Holiday Sex With Guwahati College Girl At A Resort

Holiday Sex With Guwahati College Girl At A Resort

Anamika stays in Guwahati and is now completing her studies at a college. Anamika liked my last story because the story resembled her own life experience and therefore wrote me a mail. We exchanged 4-5 emails before we exchanged each other’s contact numbers.

Hello Friends, I am Rohan and today I will tell you about my sex experience with a sexy college girl I met on ISS in Guwahati, Assam. I am writing this story because she wanted me to share this story with everyone.

When I wrote my last story about my sex experience with my crush, I got many emails from different cities. One of those emails was from Anamika (name changed).

Anamika stays in Guwahati and is now completing her studies at a college. Anamika liked my last story because the story resembled her own life experience and therefore wrote me a mail. We exchanged 4-5 emails before we exchanged each other’s contact numbers.

We started chatting on WhatsApp. She told me a lot about her. She said that she had never spoken so freely with anyone as she was talking to me because she felt comfortable with me. I was also very comfortable with Anamika.

We spoke about our sexual experiences and she told me about her sex experience with her present boyfriend and with her ex-boyfriend. Anamika told me that she loves to have sex but does not enjoy sex with her boyfriend. Anamika told me about her sex fantasies.

She told me that she always imagines about having sex with 2 boys at the same time and fingers herself in the bed. She also has a fantasy to have sex with a stranger whom she has never seen before. I have never met a girl who has so many hot fantasies. She is really too hot. Listening to her fantasies makes me jerk off.

I told Anamika that although I cannot fulfill her threesome sex fantasy, I can definitely help her fulfill the fantasy of having sex with a stranger. I asked her if she wanted to meet me and have her fantasy fulfilled. She was more than happy to listen to this from me and immediately agreed.

We decided to meet on Saturday 18 May 2018 as it was holiday for both of us at a camp resort in Pobitora National Park. Pobitora National Park is just 1.5 hours journey from Guwahati. I booked a camp resort there for both of us. The interesting thing was that we did not see each other before we met.

I was very excited to meet Anamika as I was already a lot impressed by her fantasies and was also thrilled because I never met anyone like this before.

On 18 May 2018, I started for the Camp Resort at around 11 in the morning and at around 2 PM, I reached the camp resort. I had already booked the rooms for us on Airbnb. She was expected to reach the resort at 5 PM in the evening as she had tuitions.

Since I reached early and had plenty of time with me, I went for the Jeep Safari there and clicked some really nice photos in the jungle for my Instagram profile. I dropped the keys with the reception as I could have been late at the safari.

At around 4:45 PM, I received a message from Anamika that she had reached the resort. I told her that the keys are at the reception and that she can collect the keys from there and asked her to go to the room and take rest.

She collected the keys and moved in the room. I was excited to reach to the resort but was stuck in the Safari as some tourists were taking time to spot the Tiger.

We were talking through WhatsApp texts and Anamika told me that she was feeling nervous as she was meeting someone like this for the first time. I said that I was also feeling nervous and asked her to order something for her and take rest while I reach the resort.

I reached the resort at around 7 PM. Straight away, I went to the room and found that the door was open. I entered the room. The lights were off and the room was dark. Anamika was sleeping and had covered herself in a blanket.

I went to the washroom and took a quick bath. I wore my boxer and t-shirt and came and slept beside Anamika. Well, I also wanted to keep it as suspense as I was enjoying the thrill, so I did not wake her up.

Slowly I got inside the blanket and hugged Anamika from the back. I thought she was asleep but she was not. She pushed herself back so that I could hug her nicely. Although I had never seen her; but when I hugged her, I could make out that she had a very hot figure. I wanted to know what she was wearing.

I slowly moved my hands on her back and on her thighs. She was wearing a t-shirt and a skirt. With this little hug, I got a huge bulge in my boxer. Anamika could feel my hard penis against her hips.

Slowly, I moved my hands on her waist and kissed her neck. She responded by pushing herself against me. I then kissed her earlobes while hugging her from the back.

Then I moved my hands and places on Anamika’s hips. She had sexy bums and I was moving my hand all over them. I moved my hand below her skirt and started massaging her hot thighs. All this while I was kissing her neck, her ears, and her back.

Anamika was getting hotter. I moved my hand under her skirt and put my hand on her panty and started rubbing her pussy from above the panty. Anamika’s pussy was so wet that her panty had also become fully wet. I could feel her sexy slippery juices and continued rubbing her pussy from above the panty.

I tried to enter my hand inside her panty but she resisted by holding my hand. So, I moved my hands out and this time I placed both my hands from her back on her boobs.

OMG! What sexy boobs she had. Anamika’s boobs were around 34 in size and were round and firm. I was feeling as if I was holding a pair of soft tennis balls. I started pressing them slowly. My penis was very erect and was pushing on her hips. She was getting hotter and after some time, she turned towards me and hugged me.

Since it was dark all over, we could not see each other. For the first time, I was in such position with someone whom I have never seen in my life and this thought made me even harder. Now, I was dying to have sex with Anamika.

As she turned to me, we hugged each other tightly and started kissing passionately. I was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs. She also put her one leg over me and hugged me tightly and kissed me as if this was her last kiss.Our tongues met and we kissed passionately for more than 5 minutes.

Anamika started to pull my t-shirt up and so I removed my t-shirt. I also raised her hands and removed her t-shirt. Now Anamika was in her skirt and bra and I was just wearing my boxer.

She slowly moved her hand on my chest and then moved her hand down and placed it on my boxer. Her hand was on my fully erect penis and she was slowly rubbing my penis with her hand while she continued to kiss my lips. I was also pressing Anamika’s boobs with both my hands.

I moved my hands on her back, unhooked her bra and removed the bra from her body. Now she was just in her skirt and was topless. I put my hands on her naked boobs and started pressing them. Her nipples were erect and were big like grapes. I continued to press her boobs.

Now, Anamika started pressing my penis harder and started to lower the boxer. I helped her by removing my boxer. I was now wearing only the underwear.

She started pressing the penis from above the underwear. She played with my penis from above the underwear for some time and then slowly put her hand inside my underwear. Anamika was now holding my 7-inch thick penis in her hand and was stroking it slowly.

Anamika pulled the penis out and started stroking it with her hand. It was such a hot moment. She was kissing my lips, I was pressing her naked boobs and she was stroking my hard penis up and down.

Now, I came over her and started kissing her lips again. I kissed her lips for some time and then I moved down and kissed her neck.

Then I moved further down and kissed her boobs. I hold her boobs with my hands and started pressing them and kissing them. I kissed her hard erect nipple and licked her nipples in circular motion with my tongue. Also, I slowly bit her nipples and the sucked her boobs one by one. I sucked her boobs and nipples for nearly 10 minutes.

Now she was getting out of control and whispered in my ears that she wanted to get fucked hard. I removed my underwear. Now I was completely naked.

I went down and pulled her panty down. Now Anamika was lying naked wearing only a skirt. I did not remove her skirt because it was not causing any problem. I came over Anamika and started kissing her lips. She held my penis with her hand and started putting it on her pussy lips.

She pulled my penis and put it on her pussy. I pushed a little and could feel her sexy pussy with my penis. But, the penis did not go inside as the penis was not properly put on the pussy. Anamika tried to put it in the correct place and after some attempts, my penis was on her pussy, ready to go inside and fuck her.

Anamika held me from my back and asked me to push. I pushed the penis slowly into Anamika’s pussy and the penis went half inside her pussy. I pulled the penis a little out and then again pushed in it and this time the penis was completely inside Anamika’s pussy. Now I started fucking her. Anamika also started moving her hips up to take my penis inside her.

I grabbed her waist with both my hands and fucked her pussy. After some time, I hold her boobs with both my hands and fucked her pussy. I fucked her in this position for around 10 minutes. After that, she pushed me to the side and then came on top of me. Anamika removed her skirt and sat on top of me.

Now we both were completely naked. She grabbed my penis and started putting it on her pussy. After putting the penis on her pussy, she started taking it inside and slowly took the entire penis into her pussy.

Now she started moving up and down and fucking me. I started pressing her boobs and she was fucking while making sounds like aaahhhh ummmm aaaaaaaahhh.. I was pressing her boobs tightly.

Anamika increased her speed and was about to come but I pushed her to the side and whispered in her ear that I want to fuck you like a dog now. She understood and got into doggy position and I stood behind her.

I took my penis and put it on her pussy from behind and with one hard push, the penis went completely inside Anamika’s pussy. Now I hold her hips from the back and started fucking her sexy pussy. I grabbed her hair from the back and vigorously fucked her pussy from the back. She was moaning and saying, “fuck me harder, harder..”.

I was now about to cum and increased my speed. I fucked her at full speed and then when I was about to cum. Then I took my penis out of her pussy and threw my sperm on her hips. We both lay down beside each other. We were both tired after 30 minutes of hardcore sex.

It was such an amazing desi sex couple experience and the most interesting thing was that we had not seen each other until this time! We even did not speak with each other before having sex. After sex also we did not speak anything and hugged each other and slept.

I will tell you what happened when we woke up next morning in my next story. If you like this story then let me know at my below email id.

I hope you enjoyed the story. You can share your sex fantasies with me or you can also get in touch with me for a good friendship or for a quick secret fuck. You can contact me at [email protected]

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