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August 20, 2018

How My Tinder Date Made Me Her Sex Slave

How My Tinder Date Made Me Her Sex Slave

So let me start my story, firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Rahul and I am basically from Mangalore.

Hello everyone, this is my first time here in iss, so kindly excuse my mistakes.

All the ladies out there you can mail me on [email protected] for any kind of fun or fulfill your kinky desires.

So let me start my story, firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Rahul and I am basically from Mangalore.

One day like usually I was going through my tinder account I came across this girl’s profile, her name is Rhea. She was an average looking girl. We both started chatting through tinder and soon became close and we even exchanged numbers. We started chatting even more now through WhatsApp. The conversation shifted to a naughty side as days passed and one day she asked me, what’s your wildest fantasy? I replied my wildest fantasy is to get dominated by a girl, she asked me to be brief, so I said my fantasy includes ballbusting, facesitting, foot fetish , footjob, cum denial , tease and denial etc. She liked my fantasy and said she always wanted to dominate a guy and wanted to kick a guy in the balls. So I thought of an idea and told her we could meet up and fulfill each others desire. So we planned to meet on Saturday , I drove all the way Manipal to her apartment where she was alone for the day.

I reached the given address and called her up and said am waiting outside the door . She opened the door , she was wearing a micro shorts and a skin tight top , I was stuck for a moment looking at her , meantime she pulled me by the collar and pulled inside and closed the door . We went inside she sat on the couch and when I was about to sit on the couch she pushed me down and said “I am the mistress and you are my slave , your place is where my leg rests , so sit on the floor and lick my feet ” I said ok rhea and sat down , when I was about to sit she grabbed my balls so hard and started to squeeze and said “Call me mistress” I said sorry mistress and she released her grip on my balls. I started to lick her toes and her feet for 10mins she said me to stand and get naked and handover all my clothes to her , I did as I was said to do. She put my clothes aways and pulled my dick and she took me to her room and started trying my hands and legs spread eagle. She blindfolded me too.

She started to play with my dick and balls and slowly started to stroke my dick and she also started sucking my dick. I was so hard and I started to thrust my dick in her mouth , she understood that I am going to cum and she suddenly stopped her actions and squeezed my balls very hard , my dick went limp by the squeeze . My orgasm was denied. Now she untied me and told me to sleep on the floor while I was still blindfolded , I slept on the floor , I felt her pussy above my mouth , she slowly placed her pussy above my mouth and told me to lick her pussy and make her cum , first I resisted but as soon as a slap landed on my balls I started to lick her pussy like a dog. After licking her pussy for 15mins she said me to lick her ass clean , I said no I cant do that for which she grabbed my balls so hard and started slapping them , she said “Lick my ass or ready to loose your balls”

I hesitantly started licking her ass , after a good licking she removed the blindfold and said me to go the bathroom and lie down , her bathroom was a very big one with bathtub and was very clean , I did as I was said I went inside the bathroom and I lied next to the bathtub , after a minute she came inside and she started to take off her shorts very seductively , she also took of her pantied and threw on my face , now she came and stood near me , my head was between her 2 legs she slowly sat and got hold of my balls . She said me “Now I am going to piss inside your mouth and even by mistake if you drink a single drop and it spills on the floor , your balls will suffer” I said ok mistress I will drink all your piss . And she started to piss inside mouth but I could drink it all and her piss spilled out of the mouth and made the floor wet . By seeing this she got really angry and told me to wash my face and hair and get cleaned and come to the room , when I went inside the room she was all naked , seeing her naked it made my dick get rock hard seeing this she landed a hard kick on my balls and I grabbed my balls and fell on the floor .

She told me to get up and put my hands behind my head and stand still , I got up and did as she said me , now she started to kick me very hard to my balls and when the 10th kick landed I couldn’t take it any longer and I fell on the floor making weird noises. She said me stand up , she came and kneeled down near me and started to suck my dick and made it hard again , now she asked me ” do you want to touch my boobs?” I said yes , she said go ahead and grab them and when I grabbed them she kneed me in the balls and said me dare you leave my boobs , don’t take your hands off them saying that she started to kick more but I dint leave her boobs she was happy and said me “You will get a reward for being a good slave ” she said me to lie on the bed meanwhile tied my hands and she started to stroke my dick and when I was in the edge of cumming she stopped and she did this atleast 8 times , now my balls were really hurting so badly and I begged for a release , she finally after begging so much agreed and gave me the best orgasm of my life.

I hope you all liked my story, in my next story I will tell you how I fucked my mistress if you liked my story and want to have any kind of fun mail me at [email protected]


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