Being as horny as I was I went to the dirty clothes hamper and found the pair of panties she was wearing the last night we had made love. I remembered how wet she was and how she had soaked through the delicate fabric. I brought them to my face to smell. I could still smell her sweet pussy and my cock was hard. I walked back over and laid on my bed the panties near my face and my hand on my cock. As I was stroking I brought the panties down and started stroking my cock with the silky fabric. I couldn’t believe how good it felt so I decided to put them on. I loved the way that they felt on my cock, so I pulled them up. I couldn’t believe how hard this made me. I pulled them up and felt the fabric slide up my ass. I must have looked really silly but it felt so good. I was incredibly hard and I was just thinking how hot it was to be wearing my girlfriend’s panties. I never had thought about it and I was harder than I have ever been. So there I am wearing her panties and stroking my cock. It felt so good the all of the sudden I saw a flash of light and I turned to see Megan standing with her digital camera in the doorway. In all of my enjoyment I must not have heard the door open. I was petrified to see her standing there. She just smiled a mischievous grin

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