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August 20, 2018

My First Experience With My Neighbor

My First Experience With My Neighbor

About the heroine of the story she is 5.3 ft in height a bit on healthier side and has right mass on the right place.

Hi Guys this is D here. Really a big fan of ISS and been reading stories from last 3 years. I want to also share my only encounter which i had 5 yrs back. Writing for the first time so please avoid any mistakes.

About me I am 29yrs old and living in Mumbai average looking boy. This story is about me and my neighbour who used to live in my opposite flat. We had cordial relationship with them. She was 3 yrs elder to me. Once all her family were going out of town and she had to stay back cozz of her final yrs exams studies. Her mother told us to take care of her since she was alone.

About the heroine of the story she is 5.3 ft in height a bit on healthier side and has right mass on the right place.

It was evening when she came home and told my mom that due to some problem her friend who was going to come for night studies at her place wont be coming so can D come to my place as she is feeling scared being alone. Mom asked me if i can go and I said no problem and since my exams were approaching i said will give her company. She said thats awesome.

I went to her place at 10 in night with my books. She was wearing a loose top and track pants was looking hot. Never had any bad intension towards her because if anything happens and she will tell at home and a big issue would have been created. We started to chit chat for some time just to relax the atmosphere around. It was first time for her to be alone in house in night time.

I relaxed her by cracking few jokes. And then started to study. Dont know by what time i dozed off reading my book. The AC and book had effect on me. In between i found something happening to me a sensation was going in my body. I opened my eyes and saw she was playing with my tool over my pant. I Was enjoying it. I let it happen.

After some time she opened my pants button and zip and took my tool out and started kissing it. I woke up and asked her what she is doing. She said she could not control her desires and was really feeling hot now seeing me and my tool. She started kissing my tool again and I started pressing her boobs over her t-shirt.

I took her towards me and we both were looking into each other eyes and soon smooching each other deeply. We were becoming mad while kissing other. She was moaning. Started to kiss her neck and every part of her face.

Soon we took out each other clothes and were naked. I was looking at her juicy  boobs and started pressing them and sucking her nips. She was enjoying it and moaning and saying eat them they are yours. Tonight I am fully yours each and every part of me is yours. Keep doing it.

She was playing with my tool and I told her to suck it and she started sucking it and kissing and playing with my balls too. Was feeling in heaven. I told her I am gonna cum and she took out from mouth and started rubbing her boobs on it and I cummed on it. We had a deep and wild smooch. She went and cleaned herself and came back.

Again we started kissing wild and like mad. She was really a good kisser. was sucking her boobs like anything and she was enjoying.

Slowly i went downwards first I started to lick her navel and she was instantly turned on because of licking. She pushed me more down saying lick my wet pussy its waiting for you. Her pussy was hot and dripping wet. Started to lick the outside walls of her pussy and then inserted my tongue in her hot pussy and she was out of control. She was catching my hairs and pulling them and pressing my head to go deep inside her. Suddenly she was motionless and within seconds she cummed and her juices were flowing.

Since it was my first time I did not knew but still tasted it and then we again had a deep smooch. She wanted me inside her I asked her if that’s alright and told her that its my first time. She was surprised to know it was my first time because she felt the way I did i had already experienced it. She was ready to take me in and she was experienced in this since she has sex with her boyfriend. Infact that day in afternoon they both had sex and she was in mood for that only.

I was on top of her. She guided my tool into her love hole and I started to and fro moment. She was moaning and enjoying it. Slowly started to increase my speed and she started moaning loudly. In between used to kiss her and press her boobs. She was really enjoying it. And telling you are more enjoyable than my bf. Keep doing it.

After some time she came on top of me and started riding on my tool. She was humping and making noises. Her boobs were bouncing and I was pressing and biting her nips and sucking them. Full room was filled with smell of our love. I told her I am going to cum and she said cum inside me I need it and dont worry will take a pill but I want it inside me.

I started stroking her fast and soon we both cummed together at same time. I lied on her hugging and we started smooching again. She said she is really happy. She could not resist me when she saw me sleeping and made her feel hot. We cleaned ourselves and slept together naked in each other arms. In morning we had one more session. While I was leaving asked how she felt and she said it what an amazing thing to make out with you and am really satisfied.

We did not get such chance in fututre and soon she was married to her bf. This is my only experience which I liked to share. Would like your inputs suggestions and feedback on my story. You can mail me the feedback on [email protected] will be waiting. Any women who would like to share her life can write to me.



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