it was the most erotic sensation I had ever had in my life I clung to him like a limpet trying to push my crotch towards his hip. Oh what bliss!!! He pulled my sari off and there I stood in just my skirt and blouse. I have a black mole on my left breast and one just below my belly button. Ravi saw this and said “Why is it that god favored u so much in physical beauty. That was the first time a man said I was beautiful. I promised I am going to give this man the fuck of his life today for that.

Ravi started removing his clothes from there and pushed me on to the back seat of his car and pushed my skirt up. As a rule I rarely wear panties except on certain days I wasn’t wearing one that day. I had shaved my pussy that day and I was smooth like the butt of a baby. He groaned as he felt it and started eating it straight. Now is also a tricky lady I had bought some honey and put it inside so U can imagine he lapped up my fluids and he licked and sucked like a maniac. He pulled my fold inside and put in one finger and then another and started stroking me while licking. Before long I could feel my vaginal walls going in the most pleasurable spasms. I could just see popping white lights as I came very heavily.

He the carried me in that state into the house, there am a door into the house from the garage and took me to the bedroom and then went to take a shower. He said “U wait, I am coming Meanwhile switch on the VCD player so I did that and it was a Blue CD he came back pretty fast still wet from the shower. I went up to him and started kissing him licking up each drop of water clinging to the skin. I finally reached his kunna my! Oh my! I was flabbergasted the thing was enormous!!!! He said take it in the mouth and suck it I did that initially I felt I would gag on it but as I tried I got the knack of it. Soon I was licking and sucking with gusto. He then stopped me and said “My turn” and started sucking me again. He removed all my remaining clothes and we went into 69 position he could suck pussy this man!! I came 5 times and he still could hold him self in. I was in seventeenth heaven and I said so. He gave a rumble of laugh and said that was appetizer main course to come. I was astounded. Then laid me gently on the bed and slowly brought his kunna to my pussy and started rubbing my clitoris with it I felt this was too much. I slowly guided him into my warmth. I could feel the wetness there it was wonderful. It was stretching me and he said “Wow U r so tight! we r a great fit” then so slowly he moved in and out, in and out, in and out, I could feel each touch, each stroke, each caress in all the recesses of my womanhood. I was spiraling towards the most beautiful feeling I ever felt. Then he started moving faster and faster and he came inside me. There was a tsunami of semen. He got me kissed me and held me close and fell into a light sleep. That was the first time I had sex with a man properly I knew it.

We did it a few more times during the night.

I decided it is better I spend the night there as it would is not practical I go back to kollam that day. We had a grand sex in the early morning before he dropped me at All Saints College the next morning. I keep in touch with him till date and exchange sexy emails I am waiting to do it one more time, when I go back to Kerala.

Guys hope u enjoyed this story of mine as much as I enjoyed doing it. Well stay safe till I get back with more excitement.


Faleela Mustaq.

Mail me at: [email protected] or call at05265276506.


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