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August 22, 2018

Owner’s Daughter-in-law Fucked

Owner’s Daughter-in-law Fucked

I was always looking for an opportunity to bang women if I could find anyone around. But in a long time, I had only my gf to make me cum. Hence I decided to try on my owner’s daughter-in-law.

Hey guys, I’m Vivek. Back with a bang this time. Just banged my owner’s daughter very hard last Friday. Always wanted to write a personal encounter and here’s my first one.

This was started way back a year, when I moved to Bangalore and rent a home as a bachelor in the city. I was always fond of sex. And I always fascinate about married women and their sex life. Because for me they look hotter than usual girls do.

I was always looking for an opportunity to bang women if I could find anyone around. But in a long time, I had only my gf to make me cum. Hence I decided to try on my owner’s daughter-in-law.

I and she have always had deep eye contact when she used to come out and wash the clothes on the terrace. She was very juicy and booby. I used to stare at her boobs. But she never felt awkward and never complained about it. As she was enjoying looking at the bulge of my dick every time. This routine of ours continued for several months. She tried at her best to show her cleavage and her long thighs. Every time I used to rub my cock looking at her on the terrace. She used to notice every act of mine daringly. I was worried at some point that she would make an issue out of it. But she didn’t. I understood if I could ask she might agree to have sex.

One day, I decided on a strong will to hug her from behind on the terrace. It’s an evening, and it’s getting dark. I went up to the terrace. I went straight behind her. She was wearing a saree that was wet and was showing her exact round figures since it’s tucked below her navel. I thought of hugging her but then my body was hot at 100 degrees in tension to touch her. I waited for a minute and then made up my mind to go for something hard. “You know what I did?” I squeezed her boobs and pressed her ass from behind, it’s too hard. She screamed lightly and pushed me away. And then she scolded like no one would hear. She warned me not to do this again.

Later, she never complained it to anyone or stopped looking at me. And I never misbehaved again, like I did. It’s an affirmation that she likes me and she wants to have me in her bed someday. Just that she avoided me in public.

Cometh this May Month, the hot summer is here. She was on top of the terrace in a red saree. Like a just married bride getting ready to get fucked by her husband. It’s afternoon. She was profusely sweating washing and drying clothes. I noticed every move of her. I understood that she was horny that day. She was touching her pussy again and again. The sweat drops were rolling over her navel and stomach like the honey. I so badly wanted to kiss and lick all of her. Her armpits were almost wet. And her cleavage had almost all the juices being collected. I checked out on her ass I was shocked that she wasn’t wearing her panties. As she was sitting in a froggy style I noticed her cleanly shaved pussy!

My dick went straight up in the air and got too hard. She then started to go back to her home and she looked at me like four to five times and signalled to go behind her. I understood that my long wait is gonna end.

It’s an invite that when I entered her home the door was kept open. Though I was scared I didn’t knock the door I went straight into the home and saw her changing her saree in the bedroom. Though I was waiting for a moment like this I saw her getting naked and changing her whole dress. I checked out her every private part thoroughly. As she knows I was peeping at her and not going to her, she turned towards me and asked, “What are you doing here?” I said I came to pay you the rent. But then we both know, we need to fuck. And then she told everything about I did that she know why I was in her home. She went towards the door and latched it.

I felt like I was locked up in heaven. I asked her about her husband. She said, he had been to work and he’s returning home this Friday as he took his luggage packed to the office to go back to his native for some work. I felt like I was her husband and grabbed her whole sweat wet body and jumped on to the sofa. I started kissing her like a hungry dog. She was holding me so tightly that I could feel the hotness of her body and boobs. We smooched for a long time until her pussy opens up and my dick gets hard.

I took off her top of the saree and was squeezing her breasts. She then drove me to her bedroom. She pushed me on to the pushed and came on top of me. She was acting like a wild animal. She removed my shirt and unzipped my pants. She was sucking my nipples to make me horny and then she went down and gave a bite to my dick over my underwear. I felt a pain while she did that. I screamed a little. She then came back and showered me some kisses. Again she went down and took off my underwear she found a huge monster boy has awakened. She suddenly went to it and took it whole in mouth and said, it tastes better than my husband. I told her to go ahead and suck it all. She did it with most sincerity.

After an awesome blowjob, i took her in hands and undressed her completely. As I have noticed enough of her figure. I just took off everything on her within few moments. Made her to sleep over and came on top of her. Her pussy was extremely wet and she was ready for the ride. I took my monster baby in hands and put it inside her. And started going in slowly. She felt awesome and said that she never thought that she could have such a fat cock inside. She also said, that I was slow like her husband and not making her happy. The moment i heard i was slow, it triggered me. I just fucked her in one jerk with all my energy and did it hard. She went up the bed and fell back. I thought she would scold me. But then, she wanted me to fuck her in such a hard way. I asked, Am I slow ? She said, No. You’re not. I am sorry. But fuck me like that.

I came to know that she likes it hard and rough in the bed which his husband has not given it to her till now. I started pushing my cock more and more. She was biting her hands in pain. I then took hold of her hands away and fucked harder than ever. She was crumbling in pain. Though she was unable to bear it. She wanted it to be hard. I fucked her hard for a long time. When I was about to cum. I asked, I am about to cum. What should I do ? Without even a single worry. She said, please leave it all inside. You made me happy and I should make you happy too.

I left all my cum inside her and lied beside her for some time and took rest for an hour. I thought of getting dressed up and leave. But she told me to stay that night. I agreed to her request and fucked her thrice that night. And we had sex that weekends every night. Until her husband comes back. No one got the doubt as we did it in nights. And since then we are enjoying the terrace activities.

I am lucky because she promised that every time I go to pay the rent she told that I’ll be blessed with hard sessions. I was extremely satisfied fucking her. She does do WhatsApp sexting and send naked pics all the time her husband is out. Poor guy, very busy to have fun with his wife.

By the way, this is the situation of women who are unsatisfyingly married to an incapable guy. But why do you worry! When you have bachelors like me around the city. Give it a try. If it works you can have lots of pleasure.

Finally, if you like the story. Please write back to me [email protected]

Girls, you can mail me, for WhatsApp number or you can reach out to me for the pleasures you need. I would love to come back with more stories in coming days. Keep loving. Keep fucking. Thank you for your time.
Fuck Hard. Live Easy.


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